Firstly I must say it hurts me a lot to always bring messages of warning,from the Lord.I have tried many times to reason with him but he gave me Ezekiel 33 and told me that am his watchman.I am responsible for bringing his messages to the people or else their blood will be on my head! I was in the Spirit 2 hours ago when the Lord spoke to me.
I saw a vision of a young girl but I noticed that she had been made to wear indecently and had been put make up.The Lord said “You are selling the souls of your children to the devil.You are sacrificing your own children on the altar of demons and adding their names to the list of those on the way to hell!”He said “If you want to sin and go to hell,do this on your own.Why should you sacrifice your children too? You are no different from Satanists who sacrifice their children and drink their blood for money.
You are worse off than them because you sacrifice them into eternal damnation.Like the Pharisees,you make them twice worthy of hell than you are! I say in my word that you should bring up your children in my way but you are disobedient.How I wish you could sacrifice only yourselves but not these little ones.
Your punishment will be twofold. Mark 9:42 The Lord said, “The way you bring them up determines whether they know me or not.Stop Sacrificing them through what they watch,wear,the kind of music they listen to,the parties they go to and the kind of friends they associate with.” He said “I tell you now that as surely as the sun rises and sets, a child will go to hell if they know right and wrong and yet they prefer wrong.Beware,bring up your children in the right way.
Many of them are now doomed in hell! Teach them my word now that they may be saved.”Then the Lord told me something very shocking.He said “If a child who has never been dressed decently reaches the age of knowledge and does not ask to be dressed decently or even ask why he/she is being dressed that way,they are going to hell! If they see someone wearing a longer skirt and they donot ask their Mum why they are being dressed in a shorter skirt,they are going into the flames of hell for no unclean thing will enter my Kingdom.”These are the words of Jesus Christ the Alpha and the Omega,thr Great Judge.He who has understanding,let him heed.
Friends please bring up the Children in the way of the Lord even according to his word so that when they are grown,they will noy depart from it.The way we bring up our children determines whether they know the Lord or not for it is of utmost importance to the Lord.
   AUGUSTO MAQUENGO 3:SOUL TIESWhen I was about to turn 20…
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