Confession Of Former Satanic Agent Of Darkness By Pastor Jonas-Series 6

Pastor Jonas
Beloved, when a father feels that his death is approaching, he starts to make his will, he starts to divide up his properties among his children. But as long as this father is alive, his will has no value. But if he dies, the will takes effect.
When one looks carefully, among the people who blocked your family, there are even sorcerers who are already dead. When they uttered incantations against your family, it was a will that they were making. And as we speak now, they are already dead.
That is how today, we see families in which there are things that last because there is a testament that sorcerers had already imposed on them. But our God has also made a will for us. He says in Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
That is the will of God, beloved, and with the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross, that will takes effect immediately. The Bible says in Colossians 2:14: Having canceled the written code, with its regulations, that was against us and that stood opposed to us; he took it away, nailing it to the cross.
Now that the will of sorcerers has been cancelled, we shall go fishing. Now we must recover what sorcerers stole from you. You who are discouraged, know that I bring you a message of encouragement. When you look for something for a long time, and make all your efforts to get it but are unsuccessful, discouragement sets in.
christian and discouragement
And once one is discouraged, doubt sets in. One sometimes hears people feel sorry for themselves and say: “On this earth, I came only to accompany other people.” It is what happens in the life of many. But you, do not be discouraged, it is not yet over for you, because there is hope for anyone who is among the living.
After having cancelled the will of sorcerers, we will now go fishing. We will not catch fishes, but we will catch all our blessings that sorcerers have stolen and hidden in the world of darkness. By faith, we will recover them.
One day, while I was praying, the Lord showed me a vision of the Ancient Egypt and while I was looking at it, I saw many people working, and the word of God said to me: Do you see those people who are working over there, they are working hard but it is not for their own benefit. That is what happens in the life of many Children of God. They work hard but do not benefit from their work.
pyramids of Egypt
The pyramids that we see in Egypt were not built by the Egyptians but by the children of Israel. They were working not for their own interests but for those of the Egyptians. And that is what happens today in the life of many Children of God. The Children of God work, they make a great deal of effort, but do not benefit from what they do.
Sorcerers are the ones who are robbing them of the fruits of their labours. The question I ask you is this: Who is sitting on you? Who is sitting on your life? All that you have, the work you do and what you get from it, are only the crumbs of what you should normally have, because there are sorcerers who control your life without you knowing it. But in the name of Jesus, we shall trample on all our enemies, we shall trample on all the sorcerers of our families, of our neighborhoods, of our streets, etc.
As for you who like to talk too much, know that you have already succeeded in betraying yourself without you knowing it. One must learn discretion, you must not say anything to just anyone, you then who talk too much, be careful! Even worldly people say: Talking too much can kill.
Some Signs Of Witchcraft In The Life Of Little Children
We will examine some signs that will allow us to discover witchcraft in the life of the little children, if these children are being used unconsciously. These signs are the following: the child is very distracted, he has lapses of memory, the child forgets easily (you tell him something, after a few minutes, you ask him again what you have just said, and he no longer remembers, he has forgotten everything.
For example, you ask a child to to bring you a cup, but instead of a cup, he brings you a knife), the child’s lack of intelligence, he is always fighting, he is rebellious (and about boisterousnes, parents themselves play a large part in it through the insults they hurl at children).
When you hurl insults at your child, if, for example, you insult him “dog”, and it happens that a sorcerer passes by, he will cast a spirit or a demon of dog on the child, and the child will become rebellious, and from that moment, one will begin to use him in witchcraft.
Danger Of Raising Cats
Here again, I draw your attention. The cat is an animal that is highly used by sorcerers. When a sorcerer uses the cat, what can he do to get people involved in witchcraft? The cat can come where you are eating and while it scratches itself, its hairs fall. As soon as they fall in your food while you are eating, witchcraft starts.
How Does One Enters Into Witchcraft
Witchcraft can be contracted in three ways:
1: Through a pact or contract that you sign yourself. For example, you have a problem which is beyond you, instead of trusting in Jesus, you go to consult a soothsayer or a witch doctor, who gives you a fetish, a semblance of solution. This fetish that you take gets you involved in unconscious witchcraft, and as time goes on, the fetish in question will transform you, and you will become a conscious sorcerer.
christian consorting sorcerers
When you have a problem, no matter how difficult it is, go to Jesus Christ, He is the solution. He is the Master of the impossible; he calls things that are not as though they were. I call Him Solution Man. Not only has Jesus the solution, but He is also the Solution.
2: Through family inheritance. Be careful. It may happen that they call you and tell you: “It is you who will be in charge of the family, take this, from now on, you will become the head of the family.” Watch out very carefully, because one will get you involved in witchcraft.
3: Witchcraft by influence. I insist here and draw your attention to the witchcraft by influence. You have no intention of becoming a sorcerer, but one makes you get involved in witchcraft without your will. And this form of witchcraft occurs through food. You should not eat anything. I would also like to draw the attention of the parents.
If you do not know the spiritual state of your neighbours, never let your children eat there, in short, never let your children eat anyhow when they are not at home. It is good when you hear about witchcraft from afar because if it comes in your house, there will be an absolute disaster, you will prefer death to life. Once again, remember clearly that witchcraft is destruction in all areas.
Objectives Of Sorcerers In The Church
When I was a sorcerer, the devil was sending us in the Church, it is the visible part of the army of Jesus Christ. So we had to do everything possible to make the church harmless. We had many tasks:
First Task: When we entered the Church, the first task was to make the Children of God ignorant of the word of God. At this level, I draw the attention of the preachers of the Word. If you see that you do not walk in the fear of God, and that you do not have a life of sanctification, do not preach, because if you preach, you will do the Church a great disservice.
When we entered the church, we also mixed with the crowd and began to squeeze the finger in a certain manner, and while we were doing that, nobody noticed it, nobody took interest in what we were doing. By doing this incantation, we were tying up the tongue of the preacher, and he automatically forgot all the message he had prepared, and began to tell the people of God stories that do not edify.
The devil told us that we must do that so that Christians be weak, because if they do not listen to the Word of God, they will be weakened in faith, according to what is said in Romans 10:17: “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.”
So when we succeeded in diverting the tongue of the preacher, he began to talk nonsense such as: “I was in the south, I did this, I did that.” Okay, if you were in the south, if you did this or that, how can that edify us? It does not concern us if you were in the south, it is your problem, if you did this or that, it is your problem.
You rather need to preach the word of God, for it is the Word that delivers, saves and heals. That is the reason why Jesus told us in John 8:32: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” And this truth is the word of God.
Second Task: We had to keep the Children of God in poverty, and push them to be under the curse. As for poverty, it was necessary to create dullness at the time of offerings. There are some people, when offering time comes, they begin to feel dull, it is the devil! Sorcerers are the ones causing that.
To avoid falling into the trap of satan, one must know how to give to God, because the Bible says in Genesis 49:25: “Because of your father’s God, who helps you, because of the Almighty, who blesses you with blessings of the heavens above, blessings of the deep that lies below, blessings of the breast and womb.” It is all the work of the Lord who blesses.

The devil told us: If the children of God give their offerings, not only will they break poverty, but they will also recover all that I have already blocked.

The offering is efficient. And to push people to be under the curse, the devil told us to make people give offerings that do not honour God. The Bible says in Malachi 1:14: “Cursed is the cheat who has an acceptable male in his flock and vows to give it, but then sacrifices a blemished animal to the Lord.”
You have for example 5000 francs in your pocket, at the offering time, you give 200 to God. When you give the offering, the problem is not to stand up and go towards the offering basket, the problem is to know what you put in the basket.
Third Task: We had to block the projects of the Church. We had powerful sorcerers who were asked to infiltrate the group of the leaders. So when you see people in the church who fight for a title in the church, know that you are dealing with sorcerers.
Exaltation comes from God, since it is the Church of God, wait until God Himself appoints you to a position in the church. But when you see people who are fighting for a higher position, know that you are dealing with sorcerers. These agents of satan, once they hold these strategic positions, they are allowed to take part in all important meetings during which one debates all the projects of the Church.
And at night, they joined us in order to give us the report of everything that has been planned as projects, and from that, we would send demons to push people not to give. Because the Church, in order to function, needs money, beloved. That is what we were doing, we prevented people from giving, and for that reason all projects were failing.
How To Recognize Sorcerers In The Church
To recognize sorcerers in churches, all you have to do is observe the case of restless people, people who do not want to be calm, and only want to go back and forth, if you know such people, know that you are dealing with sorcerers. When we arrived in churches, you know that before the service, one starts with intercession, and there is an intense heat, we could not get in with fetishes.
So we would let them outside, and stay in the church, and at some point, we would go out to take the fetishes and start to operate in the church. When you see people who like to go back and forth without any good reason, know that you are dealing with sorcerers.
So what did we do again? If the man of God who preached, was powerful, if he was walking in the fear of God, we would not be able to tie up his tongue. Since it was impossible to tie up his tongue, we could either send the spirits of drowsiness in the crowd (that is why you see some people start to doze just at the time of the preaching),
sleeping inside the church
or we would start to do mystical injections or bites on children (that is why you see children cry anyhow in the hall), all that in order to create distraction. And when there is distraction, people cannot listen to the word that is being preached. That is what we were doing in churches and that is what sorcerers continue to do in churches today.
Sorcerers Who Fall During The Night
It happens very often that a sorcerer falls. When a sorcerer falls, this simply means that the blood he used as fuel was not enough. Generally, when such thing occurs, people come massively and begin to beat him. When one beats him, he feels no pain. All he makes, when you beat him, is funny faces.
He does it just so that you feel sorry for him and let him go. If I asked you what is the whip that one can use to beat a sorcerer so that he can feel the pain, I am sure that many would tell me that we must use broom, isn’t it? Open your eyes, beloved.
The sorcerer himself in order to fly, climb on a broom and you believe that by beating him with a broom, he will feel something? There are only two types of whips that, when they are used to beat a sorcerer, would make him feel a double pain, physically and the spiritually.
The First Is Euphorbias (Physically). When you use them to beat sorcerers, they then feel a double pain. You, sorcerer who is among us, if you happen to fall one day, know that the whip that one must use to beat you is already known.
Euphorbias use for beating sorcerer
The Second Is The Word (Spiritually)But as for us, Children of God, we do not even need this whip. The Bible tells us in Ephesians 6:12: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil. So our struggle is not carnal, but spiritual.
the holy bible word of God
You should know that sorcerers are also entitled to salvation, because God has abandoned His glory in heaven in order to seek and to save those who are lost. So sorcerers are also candidates for salvation, our fight is against witchcraft.
Meeting Place Of Sorcerers
While I was sorcerer, I had been so promoted that I had the authorization to take part in all meetings of all the sorcerers of Africa. Where did we use to meet? When you take the map of Africa, you see that Africa is a continent that has two great deserts: Northwards (in the Maghreb), we have the Sahara Desert. And southwards, there is the Kalahari Desert.
The Kalahari Desert is the general department of all the sorcerers of Africa. When we were going there, there was a high-ranking demon called “hindu sankara” which was responsible of taking reports of all our meetings to pass them on to lucifer.
The Organization Of Sorcerers
In First Position, we have the presidents and queens who give instructions in witchcraft. They sit on chairs made with human bones. When one eats, one uses the remaining bones to make chairs where presidents and queens should sit.
In Second Position, we have the supreme sorcerers. I would like to stress this point, supreme sorcerers is the neighbourhood chief of sorcerers, in any neighbourhood there is a neighbourhood chief of sorcerers, even in your neighbourhood, there is a chief of all the sorcerers of the neighbourhood.
So he is the one that one calls the supreme sorcerer, and it is he who has the right to go to the department to pass on the report of his entire neighbourhood. And the neighbourhood chief does not work alone. He works with the avenue chief and the street chief.
In every avenue and every street, there is an avenue chief or a street chief of all the sorcerers of the avenue or the street. And the avenue chief’s mission is to gather information in the avenue. Here is how they proceed: they drop by at your place, greet you well, and even talk with you. And since you like to talk too much, you start giving him all your information.
So when you are with him, you begin to give him all the information about your family, yourself. You tell him for example: One has already paid the predowry for my daughter so-and-so, her in-laws said that they will come at a given time to pay the dowry. My child so-and-so will do the state examination this year …
When you give all this information, do you know the spiritual state of the person with whom you speak? Do you know at least the reason why he came to visit you? You are the one who gives him your information, and in turn, he will give the report to the neighbourhood chief.
He will tell him, for example: “On my avenue there is this or that problem, in that house over there there is this problem, etc.” Have you ever seen cases where some families, despite the fact that the predowry has already been paid and the day of the dowry fixed, the in-laws go and never come back again, as it was expected?
Know that sorcerers are the cause of that. The neighbourhood chief takes all the reports that the avenue chiefs gave him and pass them on to the department at night. So they use all the information that you gave them yourselves, to block your projects, if a marriage is in sight, they will block it. They will take a sorcerer of your family, and entrust him with the task.
And when sorcerers do it, they entrust a sorcerer of your family with the task of blocking your marriage, your fecundity, your work, your health, your business. You will realize that you work a lot but do not earn anything, while sorcerers who do not work, benefit from your work. Didn’t the Bible say that the worker deserves his wages?
And when we work we should benefit from it. I can assure you that, if you live a constant prayer life, sorcerers will no longer be able to play with your blessings. And when they do that to a neighbourhood, they block many things, from the things that have been blocked, they establish laws that will govern the area.
That is why you will see that in some areas, people do not get married normally. There are also areas where people do not complete their studies. You can also notice that, sometimes it happens that ones lives in a neighborhood, and things do not go well,
but as soon as one changes the neighborhood, things that did not go well in the old neighborhood starts to go well on the new one, because there are laws that sorcerers have already established in the neighbourhood. But we who are Children of God, we will not move because the sorcerers have established laws, we would rather pray and their laws will be cancelled in the name of Jesus.
Continuing on the subject of supreme sorcerers, when we wanted to go in the world of darkness, we used the call whistle. And when we whistled, all the unconscious sorcerers came to join us, we then transformed them into horses and then used them as means of transport to go to the world of darkness.
That is the reason why some people wake up with pain in the spine or in the back because at night someone used them as means of transport. That is what we used to do. For example, when we organized parties to enjoy ourselves and have fun in that world, we used to take people’s heads, and these heads became our balls.
That is why there are people who wake up with headaches. Again, during our moments of celebration, we sang and played drums. And the bellies of unconscious sorcerers are what we used as drums. Therefore do not be surprised to see people who go to bed in good health, but wake up with abdominal pain, it is just because someone used their bellies at night as drums.
We also took the legs of people and used them as guitars. That is why you will see some people with incurably wounds. You will also see some people with problems or pains in the legs. It is simply due to the fact that someone used their legs at night as guitars.
We could also take a person and sleep with him or with her, and at that moment, this person would see himself or herself in his or her dream having sex. Do you think that it was really a dream? No, beloved, it is not a dream! If such a thing happens to you, know that sorcerers are responsible for it.
With other people, we ate human flesh. When you see yourself in a dream eating, you think that it is normal, you think that it is only a dream. Beloved, I would like to tell you that it is reality. It is the work of sorcerers.

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