The Danger Of Perverse Church Doctrine On Women Trouser — Part 2

The Danger Of Perverse Church Doctrine On Women Trouser — Part 2

This is the second part of our teaching on women modesty dressing and you can read the first part to get the full detail. It is a psychological fact that what you wear affects how you think and behave and of which all that is sin in sexual immorality. You cannot argue with facts. The fact is that lesbianism is becoming very prevalent in U.S and in the society today.

The fact is that feminism is also thriving in our society. You cannot downplay the connection between feminism, homosexuality, abortion and the lewd, nude and crude behavior of women today. My beloved brethren, I am sharing this edifying message in defense of good old-fashioned Biblical morality, which we need a revival of today.As the world has become worldlier over the past century, so also have our churches backslid into the degenerating American culture. I am proud to be called “old school evangelist” by an apostate pastor who has become worldly.
The so-called “new school” is in reality, sinful compromise. It is immorality!!! The “new school” is the Devil’s school. It is tragic that today’s modern churches are going astray from Biblical morality, allowing the heathen world and queer fashion designers in France to dictate our standards of dress and clothing.

The Holy Bible ought to dictate our moral standards.

Choose your friends carefully. The type of friends you choose to spend time with is a very big thing. The clothes you wear matter. You young girls and older women too, should never wear sexy blue jeans. I’ve heard the excuse about wearing baggy or loose fitting jeans, but all trousers or pants are same.

old christian woman in modesty dressing and trouser
When a woman bends over, men are going to get a nice show of flesh, when those baggy trousers or pants pull tight. Women are naturally more upholstered (shapely in an attractive way) than men, and men will be tempted to lust just by seeing your buttocks hugged by your clothes. Even a dress can be immodest if the sun is shining through and exposing the private area.
That why in the old days, women wore double-dresses, down to the floor, and they were (and are) so classy and beautiful. Those are great wives!!! So you can keep your sorry rascal for a pastor or apostate Christian leader, who doesn’t see any harm in women wearing trouser or pants. I’m telling you it is a small step toward much bigger problems, maybe not for you, but for others. Everything that you do affects others.
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Please my beloved sisters, it is already hard enough for us Christian men to live right these days, please don’t make it harder on us. If you do make it harder for others, the Lord will be your only judge (Ecclesiastes 12:14; Romans 12:19; Romans 14:10-12; James 4:12).
It’s a really sad thing to see a woman whose life is in shambles, weeping in uncontrollable tears over a divorce, abortion and broken life that has finally caught up with her emotionally, sitting there in tight trouser or pant with a beer in her hands, and a feminist attitude that hinders her from repenting toward God to be saved by believing the Gospel.
So instead, her life can only get worse and worse as she lives in the pleasures of sin. If you only do what you always did, then you’ll only get what you always got! If you want to change the big things in your life, then you start by first changing the little things in your life. Dress modestly and you’ll feel modest. Drink juices, soda and water instead of booze and you’ll feel clean. Be considerate of others. Forgive everyone. Abide in the Word of God that is true.

modesty dressing of old women
If you don’t care how you dress and don’t see the harm in wearing trouser or pants as a woman, then you are a part of the problem. People fornicate outside of a marriage commitment because they don’t fear God. They don’t care! They couldn’t care less, and so why should it be surprising that when it comes time to choose life or death for the baby God has conceived for them, they recklessly choose DEATH?
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If you’ll be honest with yourself, all of the things in our life ultimately boil down to little things. The woman who will disregard God’s commandment about modesty in 1st Timothy 2:9, will also disregard His commandment not to murder in Exodus 20:13. If a woman won’t listen to God’s commandment to obey her husband, as unto the Lord Jesus in Ephesians 5:22; then neither will she obey God’s commandment not to ever file for divorce in Jeremiah 3:20.


I praise God for the rare Christian women today, who are decidedly responsible over their own body, clothing and attitude, possessing virtue, chastity and good morals; verses the silly impudent type of woman that just goes along with a decadent society, dressing sensually, behaving slutty and thinking like a feminist, mixing into the rest of dumbed-down American society.
A godly woman who thinks for herself and refuses to be like everybody else is a prize indeed and almost extinct these days. She would be ashamed of wearing trouser (pant) as a female or as a church member or as a pastor wife. However if you still refused to abide unto this teaching and keep parading in immodesty dressing; what kind of example are you setting for younger women? You’re A Bad Role Model!

National Youth Service Corps woman on trouser
I know several churches where the wives of the pastor wore trouser (pants). And this prompted all the other women in the church to also wear trousers too. When the pastor preaches on modesty, he dares not mention that women shouldn’t wear trouser or pants because his wife is also guilty as charge and for this cause, he is always afraid of defending the doctrine of modesty dressing.
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Such backslidden pastors think they are dealing wisely with the congregation, but it is sinful compromise and cowardice.You can tell a woman’s character by the way she dresses. That is exactly what 1st Timothy 2:9 means, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array.” And I pray that the Lord will revive the church with this message.

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