The Nature Of Woman And Relationship With Money

The Nature Of Woman And Relationship With Money

There is a saying that the easiest way to wins the heart of a woman is lavishing her with money and gifts. There has been questions , why do women often love money but i believe this post will educate the women the reason they ought to desist from pursue of money. And rather concentrate in building a happy marital home and relying unto their husband for survival.
Women were never instructed to pursue or die for the sake of money. That curse was placed upon man but unfortunately, they deliberately want to incur a terrible curse upon their life. The zeal of a woman in pursue of money is the beginning of sorrow because the forces behind money is beyond their comprehend. Whenever a man encounter financially failure or disappointment; he always knew how to motivates and encourage himself.
Hence, whenever woman encounter sudden disappointment in her quest of pursuing money. They can’t control their emotion because the grace was not given to them. Unfortunately, today many marriages have crashed because of the peanut the wife is making from her petty business. And today the husband has becomes a house maid.
Whenever the spirit of money enters any woman, it would be better if she is never born because she can go any length to ensures she meet her target. A woman heart is very flexible and can’t retain much pressure in marriage.
That is reason why whenever any issue prompt in the family, you will behold the man pacing around the sitting room and kept gazing at the ceiling or roof while the woman will be seen outside, running halter and skater in search of solution.
She doesn’t believe in “Tomorrow Will Be Better” No! She always believes in “Action” because the grace of patient and self-control was not given to her.


A man is a faith-filled creature; everyday might be his last yet he still tells his family he would be back in the evening. He knew he isn’t going to last for eternity, yet he lives and work as if he is going to live forever. He is happy knowing the next minute he might be sorrowful or sad, but only reacts to what he presently feels and that is what makes him a man.
Therefore as a woman i would advised you tame your zeal in pursue of money because the relationship between a woman and money is mysterious and moreover as a single lady or married your spiritual virginity is at stakes. And if you are not careful you will find it terribly hard to control and manage your marital home because money is the roots of all evil.

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