I was in prayer this afternoon at around 5 Pm when the Lord began to show me in the spirit.The Lord showed me a small church.It was made from mud and had a thatched roof which was almost falling.When the rain came,it would drip from almost everywhere.
I saw that most of the benches were empty in this church and there were only a few people here and there.I found myself able to see through them and I saw that they really loved God.They also practiced holiness and worshipped him in truth and in spirit as he desired.Due to this,I saw so many Angels filling this small church.They filled the pulpit and even sat on the benches.If the people could see them,they would be so happy because they filled the room.Some of the Angels were walking about outside and some were on top of the roof.
Then the Lord told me,”this is how it will be to those who please me”.Then I saw another Church.It was so huge and wide and there was a great distance between the pulpit and were the benches started.It had a lot of funs in the ceiling and it looked rich.Then I noticed that the people in this church were worldly.Even the kind of music they were playing was gospel Rhumba and the people in the Church were dressed in an indecent and worldly manner.
I noticed that huge demons with muscles were standing inside the Church.They looked very pleased and they were laughing.They were not even afraid to go to the pulpit.Then the Lord said “My eyes see only those who worship me in truth and Spirit,I am not like humans who pay respect to material things.The only thing I pay respect to is my word and those who honour it.Tell the world to worship me in truth and in spirit”.
Then the Lord said, “Also remind my people not to take me for granted.Many think they only cross the line of Mercy when they die.Tell them that they can also cross the line of Mercy here on earth.Tell them not to take me for granted.They hear my word time and again but do not change.” The Lord showed me a man.He was in a holiness church but he did not like the holiness messages.So he decided to come out of that Church despite many warnings from the Lord.When the man came out of the Church,there was a long rod in front of him.I could not see its end.
The rod was golden and was ablaze in holy fire.The man wanted to jump the rod to go to the other side but I saw that there was nothing but a deep wide valley on the other side.Then I saw a very beautiful sparkling Angel dressed in gold and white standing near the door of the Church behind the man.The Angel was so beautiful and had a youthful face.He was had a charming smile and just looking at him,I felt as though my heart was laughing with joy.
The Angel also had a sword in his hand.I saw that he had been sent to help this man not to jump and also to protect him.I asked Jesus the name of this Angel and he told me, “his name is Azar.You have never met him before but he is one of the many Angels who have been sent to protect my church”.Despite all this,the man kept insisting on jumping the rod.Then I saw two black snakes.They coiled the man each on one hand and made him fly over the rod into the deep valley because of his stubbornness.Hebrews 10:26-27.Let us be careful not to cross the line of mercy like that man did.The Lord warned him time and again but he was stubborn and finally crossed the line of mercy.
He who has an ear,let him hear.
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