Escaping From The Trap Of Sexual Seduction And Temptation.

Escaping From The Trap Of Sexual Seduction And Temptation.

Below are true life stories and we urges you should take whatever belongs to you in this message and impact it into your life, because the Devil doesn’t respect anointing but rather the degree of your spiritual understanding.
I Am Not A Sexual Object – Story One
Immediately after my wedding in 2005, I travelled out of Ondo State to attend a friend’s wedding in another state. As I left the wedding reception to embark on the return trip, an unmarried sister who is heading towards my destination left with me. On our way, she begged me to allow her to branch at her mum’s apartment, where she will pick up her bag.

We arrived there, only to discover that her mother is not at home. I sat in the living room, while she goes into the room to pick her bag. Later on, she came out and as I rose up to leave, she dropped her bag and suddenly squared up to me. Mind you, she is a very bursty lady.
Alarmed, I asked her what she’s up to, and she said I must kiss her before we leave. I was not only embarrassed but I’m also scared at the same time, because for unexplained reasons, my body chemistry is already running wild, within seconds.
I told her I can’t do it, apart from being a child of God, I’m also married to a friend of hers, and above all, I am Not A Sexual Object. With my eyes flaming hot with anger at her audacity, she had to let me go. All these happened in less than five minutes, but those few minutes are intensive. I escaped unschated, but I was shakened.
I Am Not A Sexual Object – Story Two.
This happened about 5 years ago. She was a convert in the last Church I pastored in Ondo State. It was Sunday, and I decided to go and pick her up, because she lives a bit far away from the Church. After dropping off my family in the church, I left for her place. I arrived there and knocked on her room’s door.
She answered from inside, that I should come in. Now, it is never in my habit to visit ladies alone at home, without any of my assistants with me, but on that day, for unknown reasons, I was alone. I turned the door’s knob and stepped in, only to find out that she’s not prepared for church at all. I asked her why she is not ready, and she said she’s not feeling fine.
All along, I was still standing close to the door. Then, she seductively said (I know this from my past escapades before Christ found me) that I should come in and sit down now, with a motion towards her bed. Mind you, the bed is the only piece of furniture in the room. That very moment, the alarm in my head went off, and I sensed that this is a trap.
Intuitively, I know I will end up as a sexual object on that slaughter lab she’s calling a bed. I backed off and stepped outside, as I quietly excused myself. I went back to the Church and returned back with one of my assistant to pray for her, an arrangement she was not pleased with. Whatever, I made her to know indirectly that I’m not a sexual object.
I Am Not A Sexual Object – Story Three.
This happened four years ago. She was a young school leaver. Beautiful and very lively, she was a convert in the church I was pastoring then in Ondo State. One fateful Sunday like that, she arrived the Church with a gown I can’t describe now.
Although the thing is free on her, but it is not longer than the knees. She went straight to sit around the front rows, with full access to the pulpit. Moments later, I went up as the Pastor, to teach the word of God. Now, I’m habitually fond of taking a sweep of the congregation with my eyes every now and then, to ensure that the brethren gives their full attentions to the teaching.
The very first time my eyes riveted to her seat, she stylishly parted her knees widely. Mind you, her gown has jumped up when she sat down. Well, I silently pleaded the blood of Jesus, but obviously, I’m already distracted.
After that first time, I chose to avoid looking at that section of the Church where she’s sitted. Moments late, I unavoidably cast a glance towards her section, and it is like she’s been waiting for me, she opened that Jezebelic knees of hers again, and at that moment, I decided that: ‘enough is enough’.
Looking round the Church, I spotted a brother who is dosing at the back section, and I took a break from the sermon while asking him to stand up. I asked him to pick up his Bible and come forward. Then, I asked that young Jezebel to stand up to go and occupy the back seat the brother is vacating, while the brother replaces her at the front row.
My excuse was that, I need to monitor the dozing brother myself, but I’m so sure she sees through the smoke screen, and it was easy for me to see how displeased she was, because she perfectly understood why I did what I did. Obviously, her mission was to turn me into a sexual object right there on the pulpit, but I am “Not A Sexual Object” and I’m determined not to become one.
Escaping From The Trap Of Sexual Seduction And Object.
Brethren, sexual assaults against Pastors and believers are real, especially in this crooked and perverted generation of ours. The devil is raving mad with the determination to turn everyone (including pastors) into sexual objects.  Now, who can escape this raging onslaughts?
Only those who have made up their mind with the backing of the Holy Spirit not to defile themselves can.
  1. Don’t counsel ladies on intimate issues that has to do with their sexual lives. Let your wife or other matured female counsellors handle that.
  2. Private home visits to females should be done in the company of your wife or a male assistant.
  3. Private visits to hotels to share the gospel to prostitutes should be done in company of male assistant or your wife.
  4. Avoid giving private gifts to females without your wife’s knowledge, or better still, let her do the giving, when necessary.
  5. Take heed unto yourselves and the ethics of the ministry, because judgement will begin from the house of God.
  6. The arms of the flesh will fail you, always pray to overcome temptations.
  7. Grow in the discerning of spirits, because Satan himself is often masqueraded as the angel of light.
  8. Make up your mind that you won’t defile yourself, and always take heed unto yourself and your doctrines (personal principles of life).
Please note that “You can’t sleep off on the laps of Delilah and expect to wake up in the bosom of Abraham”. As for me, I have made up my mind that I am ‘Not A Sexual Object’. May grace abound more and more to you all in Jesus name.

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