Restitution Of Sexual Immorality In The Church

Restitution Of Sexual Immorality In The Church

The high rates of sexual immoralities such as fornication, abortion, masturbation and adultery in various churches today is outrageous, Hence, as a worker in the vineyard of the Lord, such as Preacher, Pastor, Reverend, Evangelist, Priest, Woman leader, Pope, General Overseer, Intercessor, Chorister, Usher, deacon, deaconess, Choir, youth ministry or whatever earthly titled you call yourself!
If you are involved or entangled in pathetic mess of sexual immoralities, it’s high time you expose yourself voluntarily, by reporting to the church disciplinary committee or Pastor, as a means of making an urgent public announcement in exposure of your secret wicked immoral act because restitution of sexual
Sexual immoralities are a terrible sin which you committed against your body (the church) and Heaven’s. Moreover, shedding crocodile tears in your secret chambers can’t exonerate you. There is an urgent need for an opened confession, in order to crush your shamefulness and embrace  true repentance.
However, if you’re ashamed or afraid to acknowledge your mistakes openly or dealt with your egoistic, pride and arrogance by embracing public rebuked, discipline and repentance, don’t ever think of Heaven because the glorious celestial city of Heaven is a prepared place for those who are dead to flesh, crucified in shamefulness, fear and pride, and been perfected in humility, meekness and love.
(Divine Revelation  Of UnConfessed Sexual Immorality)
Since the departure of the angel that brought me, thousands of people had entered throughout the same and trotted down into hell, but the place remained as spacious as ever. While I was yet trapped down by this awful scene, I discovered that one of the hell inmates was drawing a lit bit closer to the bank.
She crawled like a fly near the bound set between hell bank and the land. ” A-ll-en, A-ll-en,” shouted the lady. I was shocked to the root to hear my name in hell. I didn’t recognize on the time who the person was, because the face was marred and disfigured by the fire; the skin was blackened by the flame and littered by sores. “Who? Who?
a lady in hell
Who are you?” I asked with great inquisitiveness?” She shouted again: “A-ll-en Bamgbose, I am Rita; your hostel mate in the Grammar school. O-o-oh I’m hungry, p-l-e-a-s-e help m-e-e…” I was flabbergasted at seeing Rita in hell. Rita in hell?
No! It must be a dream. But Rita died a good Christian! I soliloquized all these questions right on the same spot. To cut a long story short, human feelings gripped me and I thought I could help her out of that predicament. Thus, I took a step to move to her, but my legs were too heavy for me to lift.
I looked around for my friendly angel again, he was nowhere to be found. “Rita, why are you here? You are a child of God, why did you miss heaven? We organised concerts, carol and quiz competitions in our school fellowship and you didn’t disappoint God. You were very good at sword drill and impromptu speech. “Why?” “How?” I sobbed out these statements.
“Yes, I did all that in the Grammar school, Allen,” she replied “but later in life and two months to my graduation in the university, I yielded to a sinful affair with a boy at home during a short break. I thought of repenting in the campus chapel when the school resumed. But on returning from home, I had a motor accident.
The next thing I discovered was that I found myself in the gate over there and an angel asked me to go to the left road which ends in this place,” she revealed. ” O-o-oh Rita, why did you allow this, after all the evangelism in the boarding house, choruses and prayer meetings? What were you doing till your flesh inflicted this temptation on you and conquered?” I asked with lament.
While I was lamenting over this tragic scene, the fire as red as it were erupted like a volcano around the place she was, immediately, she sank. I was afraid of God right there. I didn’t see Rita again throughout my vision. For over thirty minutes, I was recapitulating the exploit we did in our secondary school days.
I considered the heroic effort of Rita Udoh in the school christian programmes. This was an exceptionally talented sister in song and extraordinary gifted lady in leadership and organisation. The concert-goers of those days used to comment that Rita’s voice made our concerts rent in accelerando and rallentando like cherub-choir’s in Heaven.
She could motivate a lot. I reflected on her exercised influence both to soften the hearts of the hardened students and polish the character of the immature ones. When I considered the incalculable mass of suffering from her parents and persecution from out teachers she independently went through, I cried. It loomed large on me, that the race is not to the swift.
Ecclesiastes 9:11 “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all” Culled: From 4 Hours Interview In Hell By Allen Bamgbose.
Restitution Of Sexual Immoralities Question And Answers:

  • Question: What if a married woman commits adultery must she confess to the church or to the husband alone?
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wife commit adultery and caught by husband
Answer: In such case, the victim should first confess unto God and plead for his forgiveness and promise never to indulge into such ugly sinfulness. The next phase is to take a bold of step and see her pastor and ensure she explains everything to him. Afterward, he will counsel and also pray for her.
The pastor will map out a strategy how both of them would confront her husband because such ugly scene can makes any responsibility husband runs-mad. So, there is need for spiritual guidance. Her pastor will strike out a befitting way on how to approach her husband so that he wouldn’t sprout rage.
This same restituting act is also applicable to anyone that commits murder or kills someone secretly. The first person to confess is the pastor then he will knew how to set-up things, probably to invite the police in order not to propel another bloody shed.
There was a case of a young man that suddenly went to the family of the victim whom he killed secretly. When he was confessing to the family victim, one of the family members went inside and came out with a machete and cut off the head of the young man. So, my point is this, every restitution need divine counseling and the best person to confide is the pastor.

  • Question: Must it be confessed publicly? One on one confession to God is not forgivable?

crying or repentance in the church
Answer: There is urgent need to expose every form of sexual sin because such person committed an abominable sin against his/herself and also the body (church).

  1. The sinful believer trodden down the word of his/her pastor, who always labor ceaseless in night watches and preparation of gospel messages which he always feed the church. The sinful believer categorically trash-bin the whole labor which his/her pastor has labored in nurturing and impacting upon him/her the word of God. Hence, such person is recommended to tender an apology to the church (body) by exposing such sin. However, it’s also mandated that the culprit or the associates or partner that was involve if peradventure it is fornication or adultery, if the sin partner is a member of the same church, he/her must also be implicated so that the Holy Ghost will works effectively in the church because un-exposed sin is a reproach.
  2. When you confess to God, he will definitely forgive you but in order to be assured of your true repentance you must confess to the pastor or church elders. This signifies a mark of true repentance because merely shedding crocodile tear in secret chamber doesn’t amount for total repentance. Repentance simply means an act of re-amending ones sinfulness in free conscienceless without shame or fear. It’s an act of embracing your fault or accepting your mistake and promised never to indulge into again.
  • Question: What if the people has stopped that act for a very long time and ask for God’s forgiveness does he needs to restitute to a church leader?

crying or repentance in the church
Answer: It’s of necessity to expose such sin in order to free oneself from guilty conscience because sexual sin is secretly and whenever a believer mistakenly lured it; such person will definitely felt guilty. While praying he/she might suddenly recall the sinful secret act and instantly self condemnation will propel because the sin has not yet been exposed.
And once exposed, the sight of freedom will invade the heart. Even if the devil comes accusing after the confession, you would be able to easily ignore him, because you’ll know he’s just fooling himself. Based on the word of God, you already know you’re cleared.
I mean, whenever you eschew those fear and shame and confess to your pastor or church disciplinary committee, whenever such self-condemnation or thoughts sprout next time, you will have a solidify boldness to rebuked the devil because you have exposed the ugly sin.
Please your pastor, church elders or spiritual mentor are the people you are recommended to confess such sin because they are your spiritual leaders, they will counsel, pray and also admonished you.

  • Question: If me as a brother mistakenly fall into immorality not sex now and i prayed and repented from that sin and exposed myself of that sin, am I justified?
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prayer of repentance
Answer: If you mistakenly fall into the sin of fornication or masturbation, the next is to pray and cried unto God for his mercy and forgiveness. So, the next step is to report yourself to your pastor , this humility act will shows if you have truly repented or not because repentance is an act of eschewing pride, shame, be sorrowfully and determined never to entangle into same act.
The reason why you have to report yourself is because…..

  1. You thwarted the effort of the church in bringing out the best in you. All the efforts of your pastor, preaching, night watches and messages were all trash into Dustin. You didn’t value or treasured them due to lack of self control. Hence, there is need to seek for the forgiveness of the church because you have sin against the church and against God. Even though Heaven might have forgiven you but the Earth can’t forget and that is reason why such forgiveness needed to be enacted by crucifixion of shame, (you must bear the shame).
  2. You ought to kill shame, fear and pride because these are secret devilish weapon against Christian, so it ought to be crushed in your life. When you confessed to your pastor, there is always a sense of freedom and self-guilty and conscience uplifted from your heart. I mean, you will perceive a relief burden from your heart.

Some years ago, while i was battling with 10 years of masturbation, one of the days i fall from grace into Egypt. Just because i distance myself from church activities and the devil quickly capitalized such loophole and i eventually behold myself in masturbation.
Honestly i don’t know how to approach my pastor because i was a renowned member in the church. I couldn’t sleep peacefully due to the guilty conscience until i amount the boldness to approach my pastor and when I eventually left the pastor office, i felt another spirit. I was overwhelmed with peace and innermost joy. The shame and pride was crushed.
Moreover, I also felt confident and boldness without iota of shame or shy to confess my 10 years in nightmare of masturbation openly unlike before. Some few months ago, i share my encounter of 10 years in masturbation to the whole world because the shame, shy and fear has been crucified. Hence, there is always need to confess openly even after you might have pray secretly because it always helps ones faith to be justified.

  • Question: Is it really necessary to inform the pastor?

Answer: It’s is written James 5:16 “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” Yes, you only confess to your spiritual father’s, the shepherd or pastor in your church or disciplinary committee. They will help you in prayers, counseling and also guide you.
This are spiritual people, they are elder’s in the church and rooted spiritual in God’s words. They will definitely encourage you spiritually and forewarns you the consequences of such sin. Moreover, whatsoever sins you refused to expose, will likewise continue to infest upon you like a pest and also gives birth to others sins. But when you eventually expose and confess such sin, honestly, you shall be exonerated because they devil will be put to shame.

  • Question: What if the person involved confessed to his pastor, does it still need to confess openly in the church?

Answer: An open confession to the church is for the pastors or a renowned leader who is well respected in the church and also in charge of the church activities. He/she is requested to expose him/herself to the church openly by confessing the immoral act and ask the whole church for their forgiveness.
Though many pastors has committed suicide just because they can’t bear the shame while majority has lavished in Hell due to this fact, and this moment they wish they could subdue such shame while on Earth and render their restitution amicably because the horror shame in Hell is horrible.
However, in term of an ordinary church worker, he/she is requested to report him/herself to the church disciplinary committee (almost every church has this set of department) or the pastor. It now left for the church disciplinary committee or the pastor to incur suspension upon such person.
Though sometimes, the person might be instructed by the pastor or the disciplinary committee to stand openly before the whole congregation to confess his/her abominable act. While the pastor sometimes, might just counsel and pray for victim and ask him/her to go in peace, but the strength to amount such confidence or boldness to approach the pastor always seem difficult because the devil will come with different tactics in order to hinder such godly step.
But in most cases, the person might be suspended and striped-off from whatever post or church leadership he/she held in the church for some period of months or year pending the time the church behold he/she has fully repented before such person can be restored back.

  • Question: What happen to a member that refuse to embrace discipline or suspension and later went to anther church?
  • a chain grave
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Answer: It’s unfortunate that some of this caliber set of Christians under church suspension will ran out of the church and joined another church because they can’t withstand the shame. However, whenever they died the Heaven will likewise reject them because they refuse to serve the suspension.
It’s was written, Matthew 6:10 “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” This simple means, whatever happens in the church is also honored in Heaven. Physically, today if a prisoner dies in the prison while serving under jail term, the government can’t release the dead body to the family member. They will rather bury the body and chained the tomb or grave and padlock it because such person died while serving prison sentence.

  • Question: What if the person that committed the sexual sin is a pastor?

Answer: It’s written 1 Corinthians 14:40 “Let all things be done decently and in order” You don’t just commit fornication, adultery, masturbate or steal church money without exposing yourself and expect orderliness and peace to reign in the church. How is that possible?
There must be disciplining and orderliness in the house of God, so that the church wouldn’t turns into another set of night clubs. This will cause the brethren to learnt from the mistake of others and fear God, so that revival will swipe across the church.
However, if such person is a pastor, he must likewise expose himself to the church or whole congregation. I mean the reason why you didn’t want to confess that secret sin is probably due to shame or fear and that is exact reason why you must confess it to the whole church because you abused the trust which your members has on you.
When you confess secret sins of sexual immoralities, it brings about an internal spiritual relief. The sinful burden of guilt will be uplifted from your heart and the devil crushed into shame. If you can’t amount the guts to expose your sexual sin, due to shame or fear, that means, you’re not worth to carry the cross, because the cross comprises a huge lots of shame and reproach, and this is exact reason why we were called Christians.
We are special people who are redeemed and not afraid, shy or ashamed of our past sinful life, but ever ready to confess it to the whole world as a divine testimonies of our true conversion.

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