The Satanic War Strategies And Trap Against Christian.

The Satanic War Strategies And Trap Against Christian.

In a revelation, the Lord Jesus Christ came and took me to the underworld of the devil. I was in his presence just worshiping him and He said, “I have much to show you” In a Split second, we were there but I was found that I was unable to see anything.

Then the Lord moved his hand up and then down and it was as if a curtain had opened and I began to see everything. “For we do not war against flesh and blood but against Principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places” Ephesians 6:12.

Celebrities Satanic Tools Assign Against Christian
I saw what appeared to me like a meeting. I saw a lot of famous people in the world. There were Church leaders, politicians, Musicians, actors and other influential people in the world. They were from different races and countries all around the world.
I saw the devil dressed in rich robes like a Prince and he was addressing them. He said, “You know that I am the one who ushered you into whichever position you are in now. Use that position for my Glory.” I saw that he only allowed those who will work for him to be in the most influential positions because he wanted sin to multiply on the earth. He also wanted these people to carry out certain satanic war agendas for him.
2 Corinthians 4:4 certainly says that the devil is the god of this World. This means that he is in charge of the most influential positions. Please, not everyone in influential positions or leadership are under the Devil but I tell you, the majority of them are. They have to carry out satanic agendas for the devil. I saw Musicians presenting their latest Albums before the devil. The first group I saw was of Reggae Musicians with dreadlocks.
satanic dancer
They started putting their Albums before him and he was rejecting some and accepting some.
He said to one person, “Why are you showing me this song? Do you think this song is worthy enough to be shown to me? This song is not insulting enough. It will not make people have dirty thoughts. Go and make it dirtier. I thought you already knew what to do. Do I have to be reminding you every time?”
The devil was very angry and his face had started changing to look like an animal. He said, “I want to Capture the Souls and take them all to Hell! Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!” The Lord forbids any secular music, Soft slow or fast music. If a Song is not glorifying God, it is glorifying the devil. This is the same for secular TV. It hinders one’s relationship with God. That is why 1 John 2:15 “Love not the world or the world. If anyone loves the world, the Love of the Father is not in him.”
“”Reader, there was something I heard from Jesus that frightened me. Jesus told me that giving my attention to worldly films is like bowing down to idols and the moment I withdraw my attention from God and give it to films or any other thing that does not glorify God, God sees me as an idolater and no idolater will inherit the kingdom of God.’But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burn with fire and brimstone: which is the second death’ Revelation.  22:8. 
Furthermore, Jesus said to me, ‘Kingsley, any time a Christian uses his money to buy worldly films or worldly clothes (those clothes a real born again Christian ought not to put on)  or any other thing that shows worldliness, Satan and his cohorts rejoice because they know that the moment a Christian buys their things, automatically, he becomes a candidate of hell fire, even though the person may be ignorant of what he has done, his ignorance does not stop him from becoming guilty of offence. Curled from “Another warning” by Ubani Kingsley.
“I say then, walk in the Spirit and DO NOT satisfy the lust of the flesh for all those who belong Christ have CRUCIFIED the Flesh with all its passions and desires, “Galatians 5:16,24. After the musicians, the devil then changed himself into a mean and fearsome looking man. Then I saw a door being opened and a crowd of men and women walked in. They were all standing before him. He was making them give account of how they had worked for him. He pointed at one young woman angrily and she went to the front and knelt before him.
He said, “Lilian, there is a day this past week that two of your male classmates were coming to do an assignment with you at your Hostel in School. But that day, you decided to wear a Chitenge material and it covered your body. Why??? Why did you do this wicked deed before me? You wasted a very precious moment to make them lust. When you waste an opportunity to make people sin, I feel suffocated. The Christians waste many chances to evangelize and to do the will of their Master but we are not like them. Every moment is precious”
“I have instructed you females to wear Clothes that are very revealing. Make them think you are dressed but you are naked by wearing very tight Clothes. Make them see everybody part. Wear the new Jeggings which reveal your body, make Cleavages, wear short skirts, and wear trousers. Put on the Lipstick which we make.
When someone just admires you, it will cast a spell on them. Soon they will start thinking of you and start to masturbate. Capture them, we will drink their sperms a toast to Victory” “Make the Humans start dressing like us. They will not know that they are just offering themselves as a sacrifice to us. It will be easy to kill them because they will have no cover of the blood of the Holy One” “Make them start using the hair we make here, let them change God’s image and hinder their own Salvation. We will win this Battle!”
“Let them use our Hair not knowing it will give them Spiritual Husbands. For those who are already married, let it cause anger and bitterness in their Homes. For some of them, it will even close their womb. They will sacrifice their womb to us.”  “Let them look exactly the way the people in our Kingdom look by painting their Faces. They belong to my Kingdom! Hahahaahahahahaha!”
“Let the evil we put in the artificial hair make men lust after them and make them fornicate and desire many sins. Let them desire all the evil things of our Kingdom.” Some people say you can pray for this hair but I tell you now, nothing happens when you pray for it. The Lord does not want it on his Children. It is a trap from Satan to take people to hell. Stay away from it. We used to do these things before we knew the truth. Now we have to obey God.
The devil continued, “For you who are going to pretend to be Holy, make sure you always flirt with them. Touch their hand and cast spells at them. They will pay the price of being a Lukewarm Christian, sleep with them and destroy their Faith “You young men, Go and make the girls start following you. Cast your spells. They will think they are following you on their own but it’s you drawing them. When you are at School, pretend to want to help with a Subject but make sure you always talk dirty talk with them. Make them sin and commit fornication. Those foolish girls will have their souls tied down in our Kingdom and we will control them”
Then I that the devil changed into a young man and sat on the throne, He was looking just like a normal human being. A door was opened by a demon and I saw a lot of Children coming to stand before the throne. These Children were working for the Kingdom of darkness. The Lord had earlier said that the devil is now targeting to initiate Children into his Kingdom. This is because Children are easily trusted and hence can carry out a satanic mission easily. Always pray for your Children. Some of the Children were wearing clothes and some of them School Uniforms.
They were boys and girls. The devil was examining the way they were dressed and was asking them questions. He was asking them what they had done in the last one week and how they had managed to make people sin. I heard one boy say, “I have managed to get my Christian friend addicted to Computer games. After School, I always ask him to come and play. Sometimes, he would say that he couldn’t come because he wanted to read the Holy Book (Bible) and pray.
I laughed at him and made him feel foolish just like you instructed. Now he comes to play every day. I make him play evil games and now the spells in the game have also made him to start insulting” The devil was very happy and laughed loudly,”Hahahahahahahahahahaha! “He was laughing so hard that tears of joy kept falling down and he touched the ground laughing.
He said, “It is so easy to bring down humanity. Yes, make them not read the Book and make them feel foolish” “Let them forget the Holy Book and Concentrate on our things instead. If they do not read the Book, they will not know what is right” Then the devil moved to a young girl of about eight. He touched her hair and said, “Why don’t you change your hairstyles very often? How do you think you will attract people and make them copy you? Make sure you encourage them to change the image of God. Plait different hairstyles of our artificial hair often.”
“Then go to your friend’s place and visit. Also wear a short skirt and influence your friend to start dressing like you. Soon, she will ask her Mother to plait her same hairstyle you have, You my dedicated Servants will receive your rewards. I will give you riches to satisfy your hearts desire, Just Capture them all”
“You my little girls, when you are at School, make your Uniform appear stylish by making it shorter. They will say it is just a Uniform and so it cannot be sin for it to be short. Soon, they will make theirs in the same way. Cast your spells at them. Draw them to you so that you can influence them” Put evil spells in your food and make them share it with them at School”
“Soon, they will start having behaving in sinful ways because of the food. Some of them will start having strange dreams and they will start working here in our Kingdom! “John 10:10 says the Thief Comes but to Steal, Kill and destroy. Pray without Ceasing and even for your Children because the devil is continuously devising evil against Humanity.
He said, “For you my little boys, go and make stylish shaving patterns in your heads. Make them Copy you. Let them be like us in our Kingdom. Let us be one with them. They will not know that it came from us haahahahahaha!” “Talk about Football with them, make them sin and want to watch it. Soon, it will become their god.”
“My little boys and girls, at School, some of you should pretend not to have money so that you do not look suspicious. But some of you, Make sure you always have a lot of money at School. When they ask you, lie that it was given to you at home. They will start to wonder how you always have a lot of money. Bring those greedy Children who are Hungry for money to my Kingdom. We will sacrifice some of them especially the Christian Children. We will sacrifice them quickly to make sure they do not turn back to their God!”
We will destroy them because they do not want to pray. Hahahahahaahahahaha! Their Master says pray without ceasing but now I tell you, Capture without Ceasing” The bible says,”Be Sober, be Vigilant, Your enemy the devil walks about like a roaring Lion seeking whom to DEVOUR,” 1 Peter 5:8.
When the Lord warns us, it is not to plant fear but to alert us that we may not sleep in such an intense Battle. The bible says we should pray without Ceasing. That is the weapon to overcome the tactics of the devil. We should always move in the Spirit and pray for those still in darkness.

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