After I posted the article titled “Stretching hair by blowing has continued taking people to hell,” on the 17th of June,2018,God showed me again on this very night how satan is extremely desparate to keep this knowledge from people.
After I posted the article I went to bed,then woke up for midnight prayer.When we finished praying, I went back to bed.
But as I lay in my bed, suddenly I saw five demons entering the house through the ceiling in the passage.They came running from the passage to my bedroom.
They were ugly creatures,grey in color and looked like some creatures in the ape family,only that they were extremely ugly.
When they reached my bed, they said,” are you okay?”
I was confused and shocked at what was happening and why these ugly creatures were in my room asking if am okay.
Immediately they turned on me and began suffocating me.
They held a thick black cloth and covered me,all five holding me down and trying to suffocate me.
I struggled to be free.
God told me that satan had sent these demons to kill me because of what I had posted on the 17th of June about how stretching hair by blowing is taking people to hell.
They had been instructed to do anything possible to kill me.
They suffocated me till I lost my vision,I could only see darkness and at this point I thought I would die and I was gasping for breath.
At this point my husband heard me gasping for breath and he woke me and asked what was wrong.
I came back to consciousness and I could still feel the presence of these evil spirits.
I told him that five demons came to kill me for warning people about blowing hair.
Immediately I closed my eyes to sleep,again I saw these demons,they came where I lay and again they covered my face and tried to suffocate me.
This happened over and over and I just stayed awake,then God told me,”I allowed this so that you know how serious this is and how evil and cruel demons are.”
The Lord told me,”what I allowed you to experience tonight is not the best these demons could have done if they were free to do anything to you.They are extremely cruel, and could not do much to you because I did not allow it.”
The Lord continued,”But for people who die and go to hell,these demons do anything to them.Whatever they imagine,they ll just go ahead and do it to you if you are in hell.It’s as if they own you.They have extremely evil imaginations and they act out all of their imaginations on the people there.If the suddenly imagine raping you,they will go ahead and do it,no one will restrain them.”
The Lord then showed me something, from a distance I could hear the torments of hell.
I saw demons in hell axing people’s heads and some were smashing people’s heads against the walls of hell.
And the Lord told me,”in hell demons do anything and everything that will increase people’s torment.The way they mocked you by asking if you are okay then turning on you,that is exactly what they do to people in hell.Sometimes when a person in hell is undergoing tremendous torment, a demon will come running to them shouting,”are you okay?” and the person will think,”oh someone is coming for me’ only for the demons to turn and begin tormenting them more.They know how a false hope for relief if not fulfilled will be extremely tormenting and they mock the souls there this way.”
The Lord then brought me back to earth and I could see it was still night and so peaceful and quiet.
A total contrast of the sounds of hell,here it was so peaceful,so quiet,you couldn’t even imagine there’s such a place as hell.
The Lord then told me that satan is extremely desperate to keep it this way.
God told me,”satan is doing everything possible to keep people on earth from knowing that there is a place called hell.he does not want them to know it exists.This is why he sent those demons to attack you for warning people about its existence.”
The Lord told me,”satan tries by all means to keep people extremely busy with the things of earth.He is doing everything to keep people so busy thinking about the here and now,never the afterlife.He does this so that he can catch them by surprise when they die and go to hell.He is using all tricks to keep people ignorant about how sin will take them to hell.”
The Lord continued,”hell is a terrible place.This is why you must not get tired of warning people about it.Keep telling them about it.Tell them to repent,even if they do not want to listen to you,you must keep telling them.Hell is terrible,it is not a place where if you tell someone to repent and they refuse then you just giveup on them and say they will see it was true when they go to hell.No!Once they go there they will never get out.You must keep telling them to repent and you must intercede for them.Do not give up on anyone until the end.”
The Lord told me,”Tell them to do anything to escape hell,to giveup anything just in order to escape hell because once they go there,THEY WILL NEVER GET OUT.They will never make it out of hell.”
The Lord was getting emotional when saying this and tears began filling my eyes too when I realized how demons are trapping people into hell.
I then found myself at a certain place in a vision where some of my family members were and I began to warn them about hell.
I turned to a close relative of mine who is still in the world and I told him,”please don’t go to hell.Do anything to avoid hell,just don’t go there.You will never make it out.God showed me the demons are so cruel,you will never cope.You will never find a way of coping.”
As I shared with them,I broke down in tears because the images of what God had shown me about satan’s cruelty and determination to trap humans were palying in my mind.
I couldn’t hold it and in tears I continued,”Please don’t go to hell,I beg you,just don’t go there.You do you will never make it out.Demons are so cruel,you will never cope.”
And the vision ended.
My heart was still broken from what the Lord had shown and told me and after the vision ended tears were just dripping down.
Heed the warning of the Lord and repent today while you still have time.
So I want to say here again that the Lord told me to warn people about blowing hair because satan has lied to children of God that even though they can’t perm,they can stretch their hair by blow drying.Jesus told me it is taking people to hell,it is a lie from the pit of hell and God wants to save you.
If God wanted you to go to hell,He wouldn’t warn you,but the reason He is warning you today is because He wants to save you.
Perming and blowing are just different procedures with the same outcome.No matter how addicted you are to blowing your hair,repent and ask God to help you completely forsake it coz if you hold on to it you are going to hell.satan is the one lying to you that you will not look beautiful if you do not blow your hair.
When I deliver this warning I hear people say,”does it mean we should look dirty?”
Being clean and looking good is not synonymous to stretched hair,unless you tell me the hair God gave you makes you look dirty.
That is a lie from the pit of hell.
You can still look clean and beautiful with your natural hair.
You can still keep your hair neat even when it is natural.
Moreover,hell is not a clean place.It is the most filthy place you can’t even imagine and that is where you are headed if you continue blowing your hair.
Yet satan has created an illusion that being artificial is beautiful and clean, and that nudity is beauty and fashion.
I was in town one time and a man walked to me selling wigs and I actually heard the Holy Spirit say,”take those filthy things away from me!”
Will God accept you if those filthy things are still on you?That’s what the Holy Spirit called them;filthy things.
There is no connection between being clean and blowing hair.There is absolutely no connection between dressing holy and looking dirty.
You can dress holy and be clean, and such arguments are lies from satan who still wants your soul even after you have heard the warning from God.
You can have blown hair and yet look dirty, and you can have natural hair and look clean.They are not related in any way.
Jesus is coming for a holy people.
Your submission to God should reflect even on the outside because you are a light unto the world.
What is your soul worth? Will satan buy your soul in exchange for artificial beauty?It’s not worth it.
I know what am talking about and it’s not an assumption.
It is what Jesus has shown me; that satan is trapping people into hell by lying to them that you can stretch your hair by blowing and still make it to heaven.
Jesus wants complete holiness.
It starts by repenting and amending your ways.
You can’t be partially in the world and partially in God’s kingdom.
Its either you are completely of the world or completely a child of God.
Many will be disappointed when they die because they thought God will make exceptions for them just because they are able to hear God.
Know this,God will make exceptions for no man no matter how much God speaks to you if you don’t want to obey,am sorry but there is a place in hell for you.
God is so holy.
I have seen the Lord Jesus Christ many times, He shows me visions and revelations. He has revealed Himself to me as a friend,but despite all this I too would have gone to hell for blowing my hair before the Lord warned me about it.
In Romans 12:1 the bible urges us to present our BODIES as a living sacrifice.
ROMANS 12:1”I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present YOUR BODIES a living sacrifice,holy,acceptable unto God,which is your reasonable service.
Note that it the bible in this verse says BODIES,not hearts. Holiness is more than the heart.
It starts from the heart but will manifest in your body because you are a city on a hill that can not be hidden.
Even your body must be Holy.
People will not see your heart and know that you are a child of God.
They will see your dressing,your conduct, character, speech, it all must be different from the people of the world because you are a chosen generation,set apart by God Himself.
That is why God wants a clear distinction between His children and the people of the world,there is no middle ground,you have to be separate.
If you try to stand somewhere in the middle you will still be destroyed along with the world.
God wants your all or nothing.
Jesus told us that almost the whole world is going to hell,stop following people.Become a testimony to the world,a written epistle read by all men.
Just repent, Jesus wants to save you with this warning.Go on your knees and repent because Jesus Christ wants to save you, and He will save you if you repent of your sins and turn to Him.
1 CORINTHIANS 1:27”But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the mighty.”
1 CORINTHIANS 3:19 “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.As it is written ‘He takes the wise in their own craftiness.”
Isaiah 59:19 says, So shall they fear the name of the…
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