I greet all of you, dear brothers and friends who are witnessing this testimony. My name is Virginia Esther Suarez de Velasquez. I was born in a Christian home and, at the age of fourteen, my first love for God began to cool, to the point that I stopped going to church. I started going out with my friends and getting rid of God. I didn’t want to go to church. Instead of that, I would go for a walk or stay at home studying.

But God had a plan in my life. One day, I was sitting in the park. I felt sad, lonely, and empty. My parents were not at home and I had to prepare for university. And someone approached me. I did not know who he was. That person immediately said to me, “Do a four-day fast.”

And when I did this fast, the Lord changed my life, changed my heart. It took away the emptiness and anguish that I felt. And I realized that God loved me and that He needed me for something more. Since then, I started to consecrate my life to Him. I started to seek Him, to pray every morning. I started to give all honor and all glory to Him. I knew that my life depended on Him.

I have a sister who has always been by my side, praying and helping me. Praying all the time for sick and needy people. The Lord sent us to a church where there was a great need among God’s people. There were old women, children … And we started to work with them.

After some time, the Lord opened doors for us to preach in different churches. It was wonderful to see how God healed the sick. The Lord did great things and His Word was fulfilled. The Lord was glorified in many ways.

One day, we were preparing lunch, after fasting for four days. And the pastor knocked at the door and said we should answer a prayer request. So we started to pray and pray. None of us knew what the Lord was going to do that day. Immediately, I felt that my heart was beginning to beat more and more slowly. And I realized that my soul was leaving my body. I did not understand what was happening and I started to feel fear and more fear.

I looked down and saw my body kneeling there, praying. I looked up and said, “Lord, help me!” That moment, an angel spoke to me, “Esther, I came here for you. I will take you to know a place, so that you bear witness, for God has great things in your life.”

He took me by the hand and we started to climb, to climb … We climbed so high that I asked him, “Where will we go? Where are you taking me?”

He replied, “We are going to a place that you do not know.”

And then I realized that we were in the middle of the sky.

The angel said to me, “Let’s go down this way.”

And we started down a dark tunnel. Brothers, the more we went down, the more that unbearable heat increased. I didn’t know what that was.

I said, “Lord, help me! Where are we going?”

And he replied, “We are going to Hell.”

We arrived at a certain place and saw that the tunnel was divided into three parts.

He asked me, “Where do you want to enter?”

I approached the first entrance, brothers, and there were shouting and despair. And I said, “No, this way.”

I went to the second entrance and there was a fire, there were flames that came out and they burned. I got close to the third entrance and there was an unbearable smell. I couldn’t stand being there.

So, I said, “I prefer to go in where there are screams.”

When we started down, brothers, a lot of demons approached me.

They started to say, “This is where we wanted to see you! We fight for your soul! We wanted to bring you here because you are a hindrance to us!”

They started to want to attack me and insult me.

But that angel of the Lord said to them, “Stop! You will not touch this soul!”

I didn’t know what to do or what to think. I was scared. There were demons with the face of a saint, others with seven heads. It felt like I was seeing cartoon characters, like the ones in the Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. It was terrible, brothers. It was desperate. The angel took me by the hand and led me.

He said, “Look.”

When I looked, I started to hear the sound of musical instruments and a song that said, “Sex! Sex! Sex!”

I asked the angel, “How can there be dances in Hell?”

He replied, “No, Esther. Look around you.”

As soon as I looked, I saw thousands and thousands of souls dancing and going back and forth. There were demons that whipped and tortured them. And souls cried out, “Mercy! Help! Give us just one second of rest, please! One second, please! Help us to rest!” They said, “God, help us!” But God was no longer listening.

I asked the angel, “Why are these people here?”

He said to me, “Esther, they all lived at parties and dances when they were on Earth. They never wanted to accept God. And now they are here.”

I asked the angel, “Is there no more mercy for these people?”

He said, “No. They will never leave this place. Come this way.”

When we got to another place, there were people arguing and fighting. His words were like swords that cut through hearts. Meat came out, blood came out, pieces fell out, and then reconstituted. They argued, with anger in their eyes, with hatred. It was like a fire was coming out from their eyes.

I asked the angel, “What does that mean?”

The angel replied, “They are people who, on the land, only lived arguing and fighting unjustly. They are souls who did not want to know about God. That is their punishment.”

It was even harder when I saw priests and nuns in a certain place. It was a reserved place, where there was almost no lighting. There were darkness, pestilence, heat, and worms of torment, similar to animals that moved from side to side and shattered people.

I approached a priest and asked him, “Why are you here?”

He looked at me and said, “Look. On Earth, we knew what the Word of God says. We knew that worshiping images was a sin. We knew that there is no purgatory. But there was a higher order that commanded, that demanded and that forced us to talk about these things because all of this gave a lot of financial return.”

And I asked him, “But if you knew that all of this is a sin before God, why didn’t you regret it? Why didn’t you ask for forgiveness, since God is good and would have forgiven you?”

He said, “No. I taught a lot of people and even I believed that all of that was correct. Also, I didn’t read my Bible.”

I approached some religious mothers, who were in long robes and covered their faces. Their skin was barely visible. They were being tormented and bitten by the worms.

I asked, “Why are you here?”

And one said to me, “The reports that go on television about abortion, lesbianism are correct. We did not love God, as we said we did. Our hearts were far from Him. What mattered to us was the community. What mattered to us was money and fame. But we did not love God.”

It was so hard to see that reality. And to think that in churches, there are many people who believe they are following the truth. But they are mistaken and blind because they don’t read the Word of God. Just open the Bible. The truth is in it. The Bible says so as not to prostrate ourselves before images. It says, in the second commandment, that we love God, and that we do not love and adore images, statues and anything else created. The angel took me by the hand and took me to another place.

He asked, “What are you seeing?”

I replied, “A sister from the church.”

When I approached her, I asked, “Why are you on here?”

She looked at me and said, “You know, I was a Christian all my life. But I did not love God. I criticized and spoke ill of all pastors. I thought they were all devourers who ate our tithes and our firstfruits.”

I was very surprised and said, “But why? Pastors preach that we must give tithes and offerings. So, there is no reason to criticize them.”

She said to me, “No. I thought I was better than the pastors. I believed I was better and paid no attention to them. When I was about to die, a pastor visited me and wanted to pray for me. But I was so proud that I said, ‘No! Leave me alone. I’m fine with God. But, in my conscience, I knew I was not right with God.”

There were also children there, brothers. What impacted me the most was to see that some kids. I ran after them because my despair was great.

I asked the angel, “What are these kids doing here?”

The angel of the Lord said to me, “They were stealing. When the police arrived, they shot and one of the children fell. They were already aware and did not love God. And now they are here.”

And the children shouted, “Mercy! My God, help us!”

The angel said to me, “Do you know what most mortifies these people? Look!”

And the demons had camcorders that contained the entire life of those people. They went to each one and said, “Look! Remember, on Earth, that pastor preached to you? Remember that they spoke to you about God and you didn’t want to know?” And those demons laughed and made fun of people. They were tormented by worms and birds of prey that shattered them. There was despair, screams, pestilence, unpleasant smell, and worms. It was a place of torment. At that moment, I felt like I was in the fish’s belly.

I cried out to God and said, “Lord, have mercy on me! If I am in sin, forgive me and get me out of here!”

I felt like if I was stuck like there was no mercy for me anymore. It was terrible and desperate. May God have mercy on all those who do not want to receive Him, because their hearts are closed.

Brothers, I arrived at a place where there were prostitutes who were having sex with the devils. They were demons that had the shape of snakes that entered through the womb of those women, and when they left, they smashed them. And they shouted, “Mercy! Help!”

I asked the angel, “When these prostitutes were on Earth, did anyone preach to them?”

The angel said, “Yes. Look.”

There it was like a video camera showing pastors coming up to them and preaching. And they said they would someday regret it. They recognized that they were in sin, but they did not want to open their hearts to God.

There came a time when I felt faint. I started to doubt God, thinking that the angel was wrong, that I must already be dead, and that I had gone to that place. When I started to doubt, a demon came and hit my left shoulder in such a fierce and vicious way, that broke it to pieces. The pain was intense.

The angel approached and said, “Do you see? When you let go of the hand of God, the enemy immediately tries to destroy you and cause damage. Run quickly into the hand of God.”

I started to cry a lot and to ask for mercy.

The angel took my hand and said, “Esther, you have to witness this! You have to tell what you are seeing. Don’t be silent! You have to preach and tell what your eyes are seeing.”

The angel took me by the hand and started to get me out of there. And the demons came after us, insulting me and saying, “Esther, this is where we want to see you! Esther, your place is here! We fight for your soul! God doesn’t love you anymore! God doesn’t hear you anymore! God is no longer with you! We will not leave you to get out of this place!”


But the angel of the Lord said to them, “Silence!”

And they were silent. They were speechless because, before the presence of God, there is no demon that can resist! Because the presence of God is all-powerful! He is able to calm the storm! He is capable of opening the sea! He is able to raise the dead! Can do great things!

Brothers, the angel of the Lord took my hand and said, “See this.”

When I looked, he was a pastor. It broke my heart.

He said to me, “I am from such a place. I was born and grew up evangelical. I attended a Bible seminar. I prepared to be a pastor. After a year of ministry, I met a wonderful woman and married her. We had two children. One night, while we rested in the pastoral house, we heard noises. They were hoodlums who came to steal. I soon got up and started to pray: ‘The Lord is my shepherd and I will be lacking nothing.’ Those hooligans came in and, with a gun in their hands, shot my right leg. I shouted, ‘There is no God! Why did God forsake me?’”

That unwary pastor blasphemed and cursed God. He regretted being a Christian because he thought he would be paralyzed. A pastor who had preached the Word and saved so many souls! He received another shot and died.

I was in that place of torment. What hurts my heart was that his family on Earth believed that he was in Heaven, enjoying the presence of God. Brother, we can lose our salvation at the last second. So let us take care of it, with fear and trembling.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like I was fainting. The angel took me by the hand and took me away. We started to climb, to climb … I didn’t even have the strength to ask any more questions. We come to a place as if we were floating in the air.

He said to me, “Now, it is necessary that your wounds be healed.”

I looked and saw a horse-drawn cart. Someone took me in his arms. I was like a girl, lightweight, easy to carry. I was put on one of the horses. Brothers, we started going up, going up, going up … Suddenly, I started to see a resplendent city. It was the same presence of God.

There was a large sign that said, “Welcome to Paradise.”

The angel took me by the hand and said, “Come on!”

I felt so much joy, so much joy! We entered. The angel passed.

Four angels who were at the door said to me, “You cannot enter here. Your body has not been glorified.”

The angel brought a jug of water in his hands and said to me, “Drink it.”

After I drank, I moved on. I started to enter that place. The first thing that I saw was a river of crystal clear water. They were so sweet waters, with a flavor that cannot be described. And I started drinking. I drank in my hands. I felt that those waters quenched my thirst soul, calmed my heart, and removed pain and distress.

I was amazed to see the presence of God. The place that God promised us. The Lord said, “I will go prepare a place for you. Because where I go, you will go too.”

I started to contemplate the streets and I saw people aged between 18 and 20 years old.

I asked the angel, “Where are the kids? Where are the elders?”

He said to me, “No. In this place, there are no elders nor children. Here, everyone is the same age. When they die, the Lord rejuvenates them. He heals wounds, removes afflictions, and gives them peace. An immense peace. There is no man and woman here. Here, we are all the same, as brothers, and we love each other, with the love of God.”

There were precious flowers in that place. Such a beautiful flower captivated me that I wanted to run and put it on between my hands. I wanted to rip it off.

The angel said to me, “They are all yours. You can enjoy them. Here, you don’t have to destroy them. Everything is yours. Smell the aroma. Behold the color. But don’t pull them up.”

I looked to the side and saw palaces. I saw wonderful things. There was tremendous clarity. There was soft music. The angels held hands and began to dance and sing to God, “Holy! Holy! Holy!” It was wonderful.

The angel of the Lord said to me, “Look! The one who’s coming is your aunt. On Earth, she had illnesses and it was epilepsy. But the Lord saw her affliction and pain. And she is rejoicing here in Heaven. Look! She no longer has any illnesses and is cured.”

I ran and hugged her.

I said, “Aunt! Aunt!”

I loved her with all my soul. She was cured and had no illnesses. She was fine. It was amazing. I saw other family members who had died from an accident, all disfigured and were there, with reconstituted faces. But there was something that was puzzling me.

I said to the angel, “You brought me to this place and I want to know the Father. On Earth, there are paintings of the Lord Jesus, and we have awareness of Him. It’s the Lord also showed me in visions. I want you to take me to know the Father.”

The angel told me, “No! It is not yet time.”

I said, “Take me, take me, take me!”

From insisting so much, the angel began to transport me at the speed of the wind. When we come to a place, he said, “Look up! There is the Father.”

As soon as I looked over there, a very bright light came into my eyes, it almost blinded me. I fell prostrate on the floor. I couldn’t see the Father, because I was not sanctified. In that place, they said, “Holy! Holy! Holy!” Holy is the Lord!” The angels worshiped the Lord. (It seems that, right now, it’s like I’m in that place. Dad, I love You! I bless Your name! I know that, someday, I will be with You. Praise the Lord!).

The angel approached me and said, “Esther! It is necessary for you to return to Earth. Let’s go. Your visit has already ended. For three months, you will witness everything you saw here. After three months, you will definitely come to this place.”

I said to the angel, “Please don’t take me! Let me remain here! On Earth, there are many difficulties, and I am afraid of failing God. I’m afraid to sin and, when I die, I may not return to this place. Leave me here, please!”

And the angel said to me, “No, Esther. Within three months, you will return to this place. Go quickly and tell people to repent. Tell the world that the Lord’s coming is near. Preach all the time. Speak with authority. Tell them that there is Hell. The Lord’s presence will be with you. Many will believe and repent because it will be God speaking through you.”

As much as I cried out for him not to take me back to Earth, he brought me. When I came back, I saw my body stretched. My sister was distressed, moving at my feet, thinking that I had passed away. I told this experience, and many were delighted. God’s fire started burning inside me. I felt that it was God who was sending me to preach. I was a university student at that time. I started to preach in the parks.

One day, a couple said to me, “I guarantee you are one of those charlatans who want money or scare people, or for their church to grow. ”

I told them, “No! I know what I saw! My eyes have seen and I will pray for you! Allow me and close your eyes.”

At that moment, I laid hands on that couple and said, “Lord, if you are all-powerful, let this couple experience a little bit of Hell!”

They started to sweat and tremble. Their bodies were trembling and they said, “No, no, no! You are a witch! You are a shamanic sorceress! Get out now from here and leave us alone!”

They did not accept Christ. I told them, “God loves you. One day, you will be children of God.” They looked at me and ran away.

There were those who said to me in the parks, “Look at the madwoman! Hallelujah!” There were others who scoffed and said, “Don’t stop us!”

I went with my sister and our Bible. We preached, we talked in hospitals, in markets, and everywhere we went, because the presence of God was with me. I was happy. We had the strength and grace to pray and read the Word. The Holy Spirit of God told me that I had to preach. I was happy to be preaching the Word of my God. But the months were passing. I realized that it was only a month away. God allowed my sister to go with my mother to the Amazon, in order to preach in the college where she was born. She felt the call to preach and announce the Word of God.

She said to me, “Esther, you are doing the work here. Go ahead with the kids. Go straight on ministry with young people. I will no longer preach because God is calling me.”

So, I started to count the weeks: four, three, two, one, five days … And when one day was left, I said, “Lord, will I die?” And the devil started bombing me like never before. Thoughts came who said, “It was just a dream. You fell asleep during the prayer and what you saw was a dream about what you think so much. If there is Heaven, if there is Hell, it was all an adventure. With what will you die? You have a future ahead of you. You have no disease. You are healthy. You are well. You’re not going to die! You’re not going to die!” And that started to block me.

I started to pray and say, “Lord, help me! Confirm that I will go through that experience!”

I felt that God no longer spoke to me. It despaired me! I started to fast repeatedly: one day, two days … And God did not confirm. So, I started to conform by saying, “No, I won’t die. I am well. I’m strong. I was born to preach.”

But one day, on 2 November, I was in my room. That morning, I had woken up feeling a little strange. I was really looking forward to reading the Book of Psalms. I started with chapter 1 and went on reading all the psalms: 51, 91 and went on. I started to feel that I was getting ready to meet God. I didn’t want to eat all day, nor did I decide to fast. I was feeling totally at peace.

In the afternoon, I went to church. It was a wonderful service. My friend was with me. When we finished worship, I said, “Brothers, brothers, I want to say goodbye to the church.” And I started to say goodbye.

The brothers asked me, “Are you going to travel to the Amazon?”

I laughed and answered nothing. When we were leaving, the pastor approached and said, “Sister, I will accompany you.”

“No, Shepherd. We go alone. There is no danger.”

“No, sister. At this time, there may be some danger.”

And we went home. When we arrived, my friend said, “I want to sleep in Carmen’s room”.

Then, I felt a headache so strong, I screamed loudly and staggered, as if I was about to pass out. I don’t remember what happened to my body. I just know that when I opened my eyes, I was in a different place. I was no longer where I was. An angel was waiting for me. I thought it was an experience from God, an ecstasy, in which God wanted to show me something. But what terrified me was seeing a black demon with an ax in his hand. He was there staring at me and wanting me to flee.


I said, “The blood of Christ has power! There is power in Jesus! There is power in the blood of Christ!”

I believe he was a demon who wanted to attack me, as he had tried many times. He wanted to kill and destroy me. And I struggled by claiming the blood of Christ. But that was one death demon.

He looked at me intently and said, “I’m going to kill you! I will destroy you!”

But an angel of the Lord came and said, “Spirit of death, out!”

In that instant, that demon fled. I thought the angel was going to take me by the hand and get me out of there. But that is not what happened. I was left alone and I started to contemplate around me and see that souls passed by that same place, it was like a tunnel. A large and extensive tunnel and hundreds of souls were passing through – children, youth, and adults. And everyone was walking sadly. I approached and started talking, but they didn’t answer anything. We started moving forward, moving forward, moving … to walk in circles, in a dark tunnel.

I said, “Lord, help me! Where am I going?”

And I despaired. Then, we came to a river and everyone stopped. Everyone had a roll in their hands. They put the roll in that river and, in a supernatural way, they passed to the other side. But I had nothing.

An angel came and asked me, “Where’s your roll?”

I replied, “What roll? I have nothing! I do not know!”

He said to me, “You are dead. Go back to where your body is and there will be a roll because everyone has one.”

He explained how to get back. When I came back, I went into the house and saw my body stretched. There were many people around: the brothers of the church, some neighbors, the owner of the house, her children.

They cried and screamed, saying, “My God, why did you take her? Why, God?”

My friend took me in her arms and rocked my body, which did not move. She said, “Friend! Friend! You are not dead!”

I was contemplating that scene, as if I were not there. It was like watching a video. While my friend was getting up, I could see a small roll. I took it in my hand and I started running fast. But there was a group of brothers who were praying, praying, and praying. There were six brothers who cried out and said, “Lord, your Word says that he who believes in You, even if he is dead, will live. Get Esther up! See the children, Lord. You heard when they prayed. Get Esther up! You can turn death into life!” They prayed insistently.

Meanwhile, some sisters started looking for the phone number of my parents. They took all my notebooks from college, looking for the number. They looked everywhere and despaired because they were not finding it.

A sister said, “Downstairs, there is a big room, to make the wake.” Another brother said, “Not here. The church is small, but it fits there.”

But the brothers prayed, prayed, prayed … And they cried out to God, “Lord, Your Word says that whoever believes in You, even if he is dead, will live.”

I contemplated that scene and I felt sadness and, at the same time, joy, because I knew I would be with my heavenly Father. I couldn’t take it anymore. I left there and went back through the same tunnel. I got to the river.

The angel asked for my roll, and I was able to pass. When I arrived, I saw the same sign, “Welcome to Paradise.” The four angels took the roll and opened it. And there was the seal of God on that roll.

They said, “This woman is sealed by Christ’s blood. You can pass.”

When I looked back, I could see that most were showing their roll, but there was no stamp. And the angel said to them, “Depart from here!” And they were launched in a deep, dark place.

I entered. This time, it was quite different. Four angels took me to a place. They started to dress me in white clothes. Four angels arrived with a crown of pearls and they put it on my head.

An angel approached and said, “Do you know who will welcome you?”

I replied, “No.”

I looked ahead and saw the Lord Jesus walking towards me. I could see His face, His costume, white robes, sandals. I could see His look, so sweet, so loving. He was tall like He was 1.80 meters. … The Lord Jesus is with us. Although we can’t see it. This peace that we feel in the midst of problems is the presence of our God.

He said to me, “Welcome!”

I was so happy! I could move, I could run. I saw a servant of God there. I ran, ran, and said, “Pastor!” He saw me and asked, “What are you doing here?” I replied, “I don’t know. I died. The Lord gave me an experience and said that, within three months, I would come back. And here I am, sure that I will return to the land.”

He hugged me and we started jumping, like little lambs, and running … I could realize that my vocabulary was different. It was a language that was neither Spanish nor English and no other. It was a language that I had never heard and that my lips could pronounce with ease. My grandmother lost children when she gave birth to them. I could see them there! The angel showed me that they were young. They were running and playing. They were enjoying the presence of God.

But something drew my attention. When I looked at the crown of that servant of God, Nestor Bela, there were hundreds and hundreds of glittering gems in his crown. There were red, green, blue rubies, that sparkled. I looked at my crown and realized that there were not so many stones. There were also little holes in it.

I went to an angel and asked, “Why doesn’t my crown have so many stones?”

He replied, “Esther, each pearl you see in the crown of this servant of God … is a soul that he won on Earth.”

I asked, “And why are there little holes in my crown?”

That angel told me, “Look. Each little hole is a person you could preach to, who was in need of God, and you did not speak to her.”

I felt pain. Sadness. Why hadn’t I preached to these people? And like a screen appeared in front of me. My university friends. Since when I entered university, there were times when I wanted to preach to them, but I stopped. I saw sad teachers. One teacher was always agitated because she said that her son wanted to kill himself. Sometimes, I would gather the courage to go to her and wanted to tell her that God loves her and want to help her. But I stopped. I was silent.

The peace in that place was tremendous. For the joy I was feeling, my soul jumped and ran. There were angels who brought trays to serve. There were flowers, there were birds … I could realize that the Earth is a copy of Heaven. Everything in Heaven is on Earth. But on Earth, everything is destroyed. The plants are cursed. The trees are full of branches that hurt. In Heaven, everything is wonderful. There is peace, joy, joy … I was content and happy. I asked if everyone is in the same place. One could know the apostles Peter, Paul, John. It was my dream to meet them.

The angel said to me, “No. In Heaven, there are seven places. And not all souls are in the same place. Look! All the disciples are close to the Lord Jesus. All who preach and win souls are closer to God. For example: the thief on the cross is very more distant and will have to wait thousands and thousands of years to be close to God.”

That brought me joy, because on Earth there are many servants of God who have no amenities or luxurious houses, and are preaching every day. But in Heaven, the joy is great. The paralytics, the lame, the sick, those with down syndrome … In Heaven, there is a special place for them, prepared by the Father. It is wonderful. But, suddenly, I felt that joy and that joy began to end.

The Lord Jesus approached me, looked at me intently, and said, “Esther, come.”

When He called me, I looked at Him and I saw a tear on His face. I ran and asked, “Lord Jesus, why are You crying?”

He said, “Listen.”

When He said “listen,” my ears popped and I started to hear screams on the Earth. I heard the voice of the pastor and the brothers, who cried out and said, “Lord! Lord! Give life back to Esther! Have mercy! My God! Help us! Help us!”

They wept and the Lord Jesus said to me, “Esther! When a righteous man is crying out on Earth, I cannot ignore his petition. Right now, there are many righteous people crying out for you.”

I said, “Lord Jesus! Please, don’t send me to Earth! Once I’m here, I don’t want to go back! I’m afraid of failure for You! I’m afraid to go back!”

He said, “Look at this!”

And the Lord showed me a video. At that moment, I saw my father and my mom. It was 7:00 in the morning. My father was praying. He prayed so fervently and said, “Lord, I pray to You for Esther, who is in Chiclayo (a city located in northwestern Peru.) Take care, guard, protect her from evil, give her life and health.” My mother’s tears moved me. She prayed and cried, prostrated with her face on Earth. They were praying for me. My sister was also there. That moved me.

The Lord Jesus said to me, “The land needs you. You will be a useful tool for Me. You have to come back.”

I said, “My Jesus, don’t send me to Earth!”

He said, “You have to go back! You will preach and testify. Through your testimony, many souls will come here.”

At that moment, some angels came and took me. And the Lord Jesus gave them the order to show me something. Brothers, they showed me thousands and thousands of angels in a row, in a position of warning. And there were other angels holding trumpets.

An angel said to me, “Look. Those are the ones that will blow the final trumpet. When the Father gives the signal, the trumpet will sound, and the Son of Man will come on the clouds to snatch your church. Everyone will see this.”

An angel asked me, “What are you seeing?”

I replied, “A circle, just like the terrestrial globe.”

He said to me, “This circle is the Earth. What else are you seeing?”

I said, “Lights. Some are fine lit, and others are half off.”

He said to me, “This is how people’s hearts are. Not everyone in the churches is from God. There are those who love God with all their strength. And others whose love has grown cold. What else are you seeing?”

The image of that terrestrial globe approached nearer and I started to see people fighting, arguing, and talking loudly with the pastor and between them.

“What are you seeing?” asked the angel.

I replied, “People whose words look like swords.”

He said to me, “That’s right. Every word they speak is like swords that break and they hurt the soul and the heart.”

I asked, “Why are they fighting?”

He said, “Because of doctrines. Because they interpret the Word of God in their way. Why don’t they ask for the revelation of the Holy Spirit. They want it to be the way they think. Go and tell them you don’t fight over doctrines and over whether it is a sin to do this or that. No! Tell them to read the Word, that the Lord will enlighten them. Let them preach, for the coming of Christ is near.”


Christ is coming! Christ is near, brothers! Repent, friends! God has a plan for your life. The Lord showed me Heaven. The Lord showed me a precious place. You may enjoy it. But He also showed me a place of torment. When I remember, I feel fear and terror. I don’t want you to go there. Come to Christ, for He loves you.

The angel of the Lord showed me many pastors. And he said to me, “Look. They preach from the pulpit, saying ‘do this, don’t do that.’ But, in their homes, they do not live what they preach. They do not live as God commands them to live. They are always fighting with their wives and arguing and criticizing the brother. Go and tell them to repent. Go and say that the coming of the Lord is at hand, and today more than ever!”

We must approach and place ourselves under the hand of God. The Lord is our helper. He is willing to take us by the hand, to take us closer to Him and to keep us from trial, temptation, and affliction. The angel started showing me many things.

He said, “Go to the land and tell this church that she is ill and must walk according to the ways of God.”

I was looking at everything.

I asked the angel, “What if they don’t believe me?”

He replied, “Many will believe you. And many others will not. But you will preach in the name of the Lord, that the Lord will be with you. The Holy Spirit will convict them of sin, justice, and judgment.”

Right now, maybe the Holy Spirit is touching your heart, you who are having contact with this testimony and calling you to have a personal meeting with Him. I had an encounter with Him, and the Lord changed my character. I had a personal encounter with God, and He helped me to be a saint. I’m not saying I don’t sin against my God. But I know that there is a desire in me to be more faithful to Him every day. The desire to please my Lord every day. He showed me many things.

But the biggest request that the angel made to me was this, “Go and tell them that the coming of Christ is near. That everything that is said in Matthew, Luke, John, Revelation … is fulfilling. Tell them that the coming of Christ is near, that false prophets are coming and rising up and don’t believe them! Tell them that false religions are rising and that you must not follow them! May they be careful and search the Word ”

I went back to the place where the sign “Welcome to Paradise” was. I immediately realized that I no longer had the crown and clothes. They had been taken from me. I don’t know how it happened. It was supernatural. I started to descend, to descend, to descend … When I arrived at the land, I was away for many hours. My body was stretched out there. I didn’t have a disfigured face, but I was afraid to enter. Only six brothers were persevering in prayer. The rest just cried and cared. I approached my body and started to contemplate it. At some point, something propelled me to enter there. And I came back to life.

When I came back to life, I gave a cry that scared them all. I thought everyone would come and hug me. But most of them ran away and withdrew. They were afraid. And the Lord began to use me in prophetic words, with the message He had given me.

There were many brothers there who did not love God with their hearts. The Lord gave me strength and courage to speak to them with authority, in the name of the Lord Jesus, through His anointing. (Holy! Holy! Holy! Oh, Holy Spirit of God! You are here! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah, Lord! Glory to God!). I started to preach.

Brothers, throughout the week, the children called me “the undead.” But I was not deterred. I went to the university and testified.

And, at this moment, the Lord gives me the opportunity to testify to you that you are witnessing this testimony. You are not seeing me face to face, but I am talking about what God has for your life. God has a great purpose! Come to Jesus, friend! He loves you! He loves you with an Eternal love! He wants to turn your sadness into joy.

He did this to me. At 16, I tried to kill myself three times, jumping off the cliff. But the angel of the Lord took care of me, for God had a plan in my life.

Perhaps you, girl, are suffering a disappointment. Perhaps you, young man, are suffering from a problem of lack of money. The Lord provided for me to enter the university. He supplied all my expenses, all my needs. He healed me when I had appendicitis and kidney disease. The Lord did great miracles for me to come here to tell you this a testimony. Coming from Cajamarca (City located in the north of Peru), the devil attacked me in the car. I passed out and almost died.

Then, coming to Lima (Capital of Peru), the car crashed and we had serious problems. Do you know why? Because the devil does not want you to come to the feet of Christ. The devil doesn’t want you to repent. But God loves you! God loves you with eternal love!

Right now, don’t look at me. Look at the Lord Jesus. Just as He received me with the His arms wide open, He wants to receive you too. What are you waiting for? He loves you! He tells you “Come, come, come; I want to transform your desert into abundance; I want to transform your sadness in joy; I want to give you a new life.” If you don’t have bread for tomorrow, He tells you “I am your provider.” Christ loves you!

The Word of God tells that a rich man and a poor man named Lazarus died. The rich, in torments, he pleaded with the Father, “Send someone resurrected to preach, that they will repent!” God, at this moment, is speaking in my heart to tell you that He sent me to tell you this testimony, so you can repent. Many have already testified and many have seen it. And you are seeing me at this hour. Christ loves you! Accept Jesus! If you want to have Christ in your heart, close your eyes, open your heart to Him and say this prayer:

Lord Jesus! Have mercy on me! Forgive all my sins, committed from when I was born until this moment. Change my character. Change my life. I give my heart to You. I humble myself, Lord, and give You my life. Write my name in the Book of Life. And when I die, that I may be in Your presence. I give You my life and my heart. Amen and Amen. God bless you.

Testimony from Sister Esther’s husband:

I greet, in the name of Jesus, the brothers, and friends. Sister Esther has just told her testimony. She is my wife. God unites us. She had two experiences. I didn’t know about the first experience. In the second experience, in which she was clinically dead for eight hours, I was one of the eyewitnesses.

At that time, I was in charge of the work of the church. Esther was an active young woman in that church. She was a pastor of the children. She was president of the evangelization of young people. I am an evangelist. Her testimony is an undeniable reality. Many will say, “To die, to be dead, what does that to mean?” You and I are going to die. It’s the law of life. But God is great! And I can testify that God is a God who can transform death into life. And the desert to paradise. God is all-powerful.

On that occasion, we met with the brothers around Esther. Firstly, we thought it was ecstatic. But we saw that she had stretched her arms, her bones. She was getting colder and colder. Two hours passed. I was with a group of brothers and with the owner of the house. We started to pray, to pray … Two hours passed. And there was no result. We had to send some young people to call the brothers in the church. All the brothers. Some work on the Council, others are accountants, others work late into the night. They went to the place where we were, some after having participated in a youth service that had closed at 10.00 at night. Eight hours passed.

With a few minutes to go before God would return Esther to life, God used a sister in a prophetic word. God told her that in five minutes, the spirit would return to Esther’s body. And we believe that word. And what else came in our mind and in our heart that is what the Word of God says, “He who believes in me, even though he is dead, will live.” That was the motto that God gave us to have the necessary faith in His Word. And we prayed.

When exactly five minutes passed, according to the prophetic word, she came back to life with a loud cry! Some ran out because they were afraid. We, who were praying, we didn’t expect that cry either. But it happened. For a moment, her tongue got a little stuck. We had to pray that the tongue would be released because it stayed eight hours without life.

When we started to pray, she gave a prophetic word to everyone. There were problems with the church. There were wars of words. This motivated us to come together and ask for forgiveness. It was wonderful and edifying for the church. And many people came to the feet of Christ. There was a revival trembling in that church. It was a blessing from God.

And now Esther and I form a ministry together. God united me with her in the prophetic ministry. I am an evangelist and God has brought us together to exercise a ministry together. Hope this testimony is a blessing to you. God loves you. And may He bless you greatly. Many blessings for you and your family.

This testimony was recorded in Spanish on video and translated into Portuguese by Marcelo Raupp. It is translated into English by Spirit Reports.

The original pdf in Portuguese may be downloaded here.

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