Evangelist Funmilayo Personal Life Experience In Kingdom Of Darkness-Interview

Like the Biblical Saul, she was a thorn in the flesh of Christian faithful, wreaking havoc on ministers of God and the church. As if that was not bad enough, she also attacked individuals and public institutions. Her mandate was to obliterate the Christendom and ruin lives.
Living up to her billing as a senior officer of the kingdom of darkness, until she was arrested by the superior power of God, Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo went about her assignment, doing evil to all manner of men. Armed with weapons of satanic warfare, she never rested on her oars as she crisscrossed the labyrinths of the universe, albeit, in the spirit realm, to accomplish her mission.

990 Years Demonic Life Experience Of Evangelist Funmilayo.
Narrating her story to Sunday Sun newspaper, Evangelist Adebayo stated that just as Saul who later became Apostle Paul, was arrested by Jesus on his way to Damascus, to attack the church of God, she encountered God during one of her evil escapades and willingly submitted. Since then, nothing gives the Ekiti-born end-time preacher that runs a ministry known as Rapture Proclaimed Evangelical Christian Church of God, in Lagos, joy than serving the Almighty God. Excerpts:

My background
I was a high-ranking officer in the kingdom of darkness for years and wreaked a lot of havoc on churches and institutions, but when I got converted, I became a colossus in evangelism and soul winning, preaching the gospel of Christ. Since I gave my life to Christ, I have remained in the vanguard of church growth and Christian development.

My courage to preach the fear of God
The importance of the message of the fear of God, holiness and salvation to mankind cannot be over emphasized. Reason is that God is the creator of heaven and earth and He created us to worship and serve Him. He is a jealous God and doesn’t want man to worship any other god. He doesn’t want to share His glory with any man.
So, man must have the fear of God. But the devil doesn’t want that. He wants to share glory with God. That is why he deceives people to disobey God. Man needs this consciousness through the message of truth. Also, man needs salvation made possible through Christ because God does not want any soul to perish.
I have been to hell and seen the holocaust, imbroglio, catastrophe, anguish, gnashing of teeth, shame and damnation there. When the Lord Jesus arrested me and I got converted, He gave me the mandate to preach His gospel for salvation of mankind so that they can escape the impending doom. This is why we are pre-occupied with this message of life in eternity in God’s bosom and whoever listens and abides by it will surely be saved.

How I got satanic power to wreak havoc
When I was born, I became a military officer in the spirit realm. I was initiated and given power by the Queen of the Coast. She then gave me some mandate and asked me to go about it without fear or favour.

My exact mandate and how I executed them
When I was in the kingdom of darkness, my assignment was to pollute the Christendom, using fashion as a weapon, to turn the natural to the unnatural and to empower those that were ready to yield to our influence. The intention was to pollute the gospel message and discourage the faithful from accepting the message.
I finished the assignment in 1995 and was supposed to die, reincarnate and go to another part of the world. But when my family members discovered the diabolical plan, they intensified prayers and blocked my movement. As at that time, I still had the demonic powers and used them effectively. When I could no longer continue with my escapades, I started dealing with men of God. My mother took me to prayer houses for deliverance.
But now, my mission is to expose devil’s deep secrets and I will go to any length to do this as much as the grace of God permits me. My service to God will be greater than the service I rendered to the devil and God willing, I will achieve this target to the glory of God.
How I was converted
One day in the kingdom of darkness, I was going to hell to carry out an assignment. Suddenly, somebody shouted my name, “Funmilayo”, and I was shocked. I was shocked because that I was sure that nobody knew my real (earthly) name. So, who could have known my name in a place where my relations or people that know me could never be found? Suddenly, I was set on a very high speed and as I sped off, I heard the name, “Funmilayo” again.
When I heard the name the third time and I turned to rebuke the person, I saw a very handsome, huge, awesome and attractive personality. Then, I sensed that Jesus Christ must have been calling my name. I also remembered that during our training in the kingdom of darkness, we were taught about Him. The name they call Him there is Son of the Owner. Nobody dares call His real name (Jesus) because the name is so strong and mighty that it shakes the kingdom to its roots. Based on the way He was described as the most handsome, I was sure that the personality I saw was indeed, Jesus.
When I made bold and turned to face Him, I asked: “What can I do for you? Who are you?” He replied: “I need you” and I replied that I was going on a mission. He said that He knew that I was going on a mission. Immediately He said this, my body was on fire and I surrendered and said: “I will go with you, I will be with you.” I also told Him to, “send me, I will go for you.” But later, I made bold to tell Him: “
A servant cannot serve two masters. I have my own master. You know your people and your people know you. Why then are you coming for me?” But He said to me: “I own both you and your master. Heaven and earth belong to me. I own everything.”
When I looked into His eyes, they were glittering like a burning fire and light that are incomparable with any other fire and light. They were so bright that I almost got blinded. Since then, my eyes are still not normal. I can’t see properly and I can’t read even a signboard or use glasses. I can only manage to read my Bible.

God’s calling for me
My calling is to preach the message of salvation and harp on the mystery of rapture. This will enhance people’s consciousness on the ultimate need to make heaven. My ministry is to also set the captives free through prayers and deliverance.

The medium I use to do these
He gave me the grace to found a church in Iyana-Ipaja, a Lagos suburb. The church has many branches in Nigeria. This is where we preach the gospel of salvation. We also use tracts, video and audio CDs as well as radio programme to transmit the messages to people. These efforts have been yielding a lot of results because many souls have been won and many set free from bondage. Many have received their healing, discovered their destinies, received promotion, and recovered all that the devil stole from them;

Worldly success and the kingdom of darkness
There are diverse trainings for different kind of human endeavours. There is what is called world science occultism. It is a very big industry in the kingdom of darkness. If you are not a member, you cannot achieve your purpose in any human endeavour such as sports, fashion, modelling, acting, entertainment, power and energy, automobile, telecommunication, medicine, music, politics etc. If you don’t join the cult, there is no way you can become a star in your own career or field.

Beauty apparels
Jewelries, weaves, hair extensions and bangles that have become beauty apparels among women, emanated from the kingdom of darkness. But God abhors them because it is an embellishment of His natural creative powers. The devil mandated his agents to manufacture them and entice women to become addicted to them in a bid to keep offending God.
There was a bitter experience I witnessed in hell when a very ardent Christian who was a die-hard user of hair extensions and jewelries was denied access to heaven. When she died and got to heaven’s gate, the angels of God refused to open the gate for her and she burst into tears as she was shown the way to hell just because of choice of hair style. That is why we encourage our female folk to be wary of these things. It is only worldly beauty that can attract ugliness later.

Demonic powers and attack on born-again Christians
No matter the magnitude of demonic powers, there is a limit to operations. The limit is that once anybody’s name is written in the Book of Life, we don’t have the right to attack or kill that person. We can only wait and monitor the person until he or she commits sin.
That is only when we can have an excuse because once sin is committed, the name is immediately removed from the book, and we are free to attack the person. So, when any believer commits a sin, we attack him or her promptly before forgiveness. That is why it is very dangerous for anybody who is a true believer in Christ to commit sin. The reason is that if you do, you have exposed yourself to danger. You have succeeded in removing the divine shield that defends and covers you.

Abnormalities that turn the world upside down
There are a lot of them such as gay (same sex) marriage, female wearing male dressing and male wearing female dressing, men plating their hairs and putting on ear rings, pornography, painting of fingers, tattoos among others.
All these are masterminded in the kingdom of darkness purportedly to provoke God. Satan’s stock-in- trade is to disobey God perpetually because he always wants to share in God’s glory. So, whoever does all these things is rather giving glory to Satan and can never be after God’s heart. Satan therefore compels people to do these awkward things so that they can also look awkward in the sight of God to provoke Him to fulfill the disobedience mission.
Anybody putting on ‘attachment’ is indirectly putting on snake in the realm of darkness. You may look beautiful in the physical but there is snake in your hair in the spirit realm. Immediately people that put on attachment die, snake will appear in their hairs and they won’t be able to make heaven. It is the queen of the coast that introduced hair relaxer. The Bible kicks against wrong dressing. God said those who do that are His enemies.
It is the devil that initiated the spirit of adultery and fornication and made it a trade in the world just to provoke God. That is why ladies dress and expose their bums and boobs and men weave their hairs, put on tattoos, sag their trousers all for seductive purposes. Satan wants sexual immorality to be the order of the day to draw the wrath of God against mankind so that God will bring destruction upon them to increase the population in his kingdom.

Bad governance is satanic manipulation
Bad governance is a manipulation from the kingdom of darkness. That is why the Bible says that we wrestle not against principalities and powers but against spiritual wickedness in high places. In the realm of the spirit, Satan has taken over so many thrones of governance.
There are demons that sit on some thrones and when any leader is appointed or elected and he gets there, he takes orders from the demons and therefore, forgets to deliver on the electoral promises he made. He then tightens the noose on the citizenry in order to cause confusion and instability in the socio-political and economic landscape of the nation.
In most cases, this is done to provoke uprising and protest, terrorism and bloodshed. The bloodshed that goes in this country on daily basis through ritual killings, terrorist attacks, road accidents, etc, cannot be compared with what goes on in war-ravaged countries. Reason is that the powers in the kingdom of darkness feed on blood. That is why they programme emergencies that lead to bloodshed on a daily basis. Only firebrand prayers in the name of the Lord Jesus can bring this to an end.

Demonic powers and riches
I was very rich. I acquired a lot of wealth with demonic powers. I used to do import and export business and because I could wield a lot of spiritual influence, I made a lot of money with ease. I owned a lot of property all over the place and every good thing of life. But when I became converted and started working for Christ, I did restitution.
I surrendered all that I acquired through ungodly means. In fact, I had to abandon all my property and they were taken over by unknown people. Some people are still enjoying the loot till today and I never bother to ask anybody any question.
Suffering after conversion
I really suffered. I experienced what is called poverty, penury and starvation. These were the prices that I had to pay for all the havoc that I wreaked when I was in the world. If you must follow Jesus, you need to forfeit worldly things as most of Jesus’ disciples did before they followed Him. That is why the Bible says: “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?”
For a long time, I would go to the bus stop in Ifo, Ogun State, to beg for alms before I could feed myself and buy battery for my megaphone to preach the gospel of Christ and print tracts. I also depended on paltry wages, doing menial jobs for people. I needed to do this to raise money to do my evangelism.
God restored my losses
The suffering lasted for about four years before God visited me with His glory and turned my life around again. So, poverty is over now. Whatever evil a man does, he must be punished for it. If you turn to Christ and give your life to Him, He will rescue you. But if you fail to repent, you will die in your iniquities and remain dead eternally.
On the other hand, if you are suffering and still commit sin, your problems will multiply. Now that I have given my life to Jesus and I am serving Him full time, I enjoy double blessings. One of the blessings is salvation which is the ultimate thing in life. Second is the blessing of success in life and ministry.

Aggressive for Jesus
Since Jesus arrested me and gave me the ultimate mandate which is to win souls into His kingdom, I have not rested on my oars to fulfill the calling meritoriously. Ever since I went on full time evangelical ministry, I have tried as much as possible to expose the secrets of the devil and other satanic operations all over the world including Africa, particularly Nigeria.
This is to prove to the people of the world that Satan is a deceiver. Our only hope lies in Christ. I go to any length to preach the gospel of salvation and I will not rest until the souls that God wants to save through my ministry are actually saved. Some preachers hide the truth so that the number of their members can increase, but the danger is that those who don’t know the truth and accept it wholeheartedly, face the risk of losing their souls in hell. The bottom line is that any truth that is covered on earth will be exposed on judgment day.
Comparing power in the kingdom of darkness and the power of God
In summary, the power of darkness is deceptive and short-lived. It can fail you any time. It never lasts. It only has temporary result. But the power of God is absolute, permanent and result-oriented. The power is so sweet and no power can be compared with it.

Coping with family challenges as a minister
I create time to relax with my family. I give my husband the normal attention. When I am around, I cook for my family. I keep them warm and make everybody happy. My husband is also a man of God.

Message to ministers of God
They should not run the ministry according to the doctrine of men, to suit their purpose; but according to the doctrine of the Bible and the calling of God upon their lives. They should not run the ministry to please man but God. They should remember that they are to serve and not be served. They should emphasis the fear of God, encourage praise and worship, and win souls for Christ.
The message of salvation should be the ultimate on their altars. How to escape the anger of God and the impeding destruction should matter a lot. Soul winning and rapture should be their watchword. They should put God first in all things and other blessings (miracles) will follow (Matthew 6:33)
How believers can prepare for heaven
The best way to prepare is total repentance, not gradual or partial repentance. Only fear of God can make this possible. Otherwise, if you repent without the fear of God, you will still backslide. “Born again” has become a commonplace parlance that even when people are committing sin,
they claim that they are born-again and when they dress indecently and expose their bodies, seducing the opposite sex, they still claim to be born-again. Are they not deceiving themselves? The fear of God and holiness are the master keys to making heaven. That is why the Bible says that without holiness, no one can see God.

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