How To Bring Your Thoughts Unto Submission.

How To Bring Your Thoughts Unto Submission

As a Christian, the biggest battle you’ll encounter will always occur in your thoughts.  As it was written in Mathew 12:34″ Out of the abundant of the heart , the mouth speak”  From the Heart proceed all form and devices of  immoralities, gossiping, lying, fornication, adulteries, wickedness, wrath, anger, rage, disobedient, envy, malice and other immoral thoughts. Is either you control your thought or your thought controls you! Your Mind is the area of most consistent attack by the demons.

Your heart is the doorway to victory. If you can’t win the battle in your heart as a christian. Certainly you can never overcome the world. Many of us are vulnerable to various demonic devices and attacks, therefore exposing their mind open to immoral thoughts. Human mind is a giant library. Its mode of acceleration is highly remarkable. Its replays and imagine things. So as a Christian, be watchful to the kinds of Movies, Musics, pictures you access and the kinds of  friends you mingled with—learn to adapt and develop new tactics to which you can bring your thoughts to total submissive to the will of God.
Such as.
  1. Praying and fasting.
  2. Attending weekly service and church house-care fellowship.
  3. Reading and meditating your bible.
  4. Engaging in workforce in the house of the Lord.
  5. Attending church service/crusade and prayer meeting or house fellowship.
Above all, abhor/detest from watching pornographic movies, picture’s. because its pollutes the minds with immoral thoughts. The demonic spirit behind Immoral acts of masturbation, lesbianism, and homosexual is very STRONG AND POWERFUL. It ‘ll only takes the grace and mercy of God, for such yoke to be broken from the Life of any victim.
Revelation 17:118. “she sat on a scarlet beast having seven heads and tens horns, “the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with Gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abomination and the filthiness of her fornication. “And on her forehead a name was written ‘MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATION OF THE EARTH”
When you read the whole chapter, you will discover that Jezebel, the mother of all harlots is behind all the Immoral Thoughts of sexual impurities and the judgement and also what God had Set-aside for her and her victims on the last day. Her judgement is very very terrible, I pray may you never fall to her trap and may you never be her victim In JESUS NAME.

However, If you allows this demon (THE GREAT MOTHER OF THE HARLOTS) infiltrate your thoughts,its can also infiltrate your entire being. Therefore, Learn how to deal with the thoughts generated by things within around you. Because your mind works as replay (memory) and pre-play (imagination). Beside, whatever you allow to control your mind will also controls your world. If strange voice or Idea can get in and control your thoughts, it’ll also work to bring such thought to a place of painful re-grate and everlasting sorrow in hell.
The Only True way out is JESUS CHRIST.  As it was written in 1 John 3:8 “for this purpose the Son of God (Jesus Christ) was manifested that he might destroyed the works of the devil. For anyone to subdue or gains control of his/her thoughts, he/she must first submits unto JESUS CHRIST. 

By been submissive unto Jesus Christ, you will be recognized both in Heaven and  on Earth as SON OF GOD (John 1:12). This will also bring to manifest the POWER AND DOMINION which the savor has Given unto his Children; Luke 10:1.
With these Great power all principalities, power’s in high place and dominion will automatically be submissive unto you, Including you mind, Thoughts and Self-will. With this new power, you can likewise burst like Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:13. THE FLESH IS VERY VERY WEAK AND YOU CAN DO NOTING.
The only hope, is to Surrender your self-will to Jesus Christ. Repent and amends your ways. Distance yourself from worldly friends, Attires, fashion and get committed to spiritual welfare, believe in Jesus Christ.  He is ever ready, waiting and standing at your door step for your calling through prayer. Stop justifying and believing that NON IS HOLY; endeavor to maintain Truth, Holiness and Righteousness, because without this, NO EYES SHALL SEE THE LORD “Hebrew 12:14.

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