The Lord Jesus Christ showed me the wickedness that is in the world. He said, “Whatever I tell you, tell it to my children so that they can know how much wickedness is in this world. They need to know that there is no safety in this world but only in the cross. I want them to be determined to come to me in Heaven. That is why I am revealing all this wickedness that is in the world.” So I looked and saw a group of mourners moving in a Vehicle with a trailer. There were some men and women in the trailer mourning a dead person. There was a coffin in the middle of the trailer and they were taking a body for burial. So the Lord said to me, “Do you see these? They are actually not even mourning anyone.” “There is no dead body they are carrying. All these are a group Satanic agents who have come together to perform rituals. They are actually planning on killing someone and as part of their rituals,they are parading around with a coffin and mourning as if the person is already dead.” “They are almost killing the person and so,they are even holding the funeral in advance due to their wickedness. Tell my children to always remain strong in prayer because the devil is constantly planning their downfall.” Then I saw the Lord stretch out his hand towards the vehicle and it suddenly came upon a hump and overturned. We were in the spiritual realm and what we were seeing was happening in the physical realm. Those in the vehicle did not even know that their accident was being caused by the Lord himself. The Lord was heavily grieved and looked away from the truck as it overturned. He was heavily grieved by the wickedness of these Satanic agents. We should never take the journey to Heaven lightly but should always fill our lives with so much prayer even as the bibIe say, Submit to God,resist the deviI and he wiII fIee from you.

Revelation by Zipporah Mushala and Rachael Mushala Chisulo This post is…
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