The Pathetic Evil Doer Of Household Enemies

The Pathetic Evil Doer Of Household Enemies

John has never for his life known what peace is. He can only define it but don’t know what it means because he has never experience it for once in life. He is a very brilliant boy and his dream is to be the first doctor in his town. But unfortunately he hardly moves forward in life, such that his entire class mate left him behind because he always fails his WAEC Examination.

Each time he receive his result, even the people he teach in the examination hall will make all their papers but he’s will be F9 parallel (failure). More than 5 times, both his WAEC and NECO are always F9 in his entire subject. Even there was a particular year he refused to register for the two exams, but that year, his F9 parallel Result was still sent to him without writing or registering for the exam.
Later he decided to register for special center where he clears all papers. And that year he receive two results, his normal F9 result and the special center result where he made all the paper. He spent more than 8 years in the university because of carry over. Whenever he write his paper, the Lecturer will not see his answer script, and they knew he’s a very brilliant boy, one day his departmental lecturer held a meeting because of him, and they plan to help him pass all his paper, even if his answer script disappear as usual.
They knew its spiritual battle. He graduated at the age of 30. He went for his youth service and came back, seeking for Job, but no Job. He has to travel back to his village to continue his farm work. his mother younger sister likes him very much because she’s barren, and Kayode see her as his mother too.
One day one of his best friend who came home to visit his parent and saw him with a basket on his head, selling oranges just to earn a living, he was shocked to see him in that state, then his friend decided to take him with him to Abuja. But the following week his friend chases him out of his house. 15 million naira was missing from his friend master bed room and the money was found in Kayode wardrobe, he said he never knew anything about it, but no one could believe him, he chase him out and as he was walking thinking and crying, a car knocked him down and he fainted, then he was quickly rushed to the hospital where he was treated.
The man who knocked him down was a devoted man of God, the Lord showed him the case of Kayode, the very day her mother gave birth to him, the woman who bath her, has stole his glory and it’s hang it on tree in the world of darkness. The Evangelist followed Kayode to his village to question his mother. Who was the first to bath your child the very day you gave birth to her, is my younger sister, she said, they went to her house,
The evangelist went to her house and commanded her in the name of Jesus to give back the glory of Kayode to Kayode because he’s in need of his glory. This woman went straight to the wall and brings back the sponge, and the sponge is as wet as the day she first use it on the boy. That was what she used to tie down his glory, Kayode fainted because, this is the woman she took as her mother.
War Against Household Wickedness And Destiny Destroyers.
Many who are living a foolish life today are not the plans of God for their life. There are many Lawyers sleeping under the bridge, and many doctors are working as a gate-man. Many Governors and presidents are selling peppers on street, many Engineers are still bus conductors and many more. This is not the plans of God for any one, his plans for us are good (Jeremiah 29:11).
We are living in a very dark and wicked world where evil is the talk of the day. This world is even worse than the time of Noah. (Genesis 6:5) And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. There are many who have died without fulfilling their destiny on earth. Many died prematurely, while many have turned into dirty workers just to earn a living for themselves.
One thing I always believe is this, the richest World is the cemetery, for its rampart with millions of unused glory, and many will still die without using their glory because without Jesus Christ you will still die without using your glory. Only Jesus Christ came to set the captive free, even an ordinary donkey benefit from his freedom. Freedom is in Jesus alone, and you can never be set free from the hand of the wicked one if you have no Jesus, because with Jesus, you are more than a conqueror. God will use this write-up to set many people free in Jesus name.
Satan has his agents into the world to destroy the world, so we must be very careful with the kind of people you entrust your life and future into their hand. Your children is your future, do you just entrust your child in anyone cares? Satanist are In your family, in your schools, on street, in market, funny enough very much in the church, They have stolen the destiny of many people and gave rags in replace, after all, when they live an uncomfortable, life, they will live a life that is very disgusting and sin against their God.  The best way to overcome this evil people is o have Jesus as your Lord and savior.
The moment your wife is pregnant, the battle has just begin, every day set the fire of God around the baby even in the belly, and always cover it with the blood of Jesus, days and night. Because this evil people have the power to work evil on life of an unborn child. Jesus Christ is ready to set you free if you are suffering as a result of the wicked people in your family?
Or you are suffering as a result of your past sins, are you’re suffering as a result of your parent sins, yes no sinner will go unpunished but God is enrich in mercy and will forgive you of your sin if you come to him. Come to him and stay, not to seek help alone, because once you go back to the world after he has set you free, then your problem will become double. This is why Jesus always end his deliverance with the word “go and sin no more”.
Always sprinkle the blood of Jesus on your children if you want them to succeed in this wicked world Many children destiny has being changed as a result of their stubborn parent, most especially, their mother that loves to make trouble. Even right in pregnancy, they fight, and people curse them, not knowing that any curse you cast on pregnant woman, 50% of the curse will be on the child too. Are you really where you are supposed to be in life? Ask yourself. If you are not, then call on Jesus Christ today and he will deliver you and set you free in Jesus name.
  • Is your glory buried in the earth, Rock, Tree, Animals, or in the space?
  • Is it hidden in the water?
  • Has it being stolen by your evil Nanny when you were still a kid?
  • Has the wicked people on the street stolen it pretending to help in adjusting your head when you are still a baby in your mothers back.
  • Is your sponge stolen?
  • The first water they used in bathing, has the evil one stolen it for evil?
  • During Circumcision, where is the part cut from your body?
  • What about the blood, taken from you during circumcision?
  • You have sex in dreams because you have being engaged with a spiritual wife/husband?
  • Have they stolen your first hair?
  • What about The Marine agent who pretend to be a Nurse /doctors during child birth?
  • Have they stolen your placenta?
  • Do you know the meaning of the tribal mark on your body?
  • Do you know the meaning of the names you bear?
  • Have you sold out your glory trough fornication and sex outside marriage?
  • What kind of herb did you drink when you’re a baby?
  • You dream of putting on school uniform when you graduated 20 years ago.
  • You are a boss, and many of your apprentice has gotten their freedom trough you, and they have houses and cars, but you have never have a land not to talk of a house or car.
  • Has your parent dedicated you to the gods of their land? etc
All above mention will hindered you from being what the Lord wants you to be in life, but you can still be what God has programmed for your life in one condition. Jeremiah 3:14 “Turn, O backsliding children, saith the LORD; for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion” If you can surrender all to Lord Jesus he will set you free by saying the prayer below.

But if you are not born-again and not ready to be, don’t try it, else the problem will increase/multiplied for you. Remember the son of Sceva in Act 19:15 “And the evil spirit answered and said,  Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye” Even if you go to prayer city/mountain for prayer, without Jesus Christ they will just laugh at you, and they will invite more problem to your life. but if you are saved already, then say the below prayers.
Job 22:28 When I decree a world here on earth, it’s established in heaven”, Jeremiah 29:11-13 “The thoughts the Lord think toward me, is thoughts of peace, and not of evil, and to give me an expected end. Today I shall call upon his name, and I will pray unto him, and he will hearken unto me, I shall seek him, and find him, I shall search for him with all my Heart and I will found him, because he said so, and he will turn away my captivity
Isaiah 55:11 The Word of God does not come back void, but accomplishes its purpose” Because of that, I declare these words unto my life, because God has exalt the word above his name, and whatsoever I decree now, will be established in heaven in Jesus name. where is my glory hidden, in the kingdom of darkness, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, come back home, because I’m in need of you. Oh Lord arise, your hand searches all things, arise oh lord, locate where they have hidden my glory and scatter them with your rod of fire and give back my glory to me in Jesus name.
It is written, Arise, shine; for my light is come and the glory of the LORD is risen upon me. I am a new creature in Christ Jesus, the old has passed away and Jesus has transformed everything to new for me; I can no longer suffer in the hands of my enemies. For the Lord has made my enemies a dust under my feet, I now rule, they can never rule over me again, now the Lord is for me, no power can be against me anymore.
I’m now an anointed child of God; whosoever touches me from now on touches the apple eyes of God. I live in him and he lives in me, now greater is he that now lives in me. I am now more than a conqueror, because those born of God overcome the world!, I have overcome you all in Jesus name,
For Jesus has given me the key of heaven, that whatsoever I bind on earth remain bind forever and anything I loose on earth remain loosed forever, now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, anywhere my glory is tied down, I set it free and I command it in the name of Jesus to come home, for your master is in need of you. And no power can ask me why because I’m a man of Authority; whatsoever I decree must be established. Any power holding down my glory, I command the fire and thunder in the name of Jesus to destroy that power now and I take back my glory in Jesus name.
The Lord has never made me the tail, but the head, and the Lord has vested his power on me, because I now belong to him. He has destroyed the works of the devil. So over my life, the work of darkness are destroyed totally in Jesus name, Victory is mime, I have taken back what has being stolen away from my, by faith in Jesus name because The Lord goes with me to fight my enemies, and gives me victory.
My enemies have turned back, they stumble and Perish before God, now I can trample down the wicked. The wicked will be ashes under the souls of my feet, victory is mine, every negative word operating over my life has being canceled and the word has nailed it forever, never will I know sorrow again because I now have Jesus as my savior.

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