Understanding The Mystery And Meaning Of Masturbation

Masturbating is an act of having sexual intercourse with demons. A masturbating victim usually get into this terrible act through the aid of either friend, erotic magazine, porn video, images, television program or demonic evil voice. Masturbating is act of defilement of oneself through which various kinds of spiritual curse get injected into the victim. Masturbation gives root to demonic problems and opens the foundation door to stagnancy and failure with serious spiritual and physical consequence and attack against ones destiny.
Although victim might tend to apply human ideology and self-will principle to broke-off but after several days, months or year the urges to masturbate might resurface. It’s because, the ancient demon involved in this horrible mess can’t just quit or abandon it victim. It will keep coming and requesting for more pleasure due to the wicked projected assignment of the QUEEN OF THE COAST.
Masturbation has dangerous and severe physical disorder on her victim, e.g. lose of memory, focus, urinating sperm, wet night dream or having sexual intercourse in the dream and fatigue, blur vision etc. Masturbation also has severe spiritual consequences which gives rises to failure, backwardness, financial wreckage, disappointment and it opens door for spiritual wife and husband to afflict her victims. It might also cause the spiritual wife or husband to hinder her victim from getting married or having children. Masturbation is horrible self-tyrant sin which can only be broken through the grace of God.
Masturbation is a grievous sin against the body, church and God. Forgiveness of this evil can’t be complete without restitution or confession to ones pastor or spiritual leaders, for prayers and counselling. Masturbation is a sin and it cannot be done without getting your thoughts involved in something. So it needs porn videos, erotic images, seductive musical sound, indecent female dressings, seductive cover magazines and also through internet.
These immoral and seductive scene will tends to trigger one sexual sensors memories. But today there is hardly anyone guilty of spirit of lust because once you see and have any sexual immoral thoughts of someone in your head; it is written, you have already committed the sin of sexual immoral lust. Matthew 5:28″ but i say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in the heart”
There is a sin that leads unto death and masturbation is not that sin. I will show you the sin that leads to death. The soul that sinneth shall die according to Ezekiel 18:4. Can the soul masturbate? No, It is your flesh you use in masturbating but there is a sin that your soul can commit and you will go straight to hell in the first flight.
That sin is called unbelief. It is manifested thus: when God says something, then you say you don’t believe it or that it is a lie, now you are sealed for hell damnation and right there your soul accepted the doctrines of the devil and left God’s doctrine. However, if you still tends to have negative opposition against masturbation, perhaps, tag it as not a sin because you willfully committed it without the involvement of third party. Beware of the grievous danger in disobeying the word of God.
John 3:18 says ‘that whosoever believeth not in Jesus is already condemned” Jesus is the word of God and the word of God is God. The blood of Jesus Christ defeated the devil in every way and if you don’t willfully sin then that blood will always atone for your sins but if you willfully sin then you are not yet in Christ. If you are in Christ Jesus then you will always pray for repentance and God will forgive a sincere heart who approaches him through the name of his son Jesus Christ. God has not seen any sinner whom he can’t forgive and neither has Jesus Christ seen any sin which his blood can’t cleanse or washeth away.
1. Conversion To Christ; This involved genuinely acceptance of Jesus Christ into your life and regarding him as your personal Lord and savior. Plead for his mercy, confess your sexual immoral sin and promised him that you wouldn’t goes back to them, if he will empower and strengthen you with his divine grace and power.
Locate a genuine bible believing church around you and joined with them. Make sure you also enroll into immersion water baptism because it helps in breaking every yokes of demonic sexual manipulation. The water immersion baptism must be righteously be conducted in flowing river and not swimming pool.
2. Guarding The Eyes; Ensure you always control and be careful of what you behold with your eyes. As a brother, don’t look at women twice. Dispose-off every form of worldly firms, erotic pictures, home movies. Ensure you cut-off from every form of immoral sexual relationship such as dating, girl and boy friendship and make sure you occupied yourself with church activities. This will re-occupied your thought and mindset. Also ensure you cut-off worldly friends and stay away from them because they will continue to lure and tempts you with same immoral sin.
3. Controlling The Thought; Your thoughts or imagination is the point of attack whenever the issue of sexual lust or masturbation arises. Your mind is a battle field and such place must be occupied and filled-up with the word of God; hymns, worship song, praise and godly motives; such as how to evangelize the gospel to the dying world.
How to gives cheerfully to less privilege ones in the church and how to put smile in the face of others. Likewise also, how to attends night vigils, church prayer meeting, weekly service and engages seriously unto godly kingdom service. Lastly, please don;t relent whenever you behold yourself not masturbating for about 6 months- a year. You must continue in exercising this same process. Don’t go on holiday because your enemies isn’t at rest.
Make sure you are constantly given into prayers because if you stop praying, you will start masturbating. Your masturbation , sexual lustful or fornication doesn’t commence whenever you began to watch pornography, having sexual urges or thoughts. No, it started the very day you intentionally allow the enemy to stole away your prayer life and captivates your mind with worldly vanities of life such as how to get marry, built house, becomes educated and becomes rich over night. When you sincerely enact this solutions into your Christian life with an aid of prayers, honestly, you will certainly overcome masturbation in Jesus name.

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