The Gossiping Gossipers In The Church

The Gossiping Gossipers In The Church

One of the characters i dislikes in human is gossiping. It’s unfortunate that this same demonic syndrome has penetrated into the church and many has fallen victim of the nightmare. Today modern churches has lost her ancient landmark.

There is high scarcity of love, peace and harmony in the church due to this time bomb called GOSSIP. Gossiping has cause many people to quit church fellowship, sent majority to early grave and weaken the spiritual life of those who tend to overlook while upholding their godly integrity.


(Sister Blessing was formerly a prostitute but was arrested by God).
Pastor: (miraculously behold her on the street) Hello sister blessing.
Sister Blessing: (shock) Haa, Pastor, good afternoon sir.
Pastor: What happened? I haven’t been seeing you in the church lately? I have search thoroughly, ask questions yet all futile.
Sister Blessing: I am sorry sir, it just that i have to leave the church.
Pastor: Why?
Sister Blessing: Sir, you knew how the Lord arrested me, my testimonies and my vow to serve God with all my heart.
Pastor: Yes i knew but why have you not been coming to church?
Sister Blessing: Pastor Can you imagine, after sharing the testimony of my deliverance from prostitution, ever since i have become a laughing shadow in the Church.
Pastor: What happened?
Sister Blessing: The members of the church are always busy gossiping about me. None of them ever cares to visit me or bothered about my survival.
Pastor: Why didn’t you come to me?
Sister Blessing: No sir, you have already done much for me and i don’t want to be burden to you sir.
Pastor: So where are you all this while?
Sister Blessing: Sir, i have been squirting around and honestly sir am already thinking of going back to prostitution.
Pastor: God forbid!
Sister Blessing: (In tears) I am sorry sir but it just that, i did prefer to be in the world than in church. The church isn’t a good place for me. I thought i will found comfort and love but i find hates and discouragement.
Though i knew am not perfect and it was never my desire for God to arrest me but yet he does. After using a stranger to arrest me, i had to leave the Hotel by relocating to this community and when i came to the church your messages also added value to my life.
But sir, the gossiping in the church is too much for me to bear. While walking on the street with my modest dressing, yet people are always pointing at me. The shame and reproach is too much even when i thought I am finally saved with peace of mind.
Pastor: It’s well my dear. The devil is a lair and you must not fall into his scheme. Please after tomorrow church services make sure you come and see me in my office.
Sister Blessing: Pastor, i can’t come back to that church, am sorry sir, but i can’t attend that church again. I rather be myself and remain like this, but i can’t enter that church again.
These perverse gossipers in the church will pretend to be your friend but will blackmail and slander you at your back. They will pretend to be your brother/sisters in Christ but ignorantly thwarting your image in the public.
If you’re rich, they will gossip and question the source of your wealth and if you’re poor, you will become a laughing hunt in the church. If they behold a young lady preparing for marriage, they will gossip and look for every means to set a citadel against the marriage
If a marry couple couldn’t conceived, they will gather and began to gossip about their childlessness. When a young lady got marry at the age of 18 years they will gossip that she is too young to marry. But when same lady couldn’t marry at age of 35 they will likewise gossip that it was her sinfulness that was hindering her from getting married.
If they ask you for financial aid and you refuse, you are finished and if you eventually give them, you are completely finished. They don’t have any work but rather to gossip and when they don’t behold anything to gossip, they will certainly shift their attention to gossip about you. When they see that you’re living in peace with your spouse they will seek for way to enact civil-war in your marriage.
Hence, when they behold your prosperity and consistent labor in church projects, they will pretend to rejoice but inwardly good as dead! Whenever you wore a low-classic cloth to church, they will shake their head in gossip and when they suddenly behold you in expensive attire, they will gossip about your pride and arrogance.
They have caused many ladies to remain unmarried and some rich men to become poor. I call them the gossiping gossipers and it shall not be well with them in Jesus name because it’s written Isaiah 3:11 “Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him”
Ecclesiastes 8:13 “But it shall not be well with the wicked, neither shall he prolong his days, which are as a shadow; because he feareth not before God. They are more poisonous than python and I will continue to dislikes them and i pray that God will show them mercy and cause them to realized their mistakes and ran unto him for repentance.


There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. That little difference is altitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. Therefore, i am not going to plead for as many who are involved into his horrible mess of gossiping and slandering of their fellow church brethren or neighbor to repent or persuade them to change their irritating attitude .
However, i will rather encouraged you to continue in your diabolic enterprises of gossiping because the fire that will burnt and consumed you in Hell is already in making. But i will certainly kept you in my prayers, that the Lord should touched your pathetic stony heart and revive your spiritual life because gossiping is more deadly than murdered.
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