Artificial Hair Dressing To Be Avoided In Life Of Christian Women

Artificial Hair Dressing To Be Avoided In Life Of Christian Women

The greatest deception in Christendom is heresy; overlaying emphasize above the truth. Majority that commenced their eternity race in godly tune are presently returning back to Egypt due to vanity and pleasurable things of life. Some Christian, whom first love for Christ and joy of salvation used to burn intensively as a flaming fire has accidentally been crushed by vainglory and pursue of worldliness.
They used to come to church fellowship very early in the morning and also faithful unto the service of God; but today, they are careless, insincere and only come to church fellowship whenever it pleases them. They used to pray fervently for several hours but today; their prayer life has waxed cold.
The Christian women are not left behind on this subject because today the easiest way to recognized or distinguished between a genuine church and fake churches is the appearance of women in the congregation. Whenever a preacher refused to acknowledge the danger involved in immodesty dressing in the church, is either he deliberately overlooked it due to fear of losing his member and becoming famous by enriching himself or he is covenanted with diabolic powers and working as a demonic agent.
The scriptures are infallible and authentic. All the evidence which abolished immodesty dressing are bodily documented and has already condemned billions of soul to Hell fire. Hence, from divine revelation of Evangelist Margaret in our previous message concerning artificial hair; titled divine revelation of artificial hair and punishment of women, we can behold that Christian women are very scarce in Heaven but unnumbered in Hell due to lustful of immodesty dressing.
Some Christian women can forfeit their last penny for the sake of fashion; beauty craving, artificial hair, makes-up, jewelries, nails fixing; painting and attachment but hardly gives quality offering in the church or faithful in tithe payment. There is urgent need to avoid every form of artificial hair and attachment as a Christian woman because you are an epitome of beauty before the Lord.

In today message we are going to focus on diver’s reasons why artificial hair dressing needs to be avoided in the life of every Christian women.


As a Christian woman, your outward purity should proceed fort from your heart and not by clamoring over artificial makes-up “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes; 1 Peter 3:3-5 (NIV).  As a Christian woman, you must avoid every form of artificial hair dressing and vow never to compete with the world or ever feels intimidated by the worldly appearance of your colleagues, friends, neighbors or school mates.
You ought to avoid every form of artificial hair dressing and stand exceptional in the midst of the multitude because you are the light of the world; “I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, NOT with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes; but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God, 1 Timothy 2:9-10 (NIV).
As a genuine Christian woman you must avoid every form of artificial hair dressing because it hindered prayers. Hence, whenever you make any supplication unto God, it reaches the throne of God faster unlike others who portrayed in artificial attires.


  1. Whenever you indulge into artificial hair dressing or attachment; you have intentionally erased off your name from the book of life because God isn’t a counterfeit creator and he wouldn’t permit any counterfeit being to enter his golden book of life.
  2. Whenever you portrayed in artificial hair dressing or attachment; your spiritual virginity and dignity will be defiled by marine covenant associated with artificial hair and you will becomes unworthy of making Heaven despite your anointing and years spend in the ministry.
  3. Whenever you give-into artificial hair or attachment you will certainly experience set-back in life, either marital, academics or finances; either now or after repentance. Hence, for this cause, there is an urgent need to under-goes deliverance prayers after repentance because God may forgives but the Earth can’t forget any degree or covenant.
  4. Whenever you soul-ties yourself into artificial hair dressing or attachment; your are likely going to experienced spiritual manipulations in your dream life. The marine spirits and spiritual husband will tend to frustrate your spiritual life, prayers and ministry life.
  5. Whenever you sojourned into artificial hair competing, you may likely behold yourself swimming, eating, giving birth or have sexual intercourse in your dream. The most dangerous and wicked spirits are marine spirits, most especially spiritual husband. He might hinder your marital breakthrough, project barrenness or shattered any source of joy in your marital life.
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However; you must separate yourself from every ungodly dressing that will propel afflictions into your destiny because any demonic covenant you ignorantly soul-ties yourself today, will definitely built stronghold of darkness against your tomorrow.


Sometimes ago, a brother share with me a pathetic story of a young lady that dies due to disobedient unto this warning messages against artificial hair and attachment. He said; there was a lady close to his street who suddenly collapse and give up the ghost. He affirmed that few hours before her sudden death; she went to hair salon to fix an attractive artificial hair on her head with a nice attachment.
However, 5 hours later she became unstable and behaving abnormally. She developed headache and was shouting, my hair, my head, my hair, my head. In few seconds, her family, friends, neighbors were running helter and skater looking for an emergency solution for the young lady but they couldn’t help her.
They gave her medicine but she vomited it. She was seriously shouting… head Ooº°˚ ˚°º my hairrrrrrr, Jesus I no won dieeee Ooº°˚ ˚°º please forgive me, forgive me, I beg forgive me (thank God at least she pleaded for God mercy at injury time, and not over there in Hell because she acknowledge her sinful act).
Finally, a genuine born again sister around her suggested they should help her remove the nice attachment on her head, Peradventure, It would solve the problem. But unfortunately, as they were trying to remove the artificial hair from her head they couldn’t. So, they decided to use scissors in order to cut off the whole attachment away from her head.
Immediately they finished barbing off the whole attachment from her head, to great amazement of all she gave a very heavy breath signs of relieved, collapse and died. My beloved sister; I don’t know your aim for yielding unto artificial hair and attachment, but don’t forget that the grace of God upon your life might suddenly elapse at any moment.
That young lady died a shameful death, though none can ascertained if she made Heaven or presently in dungeon torment of Hell because numerous years of grace was allocated to her, but she refused to utilize it. Proverb 29:1 He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy”
Although, she sorted after repentance at a delicate period of her life; but above scripture is good to condemned her to Hell, because you can vividly affirmed that she had been warned severally against artificial hair and attachment as you are been warned through this message.
However, if you deliberately decided to dispersed these warning messages against artificial hair and later behold yourself pleading for divine mercy at dying moment (only if such grace abound); what excuse are you going to tender to God for not yielding unto this godly warning?
Perhaps; you might also joined the league of deceived Christian women whom are already deceived by their pastor, but presently lamenting in Hell and vowing never to forgives their pastor due to the deceptive and adulterated dogma teachings they received. They were taught that God is only after the heart and not after the body but unfortunately after death; they behold the opposite.
At that crucial moment while standing before the angels of God at the gate of Heaven, awaiting for the final verdict of your life in eternity, then suddenly, you behold that all the dogma teachings of your pastor pertaining to women dressing were adulterated, Who shall you blamed? Honestly, I can’t blame your pastor but I would rather crucify you because life is personal and is governing under the state of GOD’S FREE WILL.
Inasmuch the Holy Ghost can’t forced you to believes all proves or evidence against artificial hair and attachment in this message; likewise also, your pastor can’t forced you to accepts his adulterated messages pertaining to women dressing because life is a free will of making choices.

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At this moment; massive number of Christian women are presently lamenting in Hell due to adulterated doctrine which their pastor feed them in the church, as we behold in our previous articles pertaining to this godly messages against artificial hair and attachment.
Nevertheless, if you still insist not to hearken unto this warning messages against immodesty dressing and later die with any form of artificial on your body or attachment, weavon, eyelashes, earrings, nose rings, leg rings and neck lace, artificial nails fixing, make-ups, seductive clothes or trousers (pant) of any kind.
After death, your soul will come out from your human body but the cloth in your soul won’t change. You will appear before the Judgment throne of Almighty God with the same clothes and the same look, just the way you were before you die.
Death won’t give you the privileges to remove your attachment, makeup, eyelash, etc but you will certainly behold yourself naked, unholy, unworthiness, filthy, abominable and not fit to enter Heaven. As you stays on the queue leading to the judgment throne of God; you will be condemning yourself within and also hiding yourself from the queue as you approach the angels.
A mighty sense of fear will griped your heart as you match forward to awaiting angels of God. Fortunately, the angels are screening each and every one for RIGHTEOUSNESS, HOLINESS and TRUTHFULNESS. Alas; you suddenly heard your name; “Sister Jane come forward” Before the angels, there lays different kinds of books, some are big while other are small but the biggest was preciously decorated with sparkling gold.
The angels will be smiling as they search through the books of your earthly works. You will jubilate, thanking and appreciating God for empowering you to make heaven. The angel will congratulates you and said “Sister Jane, you did a great and tremendous work on earth; you shall be highly reward in heaven.

Suddenly a mighty Tv screen appeared before you, “Sister Jane, this is your mighty estate and mansions, crown and thousands of angels assigned to serve you” Hence, behind the gate of heaven, you will beheld an unimaginable tunes of worship, praises and wondrous glory, power, honor and beauty glowing within.
You will be overwhelmed with joy, happiness and as you want to proceed over toward the gate , the mighty angel will halt you and said, “Sister Jane, there is one book left; THE BOOK OF LIFE and whosoever name not found written thereof shall be cast into dungeon of Hell, a place where the fire quencheth not and worm dieth not, a place of anguish and horrible pains of eternal torments. Mark 9:48 “Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched”

Suddenly the faces of the angels will turn frosty and sorrowfully fainted. They will shake their head in despair and lamented “Sister Jane, we can’t find your name in the golden BOOK OF LIFE” You will screamed, “Noooo, please search it again, my name must be there, i live a righteous life on earth, am very sure”
The angel will retorted “Sister Jane, we have used the best heavenly gadgets; angelical microscope, kaleidoscope and telescope to search your name both vertically, horizontally, equationally and quadratically wide; yet we couldn’t find your name in the BOOK OF LIFE”

“Though you said you are very sure of your Christian life on earth but your garment is spotted with scarlet. Sister Jane, what is that artificial material doing on your head? Was this how the Lord created and formed you from your mother womb? Did you behold any artificial product in our body?

Sister Jane; you are a sinner and not worthy of entering Heaven” DEPART FROM ME; YOU WORK OF INIQUITY- I KNOW YOU NOT. Instantly; a whirlwind will turns your face toward Hell fire without tendering an excuse because you will personal condemned yourself.
However it’s on this broad way to hell you will perceived the heats coming from the Hell as it melt off your sinful artificial hair and attachment. Let assuming you are in Lagos Nigeria and Hell Fire is in Abuja, it’s the heats coming from the Hell that would melt off your clothes and consumed your entire fashionistas due to disobedient.

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The same God that created Brazilian hair, American hair, Chinese hair, Mexican hair and Indian hair is still the same God that created African hair. If God want to give African women, especially you, a Chinese hair or Brazilian hair, he would have enacted it right from your mother’s womb before you were born.
As I illustrated; women that gives-in to artificial hair or human hair are never exonerated from the bondage of Satan; in fact, they are always victimized of spiritual husband and always struggled with the spirit of lust, seduction and sexual immorality.
When an African women spent 5 hours plaiting artificial hair or attaching another human hair on their head. I mean, what spirit is leading them to do that? Is it Holy Spirit?  I assumed they want to look sexy and elegant; So that men can lust after and began to sleep with them right from their heart whenever they behold them in the church or streets.
Please my beloved sisters; don’t die with artificial hair or another human hair on your head because the end will be regretful and shameful. I recently behold a scene of how Satan, set up a company in Indian, with names…… SPIRITUAL TEMPLE.
The temple was set up to hunts for human hair. Many women all over the world that are facing with challenges usually visited this temple and when they got there, they barbed their hair completely off, all in the names of deliverance.
After barbing their hair, they will pour the whole hair inside a hot chemical and boil them. Afterward it will change the look of the hair for further processing in machine. The processor machines will process the hair into different size, color and shape. After processing, they will package the whole hair and shipped it to Africa.
My beloved, that attachment hair on your head do you know where it comes from? Do you know the foundational problems in life of the original owner of that hair on your head? Moreover, you are happily calling yourself Christian; yet still serving God under his anger while tagging him as a counterfeit Creator.
Christ said… But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows’ Luke 12:7” Why have you decided to bastardize yourself in artificial hair and attachment because of rotten craving for fashion?
Can you added to your hair by worry, or know the numbers of your hair? Matthew 6:27 “Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? Bible says…..Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? Jeremiah 13:23”

Why are you helping God in his creativity by adding a cubit to your hair and changing the color of your hair? You make God a lie by changing the black coiling African hair to a long artificial long hair and coloring, And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life; Revelation 21:27.
Nevertheless; every form of counterfeits are abominable and it shall never enter the kingdom of God. We pray that God shall strengthen and empowers every Christian women who still indulge into artificial hair or attachment.
They should avoid and desist from such abominable and embraced repentance of heart because tomorrow is never promised. In our last topic on this message on artificial hair and attachment, we shall focus insightful on How Christian Women Should Treat Their Natural Hair.

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