The Danger Of Preaching And Evangelizing The Gospel Of Christ — Part 2

The Danger Of Preaching And Evangelizing The Gospel Of Christ — Part 2

This is the second part of the danger effect involved in evangelizing or preaching of the gospel. And you can also follow us in the first part for full benefit of the whole lesson because the forces of darkness are everywhere, they know who true believers are and who are hypocrite, you need not to tell them you are a believer because once they see you, they know how to examine you. The moment you start preaching they will be the one to examine you spiritually to decipher if you are true disciple or a hypocrite.

They don’t just launch attacks against preachers of the gospel any how because it will be very dangerous for them if such individual abides under the shadow of the Lord. They know the fire of God will burn them if they try to touch the Lord anointed because God never jokes with his children, so they will first examine such fellow with their spiritual eyes.
With there eyes, they will know if he/she is a young convert, or matured convert. If he’s a type that given his/herself to prayers and fasting, when he gave his life to Christ, if he’s baptized with the Holy Ghost, if his salvation is genuine or still nurses habitual sins in his/her life.
And if such preacher has these attribute, they will never want to go near to him/her, in fact when they see him/her , they would have seen fire burning around him/her already, but the preacher will never know these. But once such individual is a weak Christians or hypocrite, they will launch great attacks on such individual if not even death just because they saw him or her preaching the gospel. This is the reason why you must first examine yourself before going out to witness about Christ.
“”One day we left Likasi, we were in a bus with a friend, with passengers. While we were in the bus, my friend and I wanted to cause an accident to kill ten people. From Likasi, we had just passed Luiza. And after some time, there was a pastor who began to preach in the bus. While he was preaching, we looked at him with mystic eyes and saw him without clothes.
But he was preaching anyway. You know, today there are some pastors who are just like signposts. They tell the others: “There is heaven, heaven is that way”, but here they are, preaching, but are not living according to what they preach to others.
And nowadays, there are so many pastors who live like that. While this pastor was preaching in the bus, there was a sister, I didn’t know her, who was touched by the Word, and who suddenly began to speak in tongues.
And while she was speaking in tongues, my friend and I had been thrown out of the bus and found ourselves in the bush in Boulouwo. Let me remind you that my friend and I were both Satanists. The incident occurred just after we passed Luiza.
We were there in the bush physically; I don’t know how we got out of the bus because the bus’ windows were not broken. When we were in the bush in Boulouwo, we got angry. So I told my friend: “Everything that happened to us, it is because of this pastor who was preaching, because if he had not preached, this sister would not have started speaking in tongues.
So we must do everything to kill this pastor. “We turned into a sparrow hawk, and we flew away. This pastor got off in Kibombo. It was there that we captured him and killed him. He is no longer of this world. Be careful with the work of God, God cannot be mocked. What a man sows, he reaps it sooner or later””
a dead man
Even if you are a true born-again, still you must be a prayer man, if you are a preacher man, you must be a man of fasting only if you want to stand for the truth. And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high; Luke 24:49. Jesus knows what he was saying when he told his disciple to remain in Jerusalem, until they are baptized with the Holy Ghost because without that, no one can face the battle of this world while evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ..
Out of the 100% preacher who once has genuine word from the Lord, 90% are not baptized with the power the Holy Ghost and Satan has caged many of them. So be very careful before you go out to preach the word of God even if you are a born again, you must finish the evangelism first on your kneel before going outside to witness about Christ.
And also you must try to preach to yourself first and examine yourself. Are you saved? What I’m about to preach to someone, i am saved from it or not? When Satan launches his attacks, will I be able to withstand it? All these must first be considered. All these is what i have experience, when Satan sees that his weapon can’t work on you, then he will try to instigate people to antagonize you.
Most of the time when I behold such temptation I’m never provoked or angry because I already knew what was going on. Whenever I preach in the bus or streets, at times I end up preaching to marine agents unknowingly. Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid, Mathew 5:14.
What they try to do first is that, they will quick to look at the preachers with their mystical eyes to see if he has the light of God in him or not or try to see if he has the fire of the Holy Ghost, but if he lacks any of these, they will try to harm him. This is the reason why many young convert dies and never made it home even as a preacher.
These is reason why you need a discerning spirit for those of you who go out witnessing about Christ, never you preach when you are not sure of your salvation, many preachers end up committing fornication and adulteries with the fellow they were trying to win for Christ. How can a little David pull out Goliath from the deep pit?
That’s impossible. You are not even worthy of becoming a pastor if you are not baptized with the Holy Ghost  Romans 2:21- 23 “you who teach others, do you teach yourself? You who preach against stealing, do you steal? You that say people should not commit adultery, do you commit adultery? You who ask people not to fornicate, don’t you watches pornography on the internet?
At times you will be doing something on internet and they will just pop out, asking you to click this and that, and you too begin to click to see more naked women, and you will still come out and proclaimed Hell is real while you are already hastening into it.
You can never be on two different horses going to different destination; you can either be for Christ or for the devil. You who preach against immoral dressing and you still enjoy watching Hollywood, Bollywood, African Magic, Soap Operas and Nollywood movies. You seriously need to examine your Christian life and watch-out for those precious time you always waste while viewing those worldly movies instead of getting addicted with your Bible and personal prayers.

If you preach to someone never to tell lies, make sure you always see yourself as someone who will die if you ever tell lies.

The forces of darkness only know those that belong to God. They are less concern about the unbelievers, because the whole world is full of darkness. But out of the billions of souls that are in the world, there is always a shining light that always shield the believers and that’s why Satan knows everyone who are serving the Lord, and he focused much on them.
This is the reason why you see different hardship you have never experience before when you were in the world, but the moment you give your life to Christ, you will begin to face different hardships and temptations. The mistake many Christian enact is, they yield to these temptation and sometimes when Christian fall into these temptation, instead of them to quickly rush back to Calvary, they just say little prayer and pick up their bible and start to preach again. Please don’t rush out preaching when you have already falling, it can kill you.
pastor quarrel with wife
I heard a story of a man who yielded to temptation, (Satan can instigate anybody to cause your falling) Satan instigated the man’s wife to always cause trouble. One day he couldn’t bear it again then out of Anger he fought his wife.
The moment he fought his wife, there was a signal in the realm of darkness that their target had fallen into the trap they set for him, then quickly they organized a trailer tanker that will destroy him (note that all those tanker that fall and kill people, not all of them are real, countless of them are demonically engineered, that’s why they drive recklessly)
Then after the man finished molesting his wife, he pick up his bible again and walk out of the house, then the forces of darkness quickly calculate the numbers of steps he will take to the spot where the trailer was station, and also organize the accident in a way the man will never escape it. (Note that the forces of darkness are very good when it comes to calculation, they never miss their targets).
As the man took the first two steps, then he begin to cry, begging God to have mercy on him because he fought with his wife, then he turned back home just to go and make normal restitution, just the moment he turned back, the accident took place and killed many people. The accident has being organized already.
tanker fallen
And most often when you behold some accident, you will be surprised because nothing transpired in physical realm without been first executed in the spirit realm, and it’s possible for the man alone to die If he didn’t repent, because he was the target.
I also heard of a trailer that fell from Lagos Bridge on top of cars (Nigeria). Though people blamed the trailer driver, but it wasn’t so. They had a target and they got their target. That’s why sometimes a single soul will lost his/her in an accident even when many cars would be crushed.

Please don’t go out to preach or evangelize the gospel because your pastor asks you to preach, you need to first work out your own salvation first.

Truly Jesus said “tarry till I come” but your work can only earn you a reward and will never takes you to Heaven. Many people will even endanger their life and go to the hospital to start preaching to the sick. Let me tell you the fact, the top rank agent of darkness are in the hospital, and there are countless demons there also, so you should know the kind of war you are waging against the forces of darkness if you want to be a preacher in the hospital.
I hope you have vividly seen the danger involved in preaching and evangelizing of the gospel of Christ? So, therefore you need to always shield yourself with the power of Holy Ghost. If you can’t pray, you can’t fast, you don’t study bible and you want to preach? Is that possible?
Why will you kill yourself in the name of preaching the gospel? Some will even go to the market square, to be preaching while they themselves are not yet saved. Christianity is not a bread and butter religion. The punishments of Christians in Hell Fire are 100-times the punishment of idol worshipers.
Therefore you need to examine your Christian lifestyles. Also if you are a Christian that doesn’t fast or pray consistently, please don’t join them in evangelism or trying to win soul for Christ. It’s very dangerous because you are exposed to millions of attacks.
Always make sure you settle your spiritual personal dealing with God before going to witness the word of God to people. You must finish your evangelism on your kneel before going out witnessing the gospel of Christ because a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christians.

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