My name is Anália Campbell from Darlene, Australia. I’m an evangelical. I’ve accepted Jesus when I was eight years old. Since that day I have never deviated from Lord’s paths. I’ve been in the church for 21 years. I had an out of body experience in May 2000. I’ll relate my experience that I had with Jesus,


I had arrived home from work and I was tired and had pain in my head. My husband went straight from work to church for a pastors’ meeting. I was alone. I took some medicine and I went to lay myself down. I started to gasp for breath when I suddenly felt a shock in my body. It seemed like something was coming out of me when I realized I was standing and my body was lying down.


I heard a voice saying that my spirit will be meeting Jesus.


Jesus said, “Servant today I’m going to reveal to you the spiritual world and the strategies of Satan’s deception. After these revelations, you will not be the same nor will your ministry be the same as before.”


Suddenly darkness came upon me and I found that I was under the earth.


Jesus said, “Now I’ll take you to hell.”


I saw a black hole opening up under my feet. I started to down speedily like a car in an upside down roller coaster in that tunnel. Jesus appeared and held my hand. I stopped falling on my head and went down the throat of hell. We stopped at a valley in hell which emitted a strong stink of carrion. I could not breathe as the stench was a thousand times stronger than any rotten meat from the earth.


I asked Jesus. “Why is this place so stinking when there is no dead person here?”


Jesus answered me, “All those who die in sin and did not have their clothes washed and their bodies purified by the blood of the Lamb will land up in hell.”


Rev 7:14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.


When I looked at the valley of darkness I could not to see anything. Finally, I saw a flaming fire rise up and burning those deformed bodies. Their flesh melted.




Jesus allowed me to see those sins committed by these human beings when they were on earth. I could hear the cry of these souls asking for mercy and wanting water to drink. I began to cry and ask the Lord to take away those people from hell but Jesus said, “I cannot take them away as they chose this place as their home.”


I asked, “What place is this?”


Jesus replied, “Analia, this is the valley where all those who imitate the works of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and practice all sorts of sexual abominations and perversions come here.”


I looked at the valley. I saw giant snakes full of spikes. They looked like pythons and were in embers of the fire that entered the mouth of a woman and ripped and broke her jawbone exposing the skeleton of her mouth. This was also done in the men.


I asked Jesus, “Why are they suffering in that manner?”


He answered, “All those who practice oral sex and anal sex will come to this place with their partners. This place is also full of prostitutes and homosexual believers. The saddest thing is that these perversions are already being practiced by My people. I want My church to watch and pray as Satan is working 24 hours to destroy My church.”



Jesus looked at me and said, “Your works have not pleased Me.”


I said, “What, Lord?” Then I suddenly remembered that I too practiced anal and oral sex with my husband.


Jesus said, “No matter what work you do in church, those who behave like prostitutes will not inherit My kingdom.”


I saw people making pornographic movies, actresses, actors, and people who enjoyed sexual orgies and swinging with multiple partners. All these people had mutilated genitals in hell as a result of demons tormenting and torturing them.


I remembered my life before I got married. Even if I was in the church, I would hide my sins and not confess them. At that moment in hell when I saw those people being tormented for their sexual sins, I started to confess and repent of my sins.


I looked and saw a teenager who was being tormented in the genitalia. I asked the Lord what this girl has done.


Jesus answered me, “She masturbated and sang in the church. I did everything in My heart to stop her but she was compulsive and liked to do it all the days. One day she was going to school and a car ran over her. Now she’s here and feeling sorry for what she has done.”


I also saw a man who raped women while on earth. Now he is in hell and he was being raped by several demons. I also saw pedophiles, swingers, gays, and lesbians When I looked the other way, I saw a man and woman tied together and they were tormented by a tail that penetrated both of them at the same time.


I asked Jesus, “What terrible deed did they do to deserve such suffering?”


The Lord said, “These two were church members on the Earth. This man was a shepherd and he committed adultery with this young woman. They had a lot of intimacy until one day her parents left home and her boyfriend came in armed with a gun and shot both of them. Today they are in hell locked in the same way they died.”




I also saw a missionary suffering in hell. He did God’s work while being single. He would spend time in the house of prostitution. One day as he was leaving the house of prostitution a thief


approached him. He was scared and ran away but he was shot and died at the same time without having the time to regret and repent. He went down to hell.




Jesus took me in the valley where there was a large screen of a television. I asked Jesus, “What is television doing here in hell? He replied, “Television is the work of Satan. My church started to cool down in fervor because of this appliance.”


I saw a young man who had his eyes plucked in hell with a red-hot iron. He was blinded and the demons tormented him. Jesus showed me how this young believer was addicted to television and watched all kinds of movies including horror movies and soap operas movies.


I asked the Lord what happens when someone watches television.


Jesus answered, “Every time someone watches television, an evil spirit enters the person and is housed in his subconscious opening up legality for demonic possession. My Holy Spirit moves away from believers who are watching TV.”



I asked Jesus, “My husband and I have a dream of having a television program to spread God’s Word and the church will help financially pay for the schedules.”


Jesus said, “Television is from Satan. Everyone watching your television program will be serving Satan unknowingly. Light can have no fellowship with darkness. Darkness cannot be in harmony with Me and the temple of God. Tell your church not to blend in with darkness and not to compromise with friendship with the owners of the television stations.”


Suddenly Jesus and I were in Hell’s eye where I could see through an eye all that is happening on the earth. I saw many rich men in suits in various parts of the world doing acts with Satan on earth. I saw altars and children being sacrificed in fatalistic rituals. I saw satanic Hollywood altars where people offer their films to Satan, even evangelical films and cartoons. There evangelicals were being consecrated to Satan to destroy children. I asked the Lord whether these rituals are for them to become rich. The Lord told me, “They’re already rich. These rituals are to destroy humanity. They send legions of demons inside houses through these movies to destroy the lives of people. Their target includes people in My holy church.”


“Servant, these volunteers are scattered in all parts of the world. They are close to the television stations. Before any of these programs enter the airwaves, they all are offered to demons. Nothing leaves the television station without being consecrated to the demons.”


Jesus said, “Look back at the screen.” I saw a large satanic altar full of symbols inside the park of Disneyland. Jesus said, “No one on earth knows how to touch the family like Walter Elias Disney. His great success is due to this work of Satan. He has made a pact with Satan and founded the Disneyland Empire to destroy My children.”


Suddenly Jesus showed me a devil with a clipboard in his hand and on the clipboard, I saw Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry and many vivid drawings of princesses, Japanese anime and others. The devil had the job of working on the children to disturb other children and also adults.


Jesus said, “Satan made plans to destroy My children. I warned My people not to take their children to visit Disneyland.” I saw in a vision that Disneyland is infested with demons. When a child cries, “When are we going to Disneyland?” that child is being possessed by demons.


Then I went up to the land with the Lord and we stayed in the clouds. I saw clouds of demons through the air. I looked at each house and there were different types of demons in them. Jesus allowed me to see the people that were inside their houses. I saw children watching cartoons. I saw demons descending in the shape of more realistic drawings into this house and possessed the children. The same thing also happened when people were watching movies and TV series. The demons of the films possessed those people who watched them. This too happened with novels and programs. Each novel movie program had a demon specific to them.


I watched the newspaper demons possess a family. They were demons of violence. They were the same ones that caused all the destruction and these same ones were in the newspapers. I witnessed on a large scale where I saw houses of believers manifested demons. They did not have the strength to cast out those demons who were causing fights between fathers and sons, between mothers and daughters, between husbands and wives.



Jesus and I went to a meeting of movie makers and actors and producers who were controlled by demons. I could hear them talking and saying, “We have to destroy entire families. Let’s destroy their communities. Let’s stop the unbelievers. Let’s produce the animated cartoons such that in 10 years we will finish them. Then we will set another goal to destroy another targetted group.”


I noticed that before any animated cartoon and film are released to the cinemas, they would be carrying dozens and dozens of posters. I asked, “Lord, what are they doing, carrying those posters?” Jesus answered me, “They are going to consecrate them on the altar of Satan in Hollywood.”




Then Jesus and I went to a big house where hundreds of important political men, judges, doctors, lawyers and wealthy people gathered together. They belonged to the same sect. They had diabolical plans to destroy humanity via important FAO organization men that take care of food and agriculture. They were launching plans to adulterate the plant seeds so that the crops can kill the people. I saw them talking about putting pesticide to cause cancer. I heard them say they will put preservatives on canned products to cause obesity and heart problems. I saw a man from another organization that cares for health by making vaccines with cause mortal illness in people.


I saw politicians talking about the population. They said, “If the population does not have the money to build hospitals and schools and provide employment for all of them, let them be partnered with the organization of health so that we can feed them. We will draw up a plan so that they will come into a New World Order. The only government will come to look after them.” I saw their faces transfiguring into demons.


Jesus told me, “Servant, it’s time. Visit all the churches and warn My people so that they wake up.

Tell them that the spiritual world is not a joking matter. They’ll call you crazy but I’ll be with you.

Get on your feet and tell everything you saw.”


Suddenly I woke up and saw my husband, who was worried since I was unconscious from 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon to three o’clock this afternoon. Barry had come home and became worried seeing my condition. He said he was about to call my parents and then call the ambulance. He said that I was not breathing all night and that I did not move in bed and said that I also looked like a statue and that I was cold. I told him about this experience. He understood and reported in the church. I told everyone to seek sanctification without which no one can see God. I told everyone to be certain in their lives where they stand before God and to escape the devil’s traps. Do everything to stay in the peace of the Lord Jesus. I love you all.

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