Demon Incarnates Exposed

Demon Incarnates Exposed

Today as I slept, I had a dream in the early hours of the morning. I saw many demons running to and fro. They had no time to walk but were running in doing their mission. These demons were as black as night and their blackness was like nothing I have ever seen on earth. It was as if the colour black originates from them.
As I looked at them, I could see that they were spirits and it was as if my hand could pass through them. Some had horns and they had legs like a goats. They also had ugly mouths with very big lips that looked eaten up in some places and sharp canine teeth in their mouths. I only saw canine teeth and no other type of teeth.

They were going about their mission and then I saw a place where they had hung their bodies. It was like the way we hang coats on a wall and then wear them when we want to go out but these had hung bodies. I saw them going to get their bodies and when they wore them, I was terribly shocked. These were people I personally know and laugh with! I even know their names.
The Lord was just showing me that they are real real demons from the pit of Hell pretending to be humans.
One of them,after it had worn its body came walking towards me. It was smiling and pretending to be human. I speak to this ‘person’ almost everyday. ‘She’ was smiling and walking towards me and said, “Zipporah” acknowledging me as if she was an innocent human being. I was in shock and mouth agape and then the dream vanished.
Demons live among us in human form and they even pretend to have human families family ties here on earth.
They are demons which have fused themselves into the human race and even marry. All that is fake and all they want is for you to believe that they are also human so that they can influence you. Remember, it is just a fake body covering an already doomed demon that has come to work its mission on earth. But you have a soul and you will have to account to God for what you are doing here on earth. Guard your precious soul and build your house on the rock who is Christ and don’t look at others. Get rid of the attitude of ‘I am not alone, even others are doing it’ and repent. Those others might just be demons who are working against you and already have their fate sealed for the Lake of fire.

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