Divine Revelation Of Worldly Appearance Of Women And Hell Punishment By Christopher Zormelo

Divine Revelation Of Worldly Appearance Of Women And Hell Punishment By Christopher Zormelo

Few months ago I received an email from a beloved brother (Isaac Atidepe) who resides in Ghana. He affirmed that a young lad known as Brother Christopher Divine Zormelo was visited by the Lord Jesus Christ in which he encounter divine revelations of Hell and the needs to share the divine revelation to the world because he was been persecuted by his Pastor.

The Email read thus…“Dear Evangelist Paulinus Paul, I’m happy to get in touch with you sir. There is an edifying revelation from a 15 years old boy at my place here in Ghana that I want to send to you so that you published it.

He had the revelation in 2016. It may shock you to know that after the boy went and narrated it to his Pastor, this man ignored the boy completely. Though we are in different churches, he came to me and I helped him to put it together.

Now the boy is distributing printed copies of the revelation as the Lord has instructed him. But this man of God has blindly started persecuting the boy seriously. Now, I want you to help get the message out to the whole world”
The divine revelation of Hell by Brother Christopher Divine Zormelo from Ghana was a shocked. It sent a cold feverish over my spirit being. I was stunt for several minutes because it was horrible to behold the terrible ends of a beloved daughter of Zion been cut off eternally into the dungeon pit of Hell due to deceptive and adulterated teaching of her pastor.
The divine revelation of this horror end of this Christian sister is horrific and I have took my time to compiled it by initially laying emphasizes on the danger of women worldly dressing and artificial hair.
And if you are still under the deceitfulness of dressing in women attachment, trousers and makes-up, your blood can’t be required from me; because i have took my time in order to unveiled this warning message unto you; for possible repentance and ask God for his divine mercy and forgiveness because tomorrow is never promised.

  • Divine Revelation Of Hell By Christopher Zormelo

My name is Brother Christopher Divine Zormelo. I am a boy of 15 years of and a member of “The Church of Pentecost” (C O P) in Ziope in the Agotime-Ziope District of the Volta Region of Ghana. Below is a revelation that the Lord Jesus Christ gave me. It was neither a dream nor a vision. It was an out-of-body experience.

Divine Revelation Of Hell By Christopher Zormelo
Christopher Divine Zormelo

On Tuesday the 22nd of November 2016, I was feeling terribly tired. So I went to bed early at around (7 pm) in the evening. Before I went to sleep I had wanted to join my siblings and my grandmother in watching a movie. But due to the tiredness I could not.
When I entered the bedroom I just said a short prayer and said, “Please God protect me and visit me this evening.” As I slept, I started hearing a voice speaking to me at around (1:00 am) in the midnight. What I was hearing was that, “You are going to die right now.”
As I heard that, fear came upon me and I began to ask for forgiveness of my sins. After this I was shivering seriously on the bed. What I realized immediately was that, a strong and a powerful wind entered the room and blew my soul out of my body and I could see my empty body lying on the bed.
I also saw my brother Philemon fast asleep on his bed. Then the wind that blew out my soul took me to a bare land. The place was without grass or flowers or trees. What I immediately saw was a fair and a beautiful lady. She was wearing blue jeans trousers with an orange-colored blouse top, designed in a way such that part of her breast was exposed.
She had her hair plaited in different colors. She was also putting on earrings with beads on her wrists and was kneeling on the ground in between two men; one on her right side and the other on her left side. And behind them was a very deep pit. The person on her left was a giant man, his appearance from the head to the feet was very fearful and horrible.

the devil at the gate of hell fire

In fact his face was so fearful to look upon. He was wearing a straight dress with “one side red and the other side black” and he had a long hair on the head while the person at the right was also a giant man. He was in a straight “white dress with a golden banner on his chest”. But his face was not shown to me at that moment.
Then I could see that the distance where I was and where they were was closing up. It was as if a camera’s focus is being zoomed in on an object. Suddenly I saw the two men quarrelling seriously. They were engaged in a heated verbal contention over the soul of the lady.

the center of hell

The lady was in their middle and was crying bitterly and uncontrollably. I don’t even know the correct word to use to describe how she was acting. Then I could see that the man on the left side in the black dress questioning the one on the right side in white saying, “What do you want over here?”
The man in white dress answered him and said, “I am here to take my servant home.” The man in the black dress answered back and said, “She is my servant too.” Then the man in the white dress replied “why are you also claiming ownership over the soul of this lady?
The man on black dress also question and ask “Why is she your servant too?” The man on white dress answered him and said, “She worships me in holiness and in righteousness, and she was a faithful servant to me on earth”
Then the one on black dress responded and said, “Okay! But she is also my servant, because she is putting on my property which are the earrings, the necklace, the weave-on, the trousers, the beads, make-ups, lipsticks, eyelashes, artificial nails, painting of the (face, mouth, fingers and foot nails), the changing of natural hair. And all these things are against your word.”
He then started quoting some scriptures; 1 John 2:15, Isaiah 3:18-24, 1 Peter 3:1-4, 1 Timothy 2:9-10, Genesis 35:1-5, Exodus 33:5, Deuteronomy 22:5, Phi 3:19. “You said in your word that you’re not pleased with your servants who dress immodestly in outward appearance instead of dressing inwardly in Holiness, so why do you say this lady here dressed in outwardly manner your servant?
Then the man in the white said, “It is true that i said those words and i cannot denied myself as it was written in 2 Timothy 2:13″ After he made this statement he became speechless. He could not say anything again. At this moment I was able to see his face. He was full of glory as described in the book of Revelation 1:14-15. It was at this point that I realized that He was the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
I saw him crying like a hungry baby and He was just looking helplessly at the soul (the lady) who was pleading for mercy and saying, “have mercy on me. Had i known? Had i known? I thought it doesn’t matter because my pastor used to say, God doesn’t look at appearance, but only what is in the heart. Please have your mercy on me oh Lord.”’
At that very moment I heard a loud voice saying, “it is too late my daughter, there is no mercy here.”
But I did not know where the voice came from. I saw that the man in the white dress was about to open his mouth and speak to the lady, but his opponent on black dress quickly interrupted and questioned the lady and said, “do you know where the attachments and the jewelries you used are coming from? But the lady could not talk.
He continued and quoted the man in the white dress saying, “You are Holy and your children must also be Holy.”(1 Peter 1:15-16). “And you never change nor lie, because you are the Word.”
And he quoted unto the man in the white dress the following scriptures; John 1:1-4, John 1:12-14, Numbers 23:19, Hebrews 13:8, Rev 1:8.
At this point, the man in the white dress withdrew back a little and his opponent in the black dress called out two demons; who were monster-looking creatures, and whose faces were fearful and had tails. They were in the form of a beast. They came out from the deep pit which was behind them.

But as they were drawing near I wondered how they moved quickly. As they were approaching us they were just laughing loudly and arrogantly as drunkards, with huge spears in their hands. They came and took the lady away to the deep, bottomless pit where there was fire and darkness at the same time.
At this point I began to feel the heat that was coming from the pit. I also heard the cries of many people in the pit. I then started crying and pleading for help from the man in the white dress. As I was crying, I saw him put his left index finger on his face as a sign of telling me that, “have you seen? Have you seen what has been happening here?”


He then spoke to me and said, “tell my people whom i have come and shed my blood to save them from coming to this place what i have shown to you—hell/bottomless pit, that no woman will ever enters my kingdom with an adornment on her body and none too will enter into my kingdom with those curses and defilement as written in Deuteronomy 7:25-26, because, i am not the God of defilement and abomination but of Holiness and righteousness.”
And those apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, whom i have given my gifts to take care of my church, are now after money and powers. They are all corrupted and if they don’t repent and come after me, i will use anybody who seek me to do my work and i shall cast them away into Hell if they died without repentance.
Isaiah 5:20  “Woe to them again because they call evil good; and good evil; that put darkness for light; and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
The Lord continued and said, “Go and tell them what you saw. Many will doubt you, but my sheep will listen to you when you tell them. And if they don’t believe you, do not give up but continue to do as I commanded you for i am with you”
He again said, “I will be with you. Fear not!” And He quoted Luke 12:4-5. At this point, I wanted to ask him a question but because I was still weeping I could not. I also realized that He even wanted to show me another place, but because of how loudly I was crying and calling on Him and pleading for mercy.
He then again said, “GO and tell My people what you saw. Remember what I said. They should FLEE from makes-ups, attachments and jewelries; and ladies putting on men’s things and as the men also putting on ladies things. And if they don’t flee from them, they shall all end-up in Hell.

praising and serving God in worldly dressing

Whether they praise me day and night, worship me with all their lives and leave their works for my sake and suffer for my sake. They shall all end up in Hell if they don’t do as I say. Their laboring for me shall be in vain;
……….and if they love me and desire to come to Heaven, then they must obey and do what I am commanding them. But if they want to go to Hell they should continue with their ways; lust and follow the deception of Satan and the corrupted world, for their ways seems righteous to them, but to me, evil.” (Colossians 2:8, Philippians 2:15, Proverbs 21:2).

  • The Lord warning Message To The Church And Ministers:
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Tell the church leaders and ministers of the gospel not to accommodate the following workers in my church, alcohol sellers and manufacturers. Tell them; all those doing this work should stop because they are making Satan’s work so easy by selling alcoholics to my people to sin.
If no one sells alcohol he cannot tempt my people to fall by buying them to drink, I will hold them responsible for them working for Satan by causing my people to sin.
Not all work that my people do pleases me. Let them put a stop to it. If they don’t stop then they are my enemies. They are making my work difficult, and no one who is against me will come into my Kingdom. They should repent and find another job to do that will pleases me and I will bless them.

  • Worldly Hair Barbers:

Tell them to put a stop to the barbering of worldly hair styles. They should not barber anyone with those worldly hair styles or I shall hold them responsible.

  • Hair Dressers (Salon Workers) And Apprentice:

Tell them to put a stop to that work of Satan which they have employed themselves to do for him. They are fixing artificial things full of demon possession unto my Glory.
They should stop working for Satan, because anyone who is against me cannot gather with me nor can inherit my kingdom. I am not pleased in that work. They should look for a different job that will please me and I shall bless them.

  • Manicurist and pedicurist (make-up artist and beauty therapist):
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Tell those my people helping Satan to do his work such as attaching nails and eyelids, painting the face, fingernails, foot nails and eyelids and the mouth of my people, causing them to sin that I will hold them responsible.

jesus warning against manicurist and pedicurist

If they are not engaging in this enterprise work for Satan, my people will not be tempted to fix on those things full of demons. They should repent and find another job to do which will please me and I will be pleased with their tithe and bless their work.

  • Those Doing Tattoos For People:

Tell those carving tattoos on their body which is my temple to stop because it was introduced by Satan to capture my people and send them to Hell. Tell them to put a stop to it from now onward”
After He spoke all these to me, I saw him to be gone. Immediately after His departure, the man in the black dress started moving towards me with a fearful and gigantic spear. I am sure the spear cannot be found here on earth.

a demon with a mighty spear in hell

The spear was half reddish-fired and half black as his dress. As he was approaching he started warning me sternly with the spear. He ordered and threatened me not to announce what the man in the white dress told me to. It was at this point that I got to know that he was Satan.
And all this while he was getting closer to me and I began to scream loudly on top of my voice. As he was coming the demons were also following him. As I stood a thought just came to my mind and I asked him about the where about of my late classmate, Doh Ernest who died in July 2016.
He replied and said, “Forget about him.” After this incident I then saw the man in the white dress with a glittering Golden crown on His head as a King. And all the people before Him bowed. After this scene, a great whirl wind carried me back to where my body was lying, and I entered into the body.
As my soul entered into the flesh, I got awaken and opened my eyes while still on the bed. After a while I sat up and started to doubt what has been revealed to me. I then began to consider the whole experience and assumed probably it was Satan who wanted to deceive me with the revelations.
As I was reflecting upon this thought, a mighty wind blew, and from it came forth a powerful, authoritative and angry voice which spoke and said, “I am alpha and omega, The beginning and the ending, Saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, The Almighty.” Revelation 1:8.

jesus christ on his throne

He continued and said, “Doubt me not.” “I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, amen; and have the keys of Hell and of Death.” revelation 1:18.
Just after a little while at about 3:00am, I was carried by the same whirl wind for the second time to witness the same experience again. When I came back, I was feeling intense heat with tiredness for the whole of Wednesday 23rd November 2016.

  • The Purpose Of The Revelation:
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The Lord Jesus Christ told me that the reason why He is giving this message is that his church has forgotten about the True Holiness and Righteousness but are now pursuing prosperity and his Ten Commandments only.
He continued and said, “And without Holiness no man shall see me. I don’t want them to remains in darkness because they will perish, but i want them to always remember about Holiness, truthfulness and righteousness which are the only qualification for making Heaven”

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