MY EXPERIENCE IN THE ABYSS. | Get rid of Secular Tv By Zipporah Mushala

Today,the Lord gave me a personal feel of Hell. As I was sleeping this morning around 3 Am, a huge demonic spirit about 18 feet fall( thrice the height of someone who is 6 feet tall) came and dragged my soul out of my body and dragged me to Hell. Immediately I saw it, without anyone even telling me,I knew that this demon was from the cartoon Dragon BaIIz even though I have never even watched it. Sometimes in the spirit, you just know things without anyone telling you. That cartoon just like all secular Tv is truly demonic and must be avoided at all costs! The Lord has infact many times warned about this. In Hell,it was not in a cartoon form anymore but it was alive and I could see its green skin moving up and down in breathing motions.
It had a big white stomach and its skin was bumpy like that of a toad and it had the texture of a toad. It had long black claws the shape and size of knives and saliva kept drooping from the sides of its mouth and it kept growing at me like a dog. The Lord had allowed it to attack me,not because I had watched Dragon BaIIz but because He wanted me to feel first hand what it feels like to be in the hands of demons in Hell. He did not allow me to burn nor did He allow the demon to touch me. I was in an abandoned looking part of Hell alone with this demon and it was trying to scare me and intimidate me.
It would come close to touching me but I noticed that it wouldn’t actually touch me . The Lord also allowed me to experience this so that I can more passionately warn people about Secular Television.
It is just like a sickness, sometimes God can allow you to be sick of a horrible Sickness for a long time and then heal you so that the time you see someone sick of that same disease,you will passionately pray for them because you know how horrible that sickness feels. That is how the Love of God works. This demon was terribly fearful looking and when I try to escape, it would block my way and when I try to go the other way,it would block with its huge body,causing the ground to shake when it hits its leg down. I felt so exhausted and I thought I would never get away from it. I fought a really really long time just trying to get away from it and I finally thought my time of death had come .
I thought I was doomed in Hell and would never get out. I was so tired of trying to get away. In Hell, I felt exactly like I feel on earth. I had a body which I could feel and it was solid and it even had bones. Exactly the way you feel on earth. Only that in Hell,it is a thousand times sensitive to all feeling i.e fear,pain etc.
You may be tempted to think that your soul is just a bunch of wind because it is a spirit and so won’t feel any pain but No,that is a spiritual body in a spiritual world so it is a real body. I was feeling exhausted just like I would feel on earth after doing something tiresome. I was so tired of trying to get away from this dragon and was almost giving up,surrendering when the Lord helped me escape.
There was a small pool of some muddy looking water between me and the demon and there was a rock in the water. I don’t know how I knew exactly where the rock was but I automatically stepped into the water,at the exact point where the rock was and climbed up a ladder. The rock could not be seen as it was in the water but it was as if I knew that it was there,including the exact same point it was at and that I needed to step on it to escape.(That rock is Christ). The ladder just appeared. I did not noticed before. I stepped on the rock and climbed up the ladder. When I climbed up the ladder,it was like I became invisible to the demon because I could see it but it kept looking up as if searching for me.
It was upset that it had lost me and its hands were in the air and it kept looking up with dark angry eyes and an angry face crying “uuuuuurgh uuuuuuuurgh” in a dragon roar. When my soul came back to my body, I was shaken and could not sleep but stayed awake for it to be morning . Hell is unfortunately so real. We need to warn everyone that Secular Tv leads straight away to eternal Hell fire. It is not a joke and these demons are no longer cartoons in Hell but real living demons. Demons are real and Hell is real!!!  Get rid of Secular Tv.

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