The Best Way To Propose To A Lady For Marriage

The Best Way To Propose To A Lady For Marriage

Some brother often finds it difficult to tender a marriage proposal to a lady whom they have fallen in love while in relationship probably due to fear of rejection or annulling of their proposal. Tendering a marriage proposal to a young lady or a woman might seem like a civil war to some brothers because they lack the confident. I mean, you don’t need to entertain any fear for possible decline of your proposal.
Marriage is a very deep course which required godly approach, whatsoever transpire prior to your wedding either negative or positives you must embrace it because a broken relationship is better than a wrong marriage.
Nevertheless, this post will help to guide and teaches you about the best secret way to propose to a lady for marriage. Honestly if you play your card very well she dare not turns down your marriage proposal because she will be caught off guide.
This reminds me of a brother in the church who often walks home together with a damsel who also fellowship together with him in same church. However one of the days the brother perceived a ministration to propose to the young lady for marriage but he often felt shame or shy, I don’t even know what to call it.
But he find it uncomfortable to send a marriage proposal to the lady whom he always gist and chats together while walking home from church. Nevertheless, one of the days he was determined to either confront his fear or die trying. While walking home together as usual after church fellowship he stood before the lady and told her that he wanted to discussed an important issue that has been bordering his mind.
Before the sister could know what was transpiring, the man echo, “Please My beloved sister can you marry me? Immediately he made this utterance he ran off. Instantly the same sister also ran after him. Though it sound funny but its realty and eventually both of them are happily married today.
I have never seen a creature like women. They are wonderful. This is where God invested his last penny on creativity. They can laugh and cry at same time. Though they love money more than anything but an attempt to stole away their heart simply means you have overcome but that stolen heart doesn’t remain steady (it’s a fact).
It required constant maintenance and upgrade or else it will crash! You will soon hear, “Useless man, Good for nothing, you marry come suffer me, ye-ye man, blah-blah” My brother, please don’t hearken to her because she didn’t meant it. What she only need is an upgrade of affection and cuddling.
I have come to affirm that money isn’t everything that entices women but rather “the degree of caring and affection“. Moreover, the easiest way to stole away the heart of any woman is just a touch. You don’t need big grammar to Propose to a woman for marriage.
You just need to always polish yourself as a man and look smart, interactive, and jovial and always make her laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh until the day you decides to take the Bull by the horn, then you strike. Honestly she can’t resist your marriage proposal.

How To Propose To A Woman For Marriage

Bro Jude : Hi, Sister Mary; i think am Sickly, i don’t know what is wrong with me. Am dying (start grasping for air).

Sis Mary: What? Dying, God forbid! Please what is wrong? Please don’t die.
Bro Jude: Sister Mary, but my heart is dying. Even this morning i nearly miss my track while crossing the high-way. I was much worried in thoughts. Perhaps, today might be my last day because have been sick all this while, but didn’t know how to confide in you.
Sis Mary: Please Brother Jude, if it’s a joke stop it, am serious. What is wrong with you? Yesterday you sound healthy on phone and why sudden change?
Bro Jude: Sister Mary, you wouldn’t understand what have been going through all this while. I didn’t want to make you felt sorrowful due to my sickness that is why having been trying to cover-up (Breathing heavily) Moreover, the doctor said, there is no remedy because its heart related illness and no medical experts can cure it. Sister Mary i am so down and weaken. I was lying hopeless on the bed waiting for my departure when i perceived the thought to share this with you, in case you didn’t hear from me again.
Sis Mary: (panicking) Holy Ghost Fire, God forbid! I reject it in Jesus name. Haa, you will not die but shall live in Jesus name. Oh my God, what about the Pastor, have you told him about your health?
Bro Jude: Please Sister Mary, i don’t want to disturb him, he is always a busy man.
Sis Mary: But you can still call him on the phone!
Bro Jude: (shaking head) No, God can’t heal this!
Sis Mary: What? How do you mean?
Bro Jude: This sickness is divinely from God and how can the same God heal it?
Sis Mary: Please you are getting me confused!
Bro Jude: Sister Mary, my sickness is incurable and even God can’t heal it because it’s divinely from him. He is the person that projected this sickness into mine heart.
Sis Mary: What? You mean GOD?
Bro Jude: YES, God. He has visited me in dream severally and whenever i inquired of possible cure, he will always reveal a particular face to me. He said, that is the only person who can cure or ever heal me.
Sis Mary: Interesting…..! So who is that person and have you gone to see him?
Bro Jude: Yes, am presently talking to her right now. The Lord has confirmed that she is the only person who has remedy to heal my Sick heart.
Sis Mary: ………uuh, (speechless)
Bro Jude: Please Sister Mary; can you help me to heal my Sick heart? Have been Sick all this while but don’t know how to relate to you. Please am dying, don’t abandon me in this way!
Sis Mary: …..hmmmmmm, oh my God!
Bro Jude: Sister Mary i don’t know if I am going to survive till tomorrow with this sickness that has eaten-up my heart.
Sis Mary: (silently in pretense) what sickness?
Bro Jude: “LOVE” I love you and willing to share the rest of my life with you. Love simple means,
  • Long Suffering: I promised to always forgive and suffered with you, both in sickness, pains and shall never forsake you until death.
  • Overlook: I promise to always overlook your errors, mistakes and tolerate everything about you until death.
  • Volunteer: I promise to always volunteer to cherished and make you a priority in my life and to die in your place.
  • Encouragement: I promise to always be a source of an encouragement to you as i always do until death.
Please Sister Mary, my heart is Sick and wounded because none has ever cares about it and it’s only you who has the remedy.
Sis Mary: (smiling) what remedy?
Bro Jude: (Serious with troubled face) That remedy is LOVE, (kneeing down) PLEASE CAN YOU MARRY ME?
Sis Mary: (smiling) Wooow, YES, i will marry you! (Exclaim by pressing your heart) Glory be to God, i think healing is taking place. This is wonderful. Ooh, Sis Mary thank you so much for healing me.
Sis Mary: (Bursting into laughter) Ahhhhhhhhhhauahaha. (Chapter Close).

The Broken Heart And The Creativity Nature Of Woman.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah. My beloved brother, you have just triumph in your marriage proposal to her without waiting for, “eeeh, o.k, alright, i have heard you. Let me go and pray over it. Later i will give you feedback” Nevertheless, you can easily break that same heart and also restored it in next 5 minutes because it has loophole and also childish in nature.
Therefore, it always required tendering, appraisal and upgrading. Women are like children and must always be treated as one. Please don’t assume she understand your character or expect her to reason positively as Adam assumed, because she doesn’t and you must always teach her continuously. Hence whenever she offends (refuse to acknowledged) and tends to abused your affection.
Please never beat your wife (that is animalistic) but rather walk away and if possible, (when the conflict become intense and her mouth widen like shark) abandoned the house (don’t pick her call but make sure you drop enough money) for her for couples of days and i promised you, she will prefer beaten than been left alone for 1-2 days because they love affection.
However, in some case (minor conflict), it preferable you kindly make peace with her by upgrading your affection because she is a child and you are expected to play your rule as a sensible adult or husband, instead of awaiting for her apology. When you rebuked or scold a child with right hand, don’t expect such child to tender an apology; you are expected to draw her by your left hand because marriages must continues..!

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