Confession And Deliverance From The Church Of Satan Cult By Brother Steven Kofi

Confession And Deliverance From The Church Of Satan Cult By Brother Steven Kofi

A young man identified as Steven Kofi made a shocking confession on the (June 24, 2012), how he sold his soul to the devil for fifty years after joining the church of Satan (illuminati). 29 year old Steven Kofi said he sacrificed a baby to the devil.

Eight years ago I was doing my final year in the University of Ghana in oil and gas engineering. In my final year I got so tight financially so I decided to go to my parent for help, seeking help didn’t yield fruitfully so I got frustrated. I have a friend which I usually chat on the internet and who usually sent me money.
I went to him and explained my predicament by seeking for financial help from him. Unfortunately, he said, brother I can’t help you at this time, you can help yourself. I asked “how can I help myself He said, “you should do what I am doing” I replied, “alright no problem”. Then he later introduced me to a cult. I joined the church of Satan international January 15, 2004.
I joined the church of Satan in Ghana and I was initiated in California (United State Of America), that is where I did my proper initiation and also where I wrote a letter to the devil. I meet the devil face-to-face physically. The devil gives me 3 wishes of what he would do for me.
  1. Firstly, I want to be rich.
  2.  Secondly, I want to be famous.
  3. Thirdly, I want to live long on Earth.
But to my amazing, he places a question mark to my third request (?). He said, that to live long is NO because anyone that joined the church of Satan only reaches at 50 years and died. I said, alright, no problem, if it is 50 years am willing to join; at least I would have live and enjoy my money and fame.
My mother is someone who always perceived things ahead. She saw what is going spiritually. My mother called me and said; “my son, what you are putting your hands into, if you tried it, you are finished” I said mom, please forget it and that was how I went ahead and joined the church of Satan fully. And while in the church of Satan I also join other different cults;
  1. Skull and Bones.
  2. The Freemasons.
  3. Region Of Doom.
I have everything I needed in this world and people use to call me millionaire but something tragedy later occurred. The devil is very trickiest. When he gives you a rule, is something you will some-how forgot about. He gives me a simply rule that “I shouldn’t eat from any woman“ So after a while, some years later, I went to visit my mum and she prepared a meat-pie for me. When I ate the meat-pie, I shed tears.
My mum asked me, “What is the problem? I said, “All that I have labored had lost” She didn’t know what I was saying. I told her that I will be heading back to Nigeria; but if anything happen to me, she shouldn’t worry. Though I am standing here before you brethren and the whole church congregation sharing this confession but I am not a man.
When I join the cult of Skull and Bones, I sold my manhood. Even while discussing with people, I never told them that I sold my manhood for wealth. However, the place where I was residing while in Lagos, the Hotel where I lodge, one of the day I saw a certain sister one early morning, she saw how frustrated I was.
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The sister was a member of “The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement”. And prior to this event, the devil has already given me 49 days to live after I had broken the rule and so for this reason I couldn’t sleep. So when this sister, her name is Joy saw me been frustrated, she said, “brother what is wrong with you, please say it out” I bluff her and ask her to forget about it due to my hatred toward her church.
The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement was one of the churches i hated while in Ghana. So when I saw her preaching to me about her church “The Lord’s Chosen”, I was not please due to my hatred toward the church. However after a while my business begin to crumbled and later some armed police came to my resident and got me arrested because someone told them that I was involved of drug trafficking.
They later took me to “AREA E” and ask me to pay the huge sum of 500,000:00 Naira. I succumbed to their request because I have cash in my bank account. So I went to the bank to make a withdrawal but to my surprise I saw only 6,000 Naira. I exclaimed and mumbled; “I had about 8 million Naira in this account but it now 6,000 Naira.
So I later went to another bank account and also saw same 6,000 Naira and also another account, with same figure. I laugh and said, “So it’s 6.6.6, well no problem” I decided to make a phone call to one of my brother in Abuja and ask him to help me out with 500,000. He calls my lawyer and that was how the money was sort out.

Confession And Deliverance From The Church Of Satan Cult By Brother Steven Kofi

But before I joined the church of Satan, I received 150 strokes of cane on my body. They will tell you that they are taking poverty out of your life but ignorantly soul-tying you into an eternal bondage. They are not taking poverty from you but rather taking your soul away.

Prior to my joining the church of Satan, I was frustrated about life and didn’t knew what to do. And after my nemesis when I broke the devil role, my hand and business begin to go down. One of the days my mum called me that my house is on fire and i said, “Let it burnt because I knew where the problem was emitting from.
After some days, while I was sleeping, I received a severe beating. I don’t know if it was from the Holy Ghost that I should come to The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement Church. I retorted within myself, “but I hated this Lord’s Chosen church and I am now been persuaded to attend the same church again”.
I said NO, I can’t attempt such movement. So, early today morning (June 24, 2012), when I awoke up, I said “God, now I am going to the Lord’s Chosen church, let me go and see what the pastor has to say about my life” So, on the first day of the crusade been hosted in the church, I was at the back seat and but didn’t wait until the dismiss of the church before I went home.
In the night I received another torment and beating, instructing me to come back to the church. This morning I awoke up, but initially I got married to a white lady (Norwegian) and last week I asked her to send me about $500 and she sent it. So early this morning, one of my friend took that money and ran away.
So this morning, when I wake up to go to church, I couldn’t find the money again. I said, “So the devil didn’t want me to go” So, I decided to trek to the church but fortunately I meet the church bus which conveyed me down here this morning. “My brothers and sisters; I just want to tell you that, is not everybody that is real. Anything you see that is sparkly and look likes gold are not real. The devil never gives anything free. He will give it for a very short time and after that he will take it back because he wants you to do more for him”
As I am standing here right now sharing my testimony, I have nothing. Everything I have ever suffered and labored in life is wasted. I spent 8 good years in four different cults but right now everything is drained-off. However, when I heard the theme of the church crusade, “Time To Recover All” I said to myself, “As I go today, my manhood and whatsoever that was taken from me shall be recovered”

time to recover all
Although before I came here to this church today, I went to the hospital for a medical check-up and ask the doctor to diagnosed if my manhood is still functioning because since I am no longer with the cult, to examine if has to come back. Sadly, the doctor affirmed that I was still impotent. That means am not going to father children.
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I also recall the counsel of the sister who always encourages me to come to the church; she always told me that, if don’t take time, my life will perish” while I was pondering upon these words, i reason within myself that there must be something special about the church.

Today, I am standing here telling the youth, pleas vanity upon vanity is vanity. Material things are nothing. Which car have I not ridden before? Those who knew me can attest. I have rode BMW and the rest of latest cars. Which of the cars have I not ridden before in life? Which of the house have I not slept before?
But vanity is still upon vanity. What is not from God isn’t for anyone but from the devil. Whenever people see me today, they are marvel, saying “is this the guy we knew before? I am someone who meets with the devil one on one and not spiritually but physically. I meet with him and talk with him and give him all my wishes but at the end of it, nothing comes out of it.
So tell me, if the devil can’t do it what about God? Because it was God that created the devil. God can do all things once you can believe. Yesterday night, was the moment I start to read the bible, and in the book of Psalms I saw where is was written Psalm 121:1-2 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and Earth”
So I said to myself, “Since my help cometh from the Lord who makes Heaven and Earth, my life shall be recovered” Even though right now, I have about 30 days to live on this Earth as I was been told by the devil, but I believe my life shall be extend to more hundred years.
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Nevertheless I want to caution the youth to never attempt or tried what I tried in life. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. Don’t compete with your friend just because they wore blue and you also want to wear blue. Don’t mind your friends who own classic phones and you also want to own yours.
It’s isn’t by force, please simply hold unto what you have and don’t craved to get rich or acquired what others has accomplished. Because if you dare entangled with them, you will lose your soul. Life is not about dressing or holding big phones. I knew some great pastors and bishop who are member of church of Satan.

the church of satan member

There are some pastors who does miracles but also member of the church of Satan. There are so many people involved in the church of Satan, so I have to caution you; be very careful about life. Moreover I have some materials with me which belongs to the church of Satan. So the next time and coming back to the church I will bring them along with me.
I have the satanic Bible. Their shoes, clothes and rituals. I will also advice the mothers not to allow their children to watch the spider man (movie). The sign finger of spider man is the sign of the church of Satan. The spider man movie is the most demonic film.

the spider man movie is demonic
All cartoon movies are not good. I will urge you to warn your children, no to watch cartoon movies, they are demonic. They have so many signs of the church of Satan. The Freemason cult has their sign in the corner of 100 dollar bill ( a triangle with an eye).

Freemason sign

So many people are there, president of different countries, American are also part of it. Some of the presidents have changed their names, claiming that there are different but they are still member of the church of Satan. So I will advice every mother not to allowed their children to watch cartoon, because it’s highly demonic.
I hope we have learnt a lot from this confession. Let’s all be contented with whatever we have and keep on seeking for a genuine riches from God and laying up an eternal treasure in Heaven because we brought nothing into this world and it certain; we shall surely goes out with nothing. A word is enough for the wise.

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