How To Overcome Self Torment Of Masturbation

How To Overcome Self Torment Of Masturbation

Masturbation has crippled and imprisoned many people from emitting their God’s given spiritual gifts and talents. It has caused many Christian to hide under the shadow of perpetual bondage of self-limit. Nevertheless, I don’t want anyone to tag MASTURBATION as a heavy burden; neither regard it as a hindering force withholding one’s salvation or relationship with God.

When you accept it as gigantic SELF-TYRANT; it will certainly weaken your spiritual faith and hope for divine restoration and perfection. Why not behold MASTURBATION as raw ministry material which God permits, but used by demon to channel one’s mindset to accept the fact that “Only God has the power to broke such yoke

Hence, such deliverance isn’t attained by one’s superiority or self-will but by God’s Grace. Therefore, how do you encourage yourself while waiting for your deliverance?
  1. You must see yourself as a unique someone in life, endow with spiritual gift and resources, which are yet to be revealed due to masturbation; this will propel your spirit to eager for deliverance.Behold yourself as someone whom God has commissioned many unsaved souls. When you refuse to accept this fact and continually limiting yourself from seeking deliverance; those souls shall utterly be wasted.
  2. Stop tagging yourself as wretched and filthy person while praying. These acts will rip-off your boldness and faith while kneeing down for thanksgiving.
  3. Ensure you expose and confess it to your spiritual leaders, and stop imprisoning yourself in perpetual bondage of secret sin while rotten inwardly.Don’t gives room to shyness, shame or pretense before your spiritual leaders. Always feel free to open-up and discuses your masturbating experience with them, also sort after their counseling and prayers. This act will swallow every ancient tap root of pride and ego.
  4. Stop comparing or wishing to be like other dedicated Christian folks; that preaches, jump up and down in the name of serving God, while their secret inward lifestyles is decayed and rotten with maggot. Most of their secret lives are pathetic even more horrible than yours. When you began to wish to be like them; you are ignorantly enlarging the coast of self-blame and limits.
1. A Genuine Church. 
You need to seek-out for a genuine bible believing church around your domain. A church of Christ where the preacher is continuously focused on salvation messages such as Heaven and Hell, eternity, rapture, water baptism, sanctification, holy ghost baptism, inward purity and outward modesty, etc.
Don’t identify with church where the preacher always focuses on earthly gains such as prosperity, motivational, educational, marriage and inspirational messages.
Ensure you identify with church where the pastor is fully committed unto heavenly vision with mighty passion for soul winning. Afterward, join in church workforce, interact and share your masturbating experience with the pastor. Be very careful in whom you relate or share your ordeal while in church because it’s not everyone you behold in church has godly motives of going heaven.

Prayer is much needful because it’s spiritual oxygen of every genuine believer. When you start backslidden in prayer, sinful door will also be opened. In fact, whenever you behold yourself in masturbating act, it simply means your prayer-life has been diseased by kwashiorkor and you are suffering from what i called backslidden syndrome. A Prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian and when you are powerless; you become a toy in the hand of masturbation.
  • You must commence with thanksgiving and appreciation of God’s works upon your life. Thank him for his lovely kindness despite the filthiness of your heart; yet he still love you. Gives him all the glory and worship.
  • While seeking-out for ultimate means of deliverance from masturbation, ensure you kept knocking at the throne of heaven. Don’t felt as if God is tired or ashamed of your lifestyles. Let him understand that you can’t stop masturbation based on YOUR SELF-WILL.
  • Ensure you exercise and participate in church night vigils and personal praying and fasting.
  • Always channel your prayers based on God’s mercy and divine grace to overcome masturbation. Don’t seek after prosperity, financial favor, marital and academic breakthrough, that will be wasted efforts because such prayer can’t even cross the roof your house.
You must ensure you go through water immersion baptism. Spiritually, water baptism opened one’s heavens and breakthrough. In fact, is another means of breaking demonic stronghold, attack, poverty, barrenness and curse, whenever is conducted biblical in flowing river. I Pray, may this little words enlighten and strengthen your soul in Jesus name

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