How A Backslider Can Reconciled Back To God.

How A Backslider Can Reconciled Back To God.

Once you are saved from sin and comes to the knowledge of the truth and later went into sins willfully. There is no more sacrifice left for you. Once you are save, you are finally saved.
“Hebrew 10:26″ The Lord is not mocked. You can’t sin willfully, after having the knowledge of the consequence of sin and still expect the grace of God to abide.

Many had deceived themselves, Believing that God will forgive and be merciful and gracious unto them, after they intentional or willfully commit Sin. God is never deceived. Howbeit, Is not all the prayer’s of forgiveness and repentance, will God ever honor or answered. You can’t abused the grace Of God and expect God to play along. The rate of iniquities is multiplying on daily bases while the standard and degree of making Heaven is getting much tougher everyday.
Due to this fact, I have discovered that many believers find themselves trapped in satanic spiritual prison of sin without been aware of it’s grievous danger and severe consequences of sin. They have err from the truth, backsliden from the faith. Most of them are seeking after God’s mercy. Weeping and crying for the forgiveness of their sins. Moreover, merely crying and weeping is not the best ways to have another inter-mediate relationship with God as a backslider.
Its takes the grace of God for you as a backslider to be recovered and another set of grace and mercy for you to fulfill your ministry or and make Heaven. The only remedy and ways which a backslider ,needs to reconciled. Is to get closer and makes him/herself available to almost all the activities in the church. During this process, God will open your eyes to understand that the world and everything in it perished,”1 Timothy 6:7″ “For we came into the world with nothing and nothing shall we take out”
God will be observing and taking records on how closer you are sorting after repentance and forgiveness. In presentation and coming boldly before his throne of grace, seeking to acquired more edifying words of God from his throne (Altar) .My dear brethren, God can’t never forsake a broken heart and a contrite spirit will he never disperse.  You can’t just sort forgiveness after you might sinned willfully, by only kneeing down and crying for repentance, Nooooo.! You need to show remorse, sorrowful and sorry, by going through below stages for total reconciliation.

  1. Always present and makes yourself available to almost all the church activities. And make sure you have a writing material and always write the messages while they are going on and also make sure you attend night vigil at-lest once a week.
  2. Undergo deliverance , praying and fasting and seeking the face of the Lord.
  3. Set and map-out a quit-time to study ,meditate and read the word of God.
  4. Be committed to live right and and let God knows that you have repented from such sin. Because repentance comes before forgiveness and revival.
  5. With bold of faith, walk-up to your pastor or leader in the church and confess all the evil or sins which you had been trapped by devil.
  6. Is either your pastor counsel and pray for you or suspend you, depending your position in the church.  I think, you should gladly welcome any of his idea, because your really focus and vision is to make heaven at last, which i think required an ultimate price.
  7. The is the stage where, the prayer of forgiveness is needed. This is when, you pour your whole heart unto God, seeking for his mercy and forgiveness. Praying to him to cancel your name from the book of Death. This is the right and best stage in your heavenly-race and vision to pray earnestly, pleading and sorting for God’s mercy, his grace and compassion.
  8. This is the stage, where you long-into massive exploit for the kingdom of God. Going every crook and corners of the earth, evangelizing the gospel of salvation. Is also when you have the concern for the sinners. Telling them how merciful and gracious is the Lord. How he recovered you and also ready to recover them into his marvelous kingdom.
  9. This is the stage, you sort for the gift of the holy Ghost. Praying for the Lord to empower you with more grace that will be sufficient to sustain your christian faith and ministry. The grace of impossibilities and massive exploit for the kingdom of God. Its also the stage where you seek after purification and sanctification, Humility, calm, patience, obedient, peace, joy, love, meekness and faith.
  10. This is the final stage of movement into next level of spiritual realm. Is a stage, which need much prayer, night vigil, fasting and total commitment. A stage of another era. A stage of divine encounter with Christ. A stage, which i think my beloved Daddy in the Lord, Pastor Lazarus Mouka of The  Lords Chosen And Daddy W.F Kumuyi  of Deeper Life ministry has attained.
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