Brother, I was taking my bath in the morning. Then I heard the Lord telling me, “Aston, today you will visit Hell.”


I said, “Lord, I don’t want to go there. I will tell the world that this place exists.”


The Lord said, “This is a specific and unique mission you have received in order to tell the world about the realities of Hell so that the people may know that after this life, there is another life.”


Later in the night when I was sleeping, the Lord came and woke me up.


When I stood up, I was already out of my body and quickly we began to rise. I saw the ceiling of my house rolling like a sheet of paper and we rose up in the air. When I looked down, I saw that all the houses had no ceiling. I was able to see people sleeping on their beds and sitting in their living rooms.


When I look in the streets, I saw the souls of the dead. These were wandering spirits. They had no physical bodies and they were looking for a way to get physical bodies in order to enjoy life on the Earth. And in order to get a material body, they were looking for a family that had a photo of their deceased loved one or anything that belonged to them. This enables them to get a physical body.


Then we rose higher. Finally, we entered the mouth of the Earth that was a funnel. When we landed, there were countless of souls in the queue before the throne of Nickel, the Angel of Death. And then we entered the ancient gate of Hell.


As soon as we entered, we started going down for the kingdom of Hell has many levels. We went deep down and we landed in a volcanic land full of lava. This was the reception of Hell. It was really a huge volcanic region of sea of lava where souls were burning.


I saw that on the border there were 12 openings, which were the entries to the 12 tunnels, leading to the 351 chambers of Hell. These 351 chambers are also called the prisons of Hell. These are continents of Hell. They are a volcanic region where there is fire everywhere. These continents were divided into territories similar to countries of the Earth in terms of their size.


In these lands, the atmosphere was fire and there was no empty space to find refuge for there was fire everywhere. In Hell, there was no air and no wind. There was, however, an unbearable foul odor. And I could not breathe because of this smell.


There was no light in that place. In the reception of Hell, people were skeletal and they had worms all over them. There was no love, no mercy and no compassion in Hell. The people of the Earth are


playing and treading upon the love, compassion and the grace of God because they ignore the reality of Hell.


On the Earth, we can commit all sorts of sins. And when we humble ourselves in order to get God’s mercy, we are forgiven but when you fall in Hell there is no mercy, no love of God and no answering of your prayer.


We were in the reception of Hell. I saw 12 men standing at the entry of the 12 gates leading to the chambers of Hell. These men were demons and they were dressed like the pope or priest. They were holding incense and they were shaking these incense and they were saying to the lost souls, “Rejoice for this is your kingdom for eternity. Rejoice for this is your everlasting kingdom.” These spirits were mocking the lost souls.


Immediately I saw new kinds of demons coming out of these 12 tunnels where the priests were standing. These demons were holding lists of souls that were to be sent to their respective prisons.


I saw in the first tunnel, the demon that was holding the list calling the first category of souls, which was souls that were condemned for sexual sins. When he called these souls that fell in Hell for sexual sins, immediately, I saw demons who were supposed to gather souls that fell in Hell because of sexual sins. Each of these demons were able to gather 50,000 souls, thanks to the move of their arms.


Whenever souls were gathered according to their particular sin, immediately they were taken before the tunnel leading to their specific prison of Hell. Demons were seizing souls and getting them before the appropriate tunnel leading to their respective prison.


Jesus said, “When people fall in Hell, they come first to the reception of Hell, the volcanic region of lava where they are burned by lava and fire. Then they will be assembled in groups according to their sins before the 12 tunnels leading to their respective prisons.”


The Lord said, “The sanction of the sin of the world is divided into 351 prisons. There are respective prisons for every sin people commit on the Earth.”


As the Lord was speaking, I saw demons making move with their arms and they were able to gather souls of people according to their respective sin. And these souls were assembled before the 12 entries of these tunnels.


Jesus said, “Let us follow them so that you can see how the judgment happens in Hell.”


I saw how lost souls entered into the 12 tunnels of Hell. Each of these corridors led them to a number of a specific prison.


The first corridor led to 70 prisons. However, I saw that this corridor could fit only one person. Two people cannot pass at the same time. Yet thousands of skeletal souls were piled up and pushed by force inside this little tunnel. These skeletal souls could not resist and oppose these demons who are stronger and had supernatural power. I saw countless people piled up in the corridor where only one


person could pass. This corridor was dark and dirty. There were demonic and impure animals passing in this little tunnel.


Then I noticed that on the ceiling of this tunnel there were speakers. As souls were moving in this tunnel, there came a moment of silence.


Then a sweet voice began to speak in these speakers. When this voice was speaking, there was total silence in Hell. No one was speaking.


I heard this sweet voice saying, “I love humanity and I shed My blood for humanity. If people are falling in this place, it is not My will. I did what I could to save humanity and stop this.”


However, when this voice stopped talking, the lost souls began to blaspheme and insult the Lord’s voice that was talking to them. They were insulting and abusing the Lord because of the pain that was unbearable.



I asked the Lord about the voice speaking in the speaker.


The Lord said, “The voice is My testament that I left for humanity in this place, in order to tell humanity that if they are falling in this place, it is not My will. I have left this testament to humanity so that they may understand that I did what was in My power to stop men from coming to this place.”


We were moving in this tunnel as the light of the Lord was illuminating the place. I saw the demons that were dressed like the pope in the tunnel escaping from the light.


When we reached the end of the tunnel, we arrived before the gates of many prisons of Hell. I saw on the first gate of this prison, it was written, “Chambers of Sexual Sin.”


Jesus said, “This is the first prison of Hell that we have to visit.”


The first chambers of Hell had a gate that was circular. On top of this circular gate, there was a writing that was not human. It was written, “The Prison of Sexual Offenses.”


When I look at the Lord, He was crying as we stood before this gate.


He said, “My son, those who had sex before marriage will not enter the kingdom of God.”


“We are entering this gateway, you will see realities that go beyond your understanding. You will not understand it for it will be difficult, but I will support your heart. What you’re going to see here will test your resolve.”


We entered the first prison of Hell which was actually a continent of fire. There was a sea of bubbling lava splashing and hitting black rocks. I saw a huge rock that was vomiting fire like a volcano. There was no empty space in this continent for fire was raining everywhere. And the voice of people screaming were piercing. People were asking for mercy.



Jesus said, “People come to this place and when they enter they don’t leave.”


People were crying, “Lord, get us out.” But Jesus kept repeating, “Too late, too late.”


The Lord said, “My son, you will tell the world the opportunity is when they are alive. Often man think he is master on the Earth, but he was created to be dependent on God. When people live in the world, they think they are masters of themselves. They think they can behave as they want, and they think they can do what they want. And they think they can go where they want. In truth, they are created to be dependent.”


“When the devil came in the garden, he talked to man about independence from God and autonomous life, saying, “You will choose for yourself and you will be dependent on yourself. You will be like God, you will be master of yourself independent from God. Living such an independent life from God is good for you.””


The Lord said, “Today the devil is telling My people this is the Time of Grace. They can do what they want and they can sin as they want.”


Brother, when the Lord kicked out men from the garden, in the beginning, it was the Time of Grace for the law of Moses was not yet introduced. It was the Time of Grace. And we are today in the Time of Grace and the Lord will reject the one who misuse this grace.


When we entered this first continent, there was a board with a list of offenses for which people were punished. The population of this continent was people who were having sex in the dream. Secondly, people who have sex in their minds and thoughts, people who are fornicator and so on.


I asked the Lord, “How many souls are in these chambers of Hell?”


The Lord said, “You know the sea of the Earth, right? When you count the sand that is beneath the sea of the Earth, that’s the number of souls that are incarcerated in this continent.”


The Lord said, “Whenever 30 souls enter the kingdom of heaven, 30,000 enter Hell.”


There were lava splashing in this place. There were black rocks releasing lava and fire was rising to the sky. And above the fire, I saw demons flying. These demons looked like shadows. They were mocking people and saying, “Rejoice. This is your kingdom. Since you only like mating on the Earth, you will mate here.”


As we stood before this sea of lava, I was hearing the screams of millions but I could not see them.


The Lord said, “People are inside this sea of lava that you are observing. Not even on the surface, they were stuck beneath the lava.”


On the side of this river of lava, there was like a mountain. As we flew above this mountain that was dirty, I saw all kinds of impure animals. Then I saw countless demons digging pits on the ground. I saw that these pits had the names of people living on the Earth.


As these evil spirits were digging, I kept hearing the word “delivery.” Whenever I heard the word “delivery,” I saw bricks and materials that were provided to these demons that were clapping and cheering.


Brother, whenever the people of the Earth that are living continue to sin, they are sending deliveries to the demons that are building their pits in Hell. Demons would be receiving materials for the construction of their pits.


Every man born on the Earth has a demon in Hell bearing his name. The demon bearing your name is the one preparing your pit in Hell. I saw demons digging pits for the world population. There were names of celebrities, public figures, superstars. Every time they committed a sin the demons were clapping and receiving materials.


Then I saw a pit that had collapsed and there was a demon that was sad as he sat above it.


The Lord said, “The owner of this pit was a sinner who committed crimes and fornication until the day he came to Me. Since there is no condemnation for those who are in Me, his pit has collapsed.”


In Hell, I saw a pit built for me with my name on it. It was closed and the demon was sad. When I saw it, I said to myself, really, I would have fallen here had I failed to repent. This is staggering and terrifying. As we were descending in this valley I saw that the kingdom of Hell was like vibrating.


The Lord said, “This kingdom is expanding in order to receive more souls. Still, it is not full.”



Then we arrived in a segment of Hell where the souls were condemned for having sexual dreams.


In this part of Hell, there was a man who was a politician. He was in the occult order of Eckankar and he was a politician of the Congo Republic. He was required to sleep with his daughter. He agreed to do it. However, he was coming to abuse his daughter sexually in dreams. He was a spiritual husband to his daughter. The young girl tried to talk to her mother but her mother was an accomplice of his father for she had agreed to this practice.


We visited this section of Hell where countless souls were tormented and held for sex in the dreams.


They were a lot of them.


Jesus said, “I had not made marriage and sex to happen in the dream.”


We then left the land of souls who had sex in the dreams, and we crossed the Abyss to the land of people who were condemned for sexual and perverse thoughts. On the Earth, they had sex in their minds and thoughts.


When we entered this land, I saw a throne upon which was seated a demon, who was a lizard. He had male and female sex, and his skin was dirty. I saw that this demon was on fire.


I asked the Lord, “Who is this beast on the throne?”


The Lord said, “My son, this is the demon of sexual and immoral thoughts. When people think of sexual and immoral thoughts, they invite this demon who make their minds his dwelling place, and he transfers his dirt to the skin of the person that is having sexual thoughts. When people died in sin and immoral thoughts and perverse minds, their souls will be dirty like that of a lizard or leopard.”


And when I looked at souls in this section of Hell, I saw that they had dirt on their skins like this lizard demon, who was seated on the throne laughing.


He was saying, “Why are you crying, my children? I’m your mother. Rejoice for this is your kingdom for eternity to eternity.”


The Lord took me closer to the throne of this demon. And when he saw the Lord Jesus Christ, he knelt down, and when he knelt down, I saw on his back many names.


I asked the Lord, “What is the meaning of these names on his back?”


The Lord said, “These are the names of people who entertain sexual and perverse thoughts on the Earth.”


While this unclean spirit was still bent, we left his throne and we got to a place where I saw many territories, and they was a hole above these territories. The scream of pain and torment were rising and asking for help. We were moving in the middle of the fire that could not burn us.


Then we got to a territory and Jesus asked me to look inside. When I looked down, I was seized with fear, for I saw two people inside. However, these souls had huge heads. I mean, they were macrocephalic, for the proportion of their heads was two meters and their eyes were massive. They were bound and chained.


The Lord said, “These people are here for two reason. Firstly, the sins of the eyes and secondly, the sins of their minds. They are here for perverse and immoral thoughts. That is why they had big heads and big eyes.”


I saw that there were worms in their heads and eyes that were rotting. I saw that their bodies were burning and they were skeletal. These souls were accusing and blaming one another saying, “You are the one who brought me here.”


When they saw the Lord, they began to ask for help. In fact, they were disputing about who should be helped by the Lord first.


Jesus said, “Peace be to you.”


As a result, they went silent. I noticed that there was a TV by their side projecting the image of a young lady.


The Lord said, “These two people are from Zambia. They used to work in the same company but they were in a lifestyle of fornication sleeping with young ladies. One day one of them was promoted and they celebrated in his home. It is when he was celebrating his promotion and drinking with his friend that something happened. His daughter who was already a young lady left the bathroom where she was bathing, and she was passing and going back to the room, but she was covered with a towel that was revealing the shape of her body. When the friend of her father saw her, he was captivated by the shape of the body of this young lady and he made a joke and sexual remark to her father. When the father turned to look, he saw how the body and shape of her daughter were showing beneath the towel. As a result, these two were affected by this image. They pretended that everything was fine, but they were already aroused by the body shape of this young lady. Later, when this celebration ended, the father went to have sex with his girlfriend, for he was aroused because of the image of her daughter and his friend went to sleep with his wife for the same reason. However, while they were having sex with their partners, in their minds, they were seeing themselves sleeping with the young lady who came out of the bathroom covered with a towel.”


In truth, many men when they sleep with their wives, they see the pictures and images of other women. When you have sex with your partner and you are seeing the image of another person you must repent.


The Lord said, “The more people feed their minds with perverse and sexual thoughts, the more their heads grow in the spirit and when they die that way, they will end up with huge heads.”


Then we moved to the second prison. There was a person who was trying to rise out of his prison but he could not for his head was huge. Inside this prison, there was a voice of a man regretting.


The Lord said, “The man that is inside this cell has deceived his wife. He spent 15 years in marriage and then he died. And during his marital life whenever he was sleeping with his wife, in his mind, he was sleeping with one of his girlfriends though he was physically sleeping with his wife. Often he had to watch porn movies to excite himself because his wife was no longer attractive to him. Often he was seeing images of pornographic actresses when he was sleeping with his wife. That is why he is condemned here.”


There were countless souls in this section because of immoral and perverse thoughts. There were men who had married women in their thoughts. And whenever they sleep with their wives, they imagined themselves sleeping with those married women in their thoughts.



Beloved, we were in this prison of Hell, where we had visited people that have sex in their minds.


After we had left, we were now heading to another land where there were souls of people who had sex with their eyes. While we were crossing the border between these territories, I saw on top of the valley a huge rock where it was written, “Trees of Fire.”


There were trees around them and fire were dripping from these trees. There were voices saying they wanted corruption, wickedness, and immorality. This is their condemnation.


When we arrived in this section of Hell, I saw a demon that was holding a javelin and he was piercing the eyes of a man that was really huge. The demon said to this man, “I’m pulling out our movies that you liked watching.”


The man was crying for help, but he was helpless. His body was rotting. He was regretting all the popular episodes of movies that he was watching.


The Lord said, “He used to watch erotic soap opera episodes. These sexual acts in movies stain and defile those who watch them. Sexual scenes in movies and soap operas open gateways for demons to enter in peoples’ lives.”


The Lord said, “These movies are sent by the devil to stay in and defile humanity. These movies cause demonic possession. These people who are defiled in their thoughts are attached and bound in marriage with demons of Hell. These demons of movies will claim their souls if they fail to repent.”


The Lord said, “Whenever people watch images of nakedness on television, a doorway will be opened and a demon will come out of the TV to capture their souls. When this demon come out of the TV, if the person watching the movie is a single man, the demon will write on his forehead the word “Fornicator” and the Mark 666. If you are married, he will write the word “Adulterer” and the Mark 666. People are marked with 666 by demons of television when they watch sexual scenes in soap operas and TVs.


The Lord said, “This man is pierced in his eyes because every member of the body that caused people to fall in Hell will be tormented. Since this man was watching these movies his eyes were tormented. The Bible says if any member of your body causes you to sin, cut it and throw it away. (Matthew 5:30)”


Then we continued to move and in this segment of Hell, I saw a man. He was French. He was shouting, “Where am I? What is this place?”


When he saw the Lord, he said, “Master, have I done something wrong when I separated the two women that were fighting?”


The Lord said, “My son, one cannot see the nakedness of another, for this will be his part in the place of torment.”


The Frenchman said, “Lord, have mercy on my soul. I did not do it intentionally.”


The Lord said, “My son, now it is too late. The judgment has been pronounced.”


The Lord said to me, “One day this man was passing. He saw two women fighting. He was moved to do something about it for no one wanted to separate them. When he tried to tear them apart, one


lady landed blows on her opponent and her breast was exposed. This image remained in the mind of this man who was condemned. Sisters that are exposing their body parts will not escape.”




When we moved forward, I saw a cell like a house that was the size of a cage. A voice was saying and repeating the word, “Justice.” Inside this house, there was someone that was shouting, “Please get me out. I’m burning. How can I get out of here?”


Immediately I recognized the voice of this man who was my friend. This hole was bearing his name.


I said, “Lord, this is my friend. Please get him out.”


The Lord said, “It’s too late. The judgment is already pronounced.”


The Lord said, “Do you know the lifestyle of your friend who was living with her girlfriend?”


I said, “Yes, Lord. I knew that they were together.”


The Lord said, “When they were boyfriend and girlfriend, they were staying with their respective parents. Very often your friend was taking his phone and writing to her girlfriend, asking her for her naked images. They were sending each other naked images on the phone and he was masturbating with his girlfriend’s pictures. He was putting his genitalia on the body of his woman on the phone.”


“Since this was happening in the homes of their parents, he was punished in Hell inside a model of his parents’ house, for he was seeing the nakedness of his girlfriend while she was in the house of her parents. The Bible say the maid that is known in the house of her parent must be stoned. And given that we are in the dispensation of grace, this judgment happens in the afterlife. His condemnation was the house of his parents.”


Deu 22:21 Then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die: because she hath wrought folly in Israel, to play the whore in her father’s house: so shalt thou put evil away from among you.


Brother, I remember when the Lord showed me the tribunal of Satan, the devil said, “If we cannot conquer the world, we should put them in misdirection.”


He said to his collaborators, “This is the way to lead astray humanity.”


I saw the devil taking a device which was a mobile phone and he presented it to the demons. This was well before the launch of mobile phones in circulation on the Earth.


The devil said, “I have already conquered the world through radio and television. I have overcome through tools of communication. Thanks to this new device we call mobile phone we shall conquer


humanity and through mobile phones, we will win many souls. I want every soul to have at least a demon from these mobile phones.”

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