The Sacred And Treasurable Naked Body Of A Woman

The Sacred And Treasurable Naked Body Of A Woman

This admonishment goes out to every single Christian lady out there! Both youths, little girls and those still inside the womb and the unborn generation. My beloved sister i sincerely want to remind you that your naked body is only meant to be seen by your future husband and not espouse (engaged-husband) but rather your God’s destiny or legal married husband.

Your naked body is the ripe mango and orange juice which every reasonable man always desire to behold; both pastors, evangelist, Bishop, Reverend and Pope’s because they are not an angels but rather human in flesh but rather trying to subdue their flesh under the spirit of God.

My beloved sister, you must understand that every reasonable man want to peep and have a glance at your naked treasure body including your pastors and churchy brothers because the flesh is always weak and this more reason i am inspired to sent fort this warning message to “you”.
However i advice you document below moral tips and also uses it to encourages and impact others within and around you because once you made a terrible mistake and get yourself entangled into immoral mess or relationship, you will certainly have to blame yourself.
  1. Any man that disvirgin you before walking you down the aisle is a he-goat and a bloody coward. (He emotionally manipulated your free-will) Please you don’t have any future with him and even if you eventual proceed ahead into marriage with him, you will surely shed tears in that marriage because God is not mocked. Hebrews 13:4 “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge”
  2. Any man that has ever behold your naked body, probably romancing and kissing before walking you down the aisle is a dog and a deceiver. You don’t have any future with him and if you peradventure proceed ahead into marriage, you will live in regret for the rest of your life because a dog is always a dog.
  3. Any man that has ever beheld your naked treasurable body and slept with you before walking you down the aisle is a fowl and a fool. You don’t have any future with him and if you mistakenly proceed ahead into marriage; you will weep for the rest of your life because a fowl is always a fowl.
You don’t have future with any man that will behold your nakedness before walking you down the aisle. You must conceal, covered-up and preserved your naked body. It is treasurable and must only be seen by your legal married husband. So any man that will behold it before seeking your hand in marriage is not worthy of “you” because you are a treasure.
lady in modesty skirt
You are naturally endowed with beauty. You’re more sparkly than gold, diamond and precious stones beneath the Earth. You are gorgeous and powerfully decorated in a Heavenly array of beauty. You are more sparkly than twinkling stars and more radiant than the bright morning sun and that is reason why the scriptures calls you “the daughter of Zion” Psalm 914 That I may shew forth all thy praise in the gates of the daughter of Zion: I will rejoice in thy salvation”
And if peradventure you have already reveals your “naked body” to any goat, dog or fowl and you are presently discussing future with him, you are nothing but an empty vessel. And i pray that God will give you the grace to cut him off (asp) because tears after death is wasteful.
Nevertheless if you have already lost your dignity due to piece of morsel or few minutes pleasures I encourage you hearken to below instruction and get them activated into your spiritual life and get your spiritual dignity restored,
At this moment if you are still entangled with causal relationship or ever attempts to sells yourself cheap to any scalawag boy.  You are rather fooling your because you are priceless and costly. You ought to guide your sexual dignity because you’re a precious jewel. It’s unfortunate that most of our modern sisters have lost their senses due to lack of dignity. I have these questions for you;
  1. Where do you find diamonds? — Deep down in the ground, covered and protected.
  2. Where do you find pearls? — Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell.
  3. Where do you find gold? — Way down in the mine, covered over with layers of rock and to get them, you have to work hard and dig deep down to get them.
Therefore as a sister, your body is sacred and unique. You are far more precious than gold, diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too. So if you keep your treasured mineral just like gold, diamond and pearls, deeply covered up, a reputable mining organization with the requisite machinery will fly down and conduct years of extensive exploration.
godly wedding approve by God
  1. First, he will contact your government — Your family and kindred.
  2. Sign professional contracts — Wedding and legal marriage; and
  3. Mine you professionally — Have full legal access to your treasure body.
However if you leave your precious minerals unprotected or uncovered on the surface of the Earth for every Dick and Tom to explored, you will always attract a lot of illegal miners to come and mine you illegally and in such situation you will lost your value or dignity in the society.
Everybody will just pick up their crude instruments and have a dig on you freely. Therefore keep your dignity intact, persevered and ensure your body is deeply covered so that it would invite professional miners to chase you.
2 Corinthian 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. And if you have already lost your dignity, you can still recovered and restored it back by wholly surrendering your life to Jesus Christ and plead for his precious sanctifying blood to cleanse you of your ugly mess and restored back your lost dignity, because whosoever is in Christ is a new creation with new life, flesh and spirit with a fresh new beginning
The below account is sad and thoughtful and I want you to learn a lesson from it because he that diggeth a pit must surely fall inside. How time flies, seasons melt, days and years forgotten, decades and century roll-by and the world and its glorious fashion also passeth-away.
A baby that is born yester-years is now a mother/father while the parent is long forgotten in silent grave-yard. What can we call life? Indeed, “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not” Job 14:1-2.
On the day 14th Of February every year, often honored by the world as “lover’s day” and also knows as “Valentine day“, the mother-earth always mourn, Heaven always wept because blood is always be spilled due to perishable things of life.
How Sister Blessing eventual embrace godly salvation has been a surprising to many in the church. Sister Blessing was formerly addicted (secretly) into worldliness despite all the messages she always heard in the church.
However she behold the greatest shock of her life, the day she finally visited her last boy friend on earth. Just like every other Valentine day, dressed seductively with high-shoe, gorgeous hairstyle with a nice seductive perfume.
(Knock at the door)
  • Boy Friend: Yes who is that?
  • Sister Blessing: It’s me, please open the door.
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(After hugging, entertainment, romancing and eventually rounded in fornication). What a nice wonderful valentine to remember in history! Afterward, as her boy friend was escorting her off — the incoming car, the accident and horror scene that followed was terrible and beyond comprehend. That was how sister Blessing decided to embrace the call of salvation in amidst of tears and shock while beholding the dead corpse of her last ever boy friend on Earth (Let stop here).
human blood spill on valentine day
At this moment, many of you sisters are preparing and looking forward for the deal day known as February 14th, while some are even waiting for it to reach quickly so that they can display their immoral sealed act! Let me ask you, are you also preparing for the great day called “rapture?
How prepared are you? What if it rapture occur on 14 Feb” or a day before, where will you spend your eternity? Valentine day is often used by majority as an opportunity to satisfy their sexual urge and thwart their virginity due to perishable fun and love. You are making the greatest mistake of your life because love has nothing to do with sex. Love simply means…!
  1. L- Longsuffering.
  2. O- Overlook.
  3. V- Volunteer vow.
  4. E- Encouragement.
  • Love is long-suffering.
  • It overlooks things.
  • It’s a vow and commitment and
  • It’s all about encouraging one another and not been manipulated.
Many sisters are always deceived with gift and lured into sexual immoralities. Please avoid free gift and if you sell your body for a peanut because of free gift, you are putting your life in bondage. Moreover you might not have the second chance to repent as sister Blessing because whatever you receive with the right hand must surely pay with the left.
Whatever is offered freely is very dangerous and it usually attached with wicked motive. Many young ladies are often deceived with the statement “I Love You“, Let me ask you, that person professing “I Love You” if he is ask to inter-exchange your life with his own, do you think he will spare you? No, i don’t think so!
Hence, I urge you to be wise and don’t be carried away by materialism because the fashion of this world passeth away …..and they that use this world, as not abusing it: for the fashion of this world passeth away (1 Corinthian 7:31). Do not allow friends to deceive you because it will cause you to missed your focus toward Heaven and marry after perishable things of life.
Do not allow anyone to drag you into unwanted action and commitment that will overwhelm your godly free-will and cause you to sell your body. Why not re-occur above incident (pix) and meditate upon the eternal condition of Sister Blessing late boy-friend who ran expressively to Hell Fire due to worldly pleasure in name of Love.
Moreover, unconditional love is the love you need to share, that’s the love that will be shown to you and you will be very sure that this person truly loves you! This is the greatest love ever! This is the love that doesn’t have time for sexual immorality, malice, grudges, hatred, compromise, false witness, gossip etc.
It’s this same love that cause Jesus to left his Heavenly throne in order to die for our sins. The same Love that makes him to take all the pain of our sins — He didn’t commit. Can such person claiming that he love you exhibits the Love of Christ toward you? No!
You need to awake from slumber and think about the consequences of what will transpired in that worldly relationship you are presently draining-in. I pray, may God help every Christian sisters to understand this fact and also direct their footsteps never to make a mistake that will separate and cut them off from God in eternity in Jesus name.

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