Worldly Appearance Of Women And Her Punishment In Pit Of Hell

Worldly Appearance Of Women And Her Punishment In Pit Of Hell

I asked God a silent questions, why did those generations in Noah’s days find it so difficult to board the Noah’s Ark and get saved? God said, “As it was so difficult for the generations in Noah’s days to entered Noah’s Ark, so also, difficult for these generations to dress well especially the women in house of God. Most women in my church are so busy dressing carelessly. So also difficult to put-on a clothes that will covered their breast, laps, armpits and shape.

Noah ark
As it was so difficult for the generations in Noah’s days to board Noah’s Ark, So also, difficult for these generations and her women to stop making-ups, putting on worldly attire, ear-ring,bangles and ornament which i had cursed and commanded them to put-off those strange gods among them and to get their body sanctify which is my holy temple. But this generation always joke with my words. They took me not as a fearful God but always refer mine standard as ways of man. 
Am not a man, that should change or repent from his actions. I am the Lord God Almighty. The quick and the just. The first and last. The alpha and omega and my standard are high ways of holiness and righteousness. And my ways are never the ways of man.
I have never change mine ways. My standard ways of righteousness is very high and mine words still remain unchangeable. As it was so difficult for the generations in Noah’s days to board the Ark, so also, difficult for these generations to stop smoking, fornicating, committing adultery, telling lies, envying one another, bitterness, enmity, contention, murmuring, grudges, drinking, clubbing, dressing like Jezebel and wore-monger coming to the house of the Lord.
God said, “As generations in Noah’s days were mockery Noah and his family for constructed an Ark,  as they also isolated themselves from Noah and his family, So also, this generation today are making mockery of any calls for repentant and they had isolated themselves from anyone telling them to live a holy life. 
They’re not feeding me with holy songs and pure worship song of praise in glorifying my name, but rather with iniquities of their lives and house-hold. I am always angry with them everyday. I am always angry with the wicked souls that refuse to hearken unto my prophets and pastors. But above all, i still love  and care’s for them. My precious love for them, can never ceased, but can only be obtain by living souls not dead, because i can-never show mercy to any dead soul. My loving kindness and compassion is for the living soul.
women in the pit of hell
Matthew ,5:27-28:– Jesus said, Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shall not commit adultery. 28, But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.
When you woke-up in the morning, after taken your bath and apply nice cream, you see so many nice clothes that would covered your body and but you refused to wear them. Instead, you start applying palm-cake, rubbing, bleaching cream and other-wise. And at that moment, you remember your ear-rings, attachment, wig-on, bangles and eyes-lashes, mouth-lips, nails painting and wear a clothes that would exposes your breast, nakedness and reflecting your shape while walking in the street and even going to church with all those attire’s and head uncovered.
worldly ladies
Before you walked 15 meters, about 100 men has already slept with you right in their heart because of satanic clothes, attachment, painting and makes-up you are putting-on . In a day, over 1000 men slept with you in their heart.
You are indirectly winning souls for Satan through your indecency clothes and yet. You still profess been born again, with intention of going to heaven and see no reason to hearken all the heaven and hell warning salvation message and teaching, divine revelations and lamentation of true preacher around sent by the Lord to warn you.
Although your pastor may had refuse to correct you due to selfish-interest, to enrich his pocket by laying down treasure here on earth, been afraid to lose your membership in the church or properly he might be one of the agents from kingdom of darkness, sent to deceived and lure you to an eternal punishment in Hell, therefore abandoning the gospel of truth and life. Instead he goes about preaching motivational and inspirational message’s at the pulpit.
pastor in the pit of hell
I promise you, He has his reward. His reward is Awaiting For Him In Hell—trust me!. Moreover, ignorant is not an excuse before God. You are expected to read and make yourself approved by the Lord. Beside, going to church doesn’t qualifies you in making Heaven, but rather a place to be revived and prepared you ready for rapture. Moreover IF YOUR CHURCH CAN-NOT CHANGE YOU, CHANGE YOUR CHURCH-as soon as possible!
God has made available his word from ages till this present generation. The Bible has always been the oldest, most popular and historic book in the world. Which has the voice and warning from God. You are expected to read it day and night. Memorizing and living by it as he commissioned Joshua. Therefore from this fact, on the days of reckoning, you have no excuse to give unto God.
Romans 10:10 “For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” Many Christians and preachers claim that God is only interested in their hearts and nothing with their body, and so they can do anything with their bodies. Such teaching and notion is from the pit of hell, very deceptive and destructive.
The same Christians ask God to heal their bodies when they are sick and also ask God to protect their bodies, so if God is not interested in their bodies, why will God heal their bodies from sickness? If they think their faith in God has nothing to do with their body, why will they exercise faith for the healing and protection of their body from attacks? This is nothing but self-ignorance.
Majority of women in the church today or rather believer’s, NO they can’t be believer’s. Because a believers in Christ is re-fined , redeemed and been brought with costly price. A price of repentance and salvation. You will come across unbeliever in the church, YES unbeliever you are-if you are still into carnality, worldly fashion, makes-up, painting and makes-ups, rubbing bleaching cream, trousers, attachment, ear-ring, bangle, neck-lace, wedding-ring or any form of ornament in possession. Any act of opposition against the perfect-will of God is sin. And the punishment awaiting for you in pit of hell, will be great with no mercy.
However, God is not happy with those that go against his perfect-will. You need to re-address your life as a woman in the act of dressing. Few month ago i saw a lady who busted how she donated so much for her church project due to the fact been a born again christian. When i sighted the appearance life-style of this young woman, Its full of shame and abomination before God.
Jesus Christ died for our soul, spirit and body, to give freedom, not only for our soul but also our body. When you become a child of God, your body is no longer your body but God’s temple. Whatever you do with your body is very important to God. Involving in any act that defiles God’s temple attracts serious judgment of God.  1 Corinthians 3:17. “If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.”
Whenever, you see a young lady covering-up properly very well with godly dressing and fearful without no makes-up, trouser, rubbing, ear-rings or attachment. You start mocking her, and might eventually cause such genuine believer to backslide due to discouragement. Her blood shall be required from you if she eventual backslide, and you will definitely reap your reward on the last day. Just continue your mockery and you will see the latter days of what the generation of Noah mockery witness with their eyes.
God fearful young lady
Psalm 139:14″ I will praise you, for am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows very well” God did not created you like monkey, gorilla or vultures, He created you wonderfully, uniquely, elegantly, enchanting and in his own image but instead to make use of those things God endows you with, to win souls for God, you are busy using your body to win souls for Satan by making men sleeping with you in their hearts whenever they sees you walking on streets and also seen in the church naked and abominable in the sight of God and you said you are going to heaven.
You are going to Hell If you refuse to repent and re-adjust your physical Christian life-style appearance. Bible says that a time is coming and that time is now, that nobody will need to tell you anymore that what you are doing is BAD or GOOD, your conscience will tell you and you shall be judge by your conscience.
Proverb 14: 12 says:– There is a way which seemeth right unto “YOU” But the end of that road you are joining millions of people to walk with, are the ways of death. That road of wig-on, attachment, earrings, eye-lash, make-ups, club house, hatred, violence, abusive speeches, tattoo, indecent clothes, fornication, etc, just mention yours, they are the ways of death, a way of destruction.
Satan, mermaid spirits and his demons are at work in the lives of many women in this present generation. Including those that call themselves believers, but  are not, but only church goer’s and bench warmer. Whether or not they are aware of this, but as far as dressing is concerned. The devil wants to corrupt men and the human race; and one great weapon he uses is women and their dressing.
No wonder the world (which is ruled by Satan) has decided to call them fashion designers, because many of them design what satan and demons inspire and tell them to design. Just take time to consider how those Satan-inspired fashion designers. Some of them will make a long gown, but they will make its sleeves to be so short (and even sleeveless) so that the armpits will be the point of attraction and seduction.
Some other demons-prompted designers to make the blouse that has a good length of sleeve, but they will ‘cut’ the back or the front in such a way as to show their back, breasts, and breast cleavages. Because Satan wants to seduce men through those exposed view which are seductive.
Others will make long skirts, but they will cut and divide the skirt at the back, by the side, or at the front, because the point of seduction is their laps. Then others will design and make short skirts and gowns which when the women wearing them sit down, people will see their laps and even under-wears, because that is the heart and desire of the devil.
And others will not care and make mini-skirts, so that even if they are standing, people will be seeing their laps and what they call long legs. Do you know that many women (even believers) are serving the devil, even without their knowledge? And surely, serving the devil has rewards (or do I say punishments?)
1 Corinthians 3:16 “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” In the Old Testament, temple of God was a physical building in Jerusalem, but in the New Testament, the physical body of every child of God is the temple of God. When you surrender your life to Jesus Christ, your body becomes the temple of God, and your heart serves the throne of God.
Here are some acts that defile God’s temple, which every child of God should flee from:
  • Bleaching: Toning and bleaching skin is an act of defiling the temple of God. When you become a child of God through repentance, your body belongs to Jesus, and you dare not do anything to your body that will not glorify God. Bleaching and toning skin is evil and destructive.
women makes-up
  • Masturbation: Masturbation is an act of manipulating one’s body for sexual pleasure, it is forbidden by every genuine child of God, because our body is the temple of God and we cannot manipulate it. Masturbation actually mean having sex with demon; since it is for sexual pleasure and it usually involves two people; in masturbation, the other person is invisible and that is demon. When you surrender your life to Jesus completely, you must resist and reject the demon of masturbation when he comes back to play with you.
  • Oral Sex: Either in marriage or outside marriage, oral sex is an immoral act of working against the normal cause of nature, it is turning the cause of nature upside down by using what is meant for oral for sex and what is meant for sex for oral; but since your body is the temple of God, you will not want to turn the temple of God upside down, you know God will not take that for granted?
  • Fornication And Adultery: These are the worst of all sins. Because sexual immorality is the only sin that cuts across spirit, soul and body at the same time. it’s a serious sin that poisons the whole system. Sexual immorality is a sacrifice that empowers the kingdom of darkness. What it means is that, whenever sexual immorality is being committed, demons are readily present to empower themselves. Bodies or places where sexual immorality is being committed are filled with demons. Since your body becomes the temple of God, it is a must to keep yourself and flee from every form of sexual immorality. If you have involved in such before, you repent, ask Jesus to cleanse you and do not go back into it.
  • Smoking: is not just a wrong against one’s health, but also it is a sin of defiling God’s temple after salvation. After you are genuinely saved, going back to smoke is destructive to your spirit, soul and body, it defiles God’s temple – your body, and it attracts God’s judgment.
  • Drinking Alcohol: Was not allowed in the temple of God in the Old Testament, “Do not drink wine or intoxicating drink, you, nor your sons with you, when you go into the tabernacle of meeting, lest you die.” Leviticus 10:9; and how much more do you expect with the temple redeemed by the Blood of Jesus? The reason why drinking alcohol is a forbidden thing to a genuine child of God is because his body is the temple of God, and alcohol is not allowed in the temple of God.
  • Tattoo: Painting tattoo to the body is only meant for the gentiles, the unbelievers who owe their own bodies for their destruction, but when your body becomes the temple of God, redeemed by the precious Blood of Jesus, it becomes sinful and evil to paint tattoo on your body. “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:28 “I AM THE LORD OF YOUR BODY AFTER YOU SURRENDER YOUR LIFE TO ME, NOT YOUR OWN ANYMORE” – JESUS CHRIST.
I’ve always liked studying and reading about the end times revelations and testimonies. I have loved reading the prophets, the words of Jesus when he speaks of the end time, the books of Apostle Paul, and Revelation. I’ve always been afraid of Revelations.
On the contrary, I’m very curious to share but few of my understanding, reviews search out, and see what i had learn and discovered concerning end-times revelation and testimonies. First thing I need to say: NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR OF THE LORD COMING-BUT WE NEED TO GET PREPARED. Not even Jesus knows when He will come, but only the Father, so I cannot say when it will happen. I can only say that time is running very fast.
Let Read Some Recap From The Testimony Of Brother Ubani Kingsley.
First-Testimony : Dear reader, while Jesus was telling me these things, something happened. I saw a person who was being accompanied by demons. Whether she was a girl or a woman, I cannot tell. All I knew is that she was female. Just as they were passing by, she shouted “Jesus! Save me!” Some-how, by stroke of unmerited favor, he responded “Stop!” and all the demons stopped and bowed down to Jesus. he ordered her to come.
When she came, Jesus asked her the reason why the demons were dragging her to Hell, and she replied that because she was wearing earrings, artificial hair, and trousers. In addition, she said “My pastor told us that wearing earrings and trousers, and wearing artificial nails and hair is not a sin; that God does not look at the physical appearance of a person but at the heart. And now I am about to suffer for these things”. 

Then Jesus ordered her to go back to the world and tell people what she saw and heard. She was dark in complexion, but I could not tell if she was Nigerian or not. As she went back to the world, Jesus said to me, “Now let me show you some of the people in hell because of the wrong teachings of the WORD they received from their pastors”.
Then a woman appeared from the pit. By her appearance, she looked like someone about three months pregnant because her stomach was a little bulgy. Then Jesus said “This woman committed abortion. She was married with three boys and two girls and when she became pregnant again she consulted her pastor and she was given the go-ahead to abort the baby, with the consent of her husband. Consequently, the blood in her hands has made her a murderer, and no murderer will inherit my kingdom…All of a sudden, the pit expanded and more than ten thousand people came up above the pit, but they were still inside the fire.
Then Jesus said to me, all these people brought up here are those that have been deceived by their pastors and ministers. Some were told that Hell is not real; some were told that God is not wicked enough to punish his people with fire – that God is loving, merciful and gracious forever. 

Some were told taking alcohol, or selling them is not a sin, and that the Bible says that one should take little and not get drunk. Some were told that smoking is not a sin and that it is good for keeping the body warm. And some were told that indecent dressing or dressing like the unbelievers is not a sin, that what matters is not how you dress but how your heart is with God. 
Some preachers told their members that it doesn’t matter what you wear and come to church, whether your head is covered or not, or whatever – that the church is God’s property, operating now under grace and no more under the law – that these things are just law. But now is the time when all who will worship me, will worship in truth and in spirit (John 4:24).”God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” EVERYTHING YOU PUT ON YOUR BODY OR SPEAK WITH YOUR MOUTH, OR DO WITH YOUR LIFE MUST AGREE WITH MY WORD, AND ANYTHING OUTSIDE THAT IS NOT A PART OF ME” Jesus concluded.
A Deeper Life Woman End Up In Hell For Using A Rubber Thread
Second Testimony: Jesus said to me, do you know you are leading many to hell? I asked him how, and he said whenever people asking you about how they should keep their hair, you keep telling them not to use wool or attachment, but they can make use of plastic thread. Don’t you know that rubber thread is also an attachment?
Then he ask me to follow him to hell that he want to show me something, on getting there, he brought out a woman out of the pit of fire, and he. Said to me son look at this woman, she is a member of Deeper life bible church. She heard that it is a sin for a woman to plait her hair with any thread, but she didn’t believe it. When she died, she was found guilty of using thread to plait, and as a result of that she went to hell.
When I look at this woman, she plaited her hair with plastic thread. The woman was pleading for forgiveness but it was no granted to her, but was sent back to hell. However I asked Jesus why he didn’t forgive the woman, he said to me, the woman was given several warning, through revelation, people but she refused instead she took herself to be perfect in all her deed. Assuming she has taken correction, she would have saved many, because she was a model to many, but she has led many to hell, so she must go back to hell
 Jesus said to me,no woman should plait their head with any type of thread.  No woman should add anything whatsoever to her hair. I never asked them to use those things, human being did. Tell women to keep their head natural, they must not apply any die, relaxer to it and must not be weave. They should comb it alone. Tell them to remove their wedding ring because it’s not I who ask them to use it but human did. I hate both wedding ring and other ring.
Tell my people not to put on any type of jeans cloth, whether skirt, trousers, shirts or blouses or knickers. I hate it. Tell women no part of their bosom should be seen.They must cover their body very well and also their back should not be seen.They must not wear any skin tight or short knickers under their skirt because I hate those thing. Just pant and under wears. 
Women should not wear brassiere that will make the Tip of bosom to be noticed, because if they do and man became seduced by it, the person has committed sin without knowing it. Also women must not put on any cloth that will make line of their pants to be noticed. The judgment of God is very strict.
Christian and reader, there was something I discovered from the rime the angel brought me to hell to this very time, I discovered that more than five hundred (500) people had entered into the pit of fire. Let us assume that This time span was 20 minutes. This means that in just 20 minutes, 500 people had been admitted into the  pit of fire. The speed at which people go to hell is alarming.
Another person – a girl came up but was still in the fire. The first thing she did was call my name “Bro Kingsley, help me I’m thirsty” I couldn’t recognize her, but she continued “I’ve been here three months and they’ve been tormenting me. I did not know I would end up here. I was in your programme at Owerri (The capital city of Imo, a state in Nigeria). I thought you were telling lies, until I found myself here.
While I was still looking at the girl, Jesus asked me “do you know what destroyed that girl?” I was speechless, so He continued “doubt and disobedience were the things that destroyed her. She doubted you when you were ministering and disobeyed the voice of the spirit and the bridegroom that said ‘come’ Revelation 22:17 and she’s suffering the penalty of her disobedience. Then the girl was pulled back into the pit.
women Punishment In Pit Of Hell
Having seen the fire of hell and the people in it, I became much more afraid. I began to wonder what would have happened to me if the angel had released me to those demons or if Jesus hadn’t intervened in my case. I most likely would have been dead, and Christians who have either read my books or been inspired by my ministrations might claim that I was in heaven.
But alas I was found guilty of disobedience and even right now I owe people money meaning I wasn’t qualified for the kingdom (Own no man nothing, except for love). If Jesus hadn’t intervened, many would have believed I died and went to see the Lord, not knowing I was in Hell.
As I was still thinking about what my fate would have become,  Jesus started shedding tears. This time, it seemed that the cry of those in the fire had begun to emotionally impact on Him.
“Where are the benefits of my pains and my death on the cross?” asked Jesus. I remained silent. Then He pointed his finger at me and said “YOU AND MY MINISTERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE GOING TO HELL”.
You (me) do not rebuke sinners the way I direct you to, and you sometimes overlook them, saying that what do they does not concern you! Don’t you know that I value souls more than any other thing on earth? My ministers now interpret my word (The Bible) to suit themselves and to please their followers. I will show you some of the people my preachers have misled to Hell. I am showing you all these things because my time is very very short and I want to save more souls that are still alive in the world before I appear in the cloud where those who are ready for my coming will meet me in eternal glory.
——————————————————————————————————————-FINAL CONCLUSION
This are but few judgmental testimonies i have to present to all women out there. Especially those that thought they’re following, but following in vain in careless and stiff-neck. I therefore implore all Christian women who are involves in of those abomination to hearken unto this warning today and cast-off every form of unbelief and doubt, because it can’t lead you anywhere
Romans 12:1-2, “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Am not sharing this message to mock or condemn you, but rather to create more sound clarification and importance of obeying and yielding unto the word of God. And also to be awaken to righteousness and repentance, because the punishment in the pit of hell is so disturbing.
prostitute In Pit Of Hell
As woman, what can you tell of a MAMA of about 50-70years still into all this worldly satanic jamboree attire’s. Walking along the street and been stop by a young boy of about 20years in his car. All of sudden, you heard the young boy calling the MAMA, HI ! BABE,  ENTER INTO MY CAR AND LET GO AND CRUSE. Such name babe symbolized and means HI ! PROSTITUTE ENTER. And the reward of a prostitute is awaiting for her in pit of hell if she refuse to repent from such abominable ways of dressing.
As a woman, what kind of impression and foundation are you laying for your family. Its a shame and reproach-YES!. You are bringing shame and abomination unto your husband, children and parents at home. Because such woman has aim for dressing in such manner and abominable.

She is looking for attention, although she might not, but due to her worldly presentation and physical life-spoke-style of appearance, has made her a prostitute. You can’t never see a genuine Christian woman or  believer, dressing decently in appropriately and godliness manner, or appearance, been hail or stop by young boy. Your appearance matter’s such much to God and the society. Because you’re the temple and the vessel of God whom other are look up-to.
This one of physical analysis and explanation, why you need to re-amend your mode of conduct in dressing. Let there be different between YOU and the WORLD. Although all this worldly attire’s in spiritual realms means and represent so much than physical meaning, which i shall throw more insight someday, But you need to read and pray very hard.
prostitute In Pit Of Hell
So the Lord could open and revealed what such worldly ,carnal and physical body beautification, you have been rubbing and applying in your body means or represent spiritually. You will observed how, your spiritual life had been cut-short. Your spiritual glory had been entangled by those idols, your called beautification and makes-up. Removed it and free-yourself today from burden of sinfulness and rescue your-ways-out from the way that lead to destruction in Hell Fire.
1 Corinthians 3:17.”If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.” There is grave judgment of God for anyone who defiles temple of God by any act. If you have been involving in any of these acts, you have to repent and ask God to forgive you and turn to Him in a new life completely. amen.

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