I had this vision. I was taken up into Heaven and I was going through a really hard season and I was taken up and when I was there, I had this bridal gown on and I was wearing these really old worn-out tennis shoes. I was running towards Jesus. I was out of breath, which I think it is how most of us feel when we’re in warfare. We feel tired out, worn down, wary.


And Jesus looked at me and He said, “No, no, no, Ana.” And He said, “Listen, take these.”


I looked in His hands and there are these beautiful ballerina dancing slippers and He said, “Put these on and worship.”


So I put on the slippers, I took my old sneakers off, put on the slippers and then I started dancing. As I danced and worshiped, different colors were released in the throne room there in Heaven and I realized we have more power when we combat the enemy through victorious worship than the placement of being in the posture of defeat. That is not the correct posture to do war with the enemy.


I was in Africa with my husband and he was dying. He had gotten a blood infection. It was a staph blood infection. His stomach was bleeding and he had a fever that was really high.


The doctor said to us, “You know, Ana.” They pulled me aside and said, “If he doesn’t get better and turn a corner soon, you’re going to have to go back to the States.”


So I went into the little kitchenette and I prayed. My prayer wasn’t filled with faith. I said, “Dear God, what am I going to do?” I said, “God, show me what to do. Help me. Help me.”


And He said, “Ana, go in there and sing the name of Jesus over Sam,” my husband. So I went into the little room and I said, “Sam, I’m going to sing the name of Jesus over you. I know it doesn’t make sense, but that’s what I know to do.”


He said, “Oh, okay.”


I said, “That’s good enough. That’s an okay.”


So I put my hand on his forehead that was boiling hot and I sang. And I sang Jesus. And as I sang just the name of Jesus, that’s all I sing, the fever went down, it got cooler on his head and I went, “Oh, it’s working.”


So then I put my hand on his chest, which was still boiling hot and I sang the name of Jesus and then it broke there.” I kept going all the way down to his feet. Then finally the fever broke.


He sat up in bed and he said, “I’m hungry.”


I want to thank you, Jesus.




I had this vision where God took me up and I saw all these horses running and they were really wild and beautiful. But then I looked and I saw there’s this one horse that was really struggling. So as I got closer I looked and I saw it had a muzzle over its mouth and on the muzzle was written the word “Offense.”


Then I heard the Lord’s voice say, “Offense blocks My flow of My Spirit.”


I thought, that’s the first time I’d ever heard that. Then He showed me that I was tested with it because we had a car that was gifted to us when we came back from overseas. We didn’t have a vehicle and someone gave us this beautiful car. It was our present from God.


We were like, “Thank you, Jesus.”


Then it was stolen. It was stolen right out from our driveway in the middle of the night. I’ll never forget that moment. We woke up and we realized it had been stolen and we were crying. “God, what are we going to do?”


Then we grabbed hands in the living room and I heard the Lord’s voice say, “I’m testing your response.”


I’ll never forget. We grabbed hands and we said, “We’re going to choose to not be offended no matter what happens, God.”


But this is what I mean by the unoffended heart is if anything gets taken away, that we’ll say, “We love you, Jesus, no matter what. My faith in You is not going to be shaken, no matter what comes. It won’t waver. It won’t be moved because I trust that You are good Daddy and You still will take care of me no matter what it looks like right now.”


I was praying for a woman one day and she came and asked for prayer and she had a lot of things going on actually, cough, respiratory thing, back pain, joint pain, you name it. She had a lot going on, but what happened is as I was praying I saw this image.


I saw a blood cell and written across the blood cell I saw the word “Trauma” written like that.


So I said to her, “I’m just going to ask you something. I feel like the Lord showed me something. I could be wrong, but just tell me.”


I said, “Did you go through some kind of trauma as a child when you were really young?”


She said, “Yes, yes.”


Then I said, “Actually the Lord showed me about that, but what I see is that when that trauma happened, a lie came in that somewhere along the way that you believe that you’re not good enough. I believe this sickness, all this stuff you’re experiencing is all attached to that lie.”


She started crying. We ended up walking her through repenting for coming into agreement with the lie that I’m not good enough. As she broke that off, then she was physically completely healed of everything that she came with.

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So this thing about lies is so important. When we’re in a warfare, I do this all the time. I actually, every day I ask the Lord practically, I say, “Jesus, is there any lie that I’m believing right now that’s not of You?”


When Jesus prayed for that man and all the demons came out of the man, and then the demons asked Jesus, “Can we go into those pigs?”


When I look at that Scripture, I see that demonic activity, it looks for somewhere to land. So I’m like I am not going to be a landing strip for the enemy. I’m going to keep myself clean. I’m going to repent of sin, if I have any sin in my life, first and foremost.


Then I asked the Lord, “Is there a lie I’m believing that’s not of You?”


If Holy Spirit brings it up, I say, “I break my agreement with that lie in Jesus’ name. Now God, show me the truth,” because we’ve got to get truth setback. You pull out the lie, you’ve got to get something to put back in. “So what’s the truth, God?”


Then He shows me and I say, “Now this is mine and I claim it and I declare it over myself.” OIL FOOTPRINTS

I had this encounter where Jesus came to me, and He had a big bowl and He said, “I want to wash your feet, Ana.”


And I said, “No, God.”


And He said, “I want to wash your feet.”


And so I said, “Okay.”


And it wasn’t water in the bowl. It was like an oily substance.


And Jesus sat and He washed my feet, and as He was washing it, I was just weeping. And I was just crying. And after He’s done, He said, “Ana, I want to show you something.”


And so we stood up and He said, “Come on, let’s walk together.”


So we walked together and He said,”Now look behind you,” and behind me I could see our footprints there.


And there were the oily footprints of Jesus and my footprints.


And He said, “Ana, look at that,” and He said, “It’s your joy and your honor to release My glory and My presence.”


And from that encounter, I’ve noticed His presence comes so much thicker on me. My life was really, my ministry really changed after that encounter.


So right after that, I started having miracles and oil appearing, and I went to a congregation in Ohio and I prayed for the pastor’s wife.


Before the meeting started, and I was back in a side room, and I was just soaking in the presence of the Lord, and the pastor’s wife was just there to see if I need anything like water or anything.


And I said, “Come on back, just soak in the presence with me.”


So we’re sitting there just praising God and worshiping. And I looked at her, and she was laying on the floor at the time. I looked at her, and I saw, because as a seer, often people’s body gets highlighted where they need healing. I saw her back with highlights to me, and I said, “God’s healing your back. He’s touching your back right now,” and right then, she felt fire go through her body.


She had come to that meeting with her little lunch cooler box full of ice packs because she’d lived in pain with her back for over 10 years. Now I had no idea. I didn’t know anything about this. She got healed on the spot right there, got filled with joy, and then to the start of our meeting, I said, “You got to come to give your testimony because there’s an anointing for backs.” So she gets up, she shares what just happened and it was like 30 people stood.


I said, “Does anybody have a back problem, spine problem, neck problem.”


And it was about 30 people stood up and we saw God just heal. Just in His glory, in His presence, He just healed them.




One of the greatest and one of the most overlooked weapons is the dance of joy. Dancing in the Spirit of joy is literally a strategy from victory.


I think joy is one of the most overlooked weapons we have against the enemy. There’s that Scripture in Psalm 23 that says, “I sit at the banquet table in the presence of my enemies.”


Then in Psalms also, in 16 it says, “In Your presence is fullness of joy.” So if we’re going to sit at the banquet table where there’s a feast before us in the middle of our enemies and going through warfare, we can actually get full of joy.


Because His presence, we get filled with His presence. We get filled with joy. It actually shifts the atmosphere.


I’ve seen this personally come. I’ve seen it in action because I pray for people sometimes and I have to tell them, “I’m not laughing at your situation. I’m just going to warn you when I get full of His presence I giggle. I just start laughing.”


I said, “Please don’t be offended,” but just like I’m laughing now. Please don’t be offended. But I just feel His goodness and I know that He’s going to heal you, so I just get full of joy. And what happens is then they get healed and I’m like, “Praise God.”


So this thing about joy is so important. But see, we don’t think about warfare like that. We don’t think, oh, we could sit up in His banquet table. People ask me how do you do that? How do you sit up at His banquet table?

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I say now, this seems simple, but I take the scripture and I take it and put it into action. It says Philippians 4:8, it says, “Meditate or dwell on the good things, the pure things, the righteous thing.”


I take that and I sit and I go, “Okay, I think about Jesus. Jesus, You’re good. I love You, God because You’re sovereign. Father.”


So what happens is I’m doing that. I’m no longer thinking about what I’m going through, the hard things, the testing stuff I’m going through. I just think about Him, and as I think about Him, suddenly things start to get lighter, right? It’s like, then you can find yourself right up feasting in His presence. The banquet table is all about feasting in the presence of God.


My husband and me, we actually were on our way back to the States and we ended up in South Africa and we were visiting a church.


There was a man that was paralyzed there. He had partial movement in just his neck about like that, but everything else was paralyzed and he was in a wheelchair.


So I waited until the end of the service. This church, by the way, didn’t move like in signs and wonders and believe in miracles.


So I waited until the end and I said, “Excuse me, could we pray for you? Would that be okay?”


And he said, “Yes, please. I’ve been waiting for somebody.”


So I said, “Oh, praise God.”


So we started praying and we prayed a long time, just to encourage everybody who works in healing ministry that says, why isn’t the instant miracle? You know, it wasn’t like the miracle came right away. Okay? So we prayed.


I really do hang with people when I minister until they get their breakthrough, you know? So we were praying for him and we’re praying and quoting Scripture and everything and then I start laughing.


Oh, it hits me. I said, “I’m so sorry. Look, I’m not laughing because you’re paralyzed. I’m sorry. I have to apologize.” I said, “I’m just so full of the presence of God. I feel so happy.” I’m like, “He loves you.” I’m laughing.


Well, what happened is the presence just went on him. I could see. Now as a seer I can see when there’s impartation and it just fell.


Then he’s like, “Oh.” He starts laughing and he’s like, “Oh.”


I’m like, “Your neck just moved. Did you see that?”


And he goes, “Oh, I did.”


So then I heard Holy Spirit say, “Ana, sing over him.”


I’m like, “Oh no.” I’m not a professional singer, you know? But I said, “Okay, excuse me. I’m going to sing over you now.”


And he said, “Okay, I guess. Bring it. Whatever you got, bring it.”


He was open. So then I just started singing over him and he got completely healed. He was completely healed. It happened to be his birthday. Now, we didn’t know that and so he went, got running out of his wheelchair into the church foyer and said, “I’ve been healed! I’ve been healed! Miracles of God are real. Miracles of God are real. It’s my birthday.” It was amazing.




That was during that 30 days where I woke up and was in heaven. I would wake up and I would see Jesus. We would meet kneecap to kneecap, we’d meet in the garden, and we’re kneecap-to-kneecap, eye-to-eye, and we would talk heart-to-heart. And one day I came to Him with, like a heavy burden on me.


We had just seen someone incredibly healed through our healing rooms, and at the same time, a friend of ours was really suffering from cancer, and so I was holding both of those experiences in my hands going, “God, where are You in both this?”


And then also, I was going through normal parenting struggles with my kids, and knee-to-knee, eye-to-eye, and I said, “Jesus,” and I was crying and I said, “How did You handle it? How did You carry the weight of the world and handle this?”


He said, “Ana, lean into Me. You lean into Me.” He said, “This world will strip you. But you lean into Me, worship Me and keep your focus.” And He said, “Ana, look at Me. Lean in.”


And ever since then, I’ve learned just as I go about day-to-day just to lean into Him more.


I was supposed to speak at a conference at the Women’s Aglow meeting, and the honest truth is I was not feeling well. I was really sick that morning, and I said, “God, if I’m going to do this, heal me Lord, or send me back up. Please.”


That was my prayer. Now I was declaring, “I’m going to be healed, I’m going to be healed.”


And then I got there and I wasn’t healed. And I was like, “Oh, I’m not feeling good.”


And we’re during worship, worship is going on, and my assistant looked at me and she said, “Oh, you know, I can’t see them but I feel them. Are there angels here?”


And right then, my spiritual eyes were open, and I saw angels lining the whole back of the stage where I was going to preach, lining the back in the lights.


I went to preach, and I gave a message and then we did an altar call. If you need healing, come for it, and the altar got filled. And as I was going to go start praying, I stopped because I felt a warm heat come behind my right shoulder. So I looked behind me like this, and there I saw an angel standing right there, and the angel’s holding a kneecap in his hand.



So I went and I said, “Does anybody need healing in their knee?”


And it was a person right in front of me, the first lady, and she said, “Me, me, me!”


So I went, grabbed the knee and then I just put it on her knee, and there was an audible pop.


I literally, felt that kneecap in my hand. It felt a weight, the heaviness of it and it was hot. It felt hot to my touch. So I put it in her knee, it healed. There was a pop, she’s screaming, “I’ve been healed!” She’s jumping, jumping, jumping.


And I said, “That’s awesome! Anything else?”


One by one, angels continued to bring me body parts, and that for me was a new experience of partnering with angels and partnering with what God is releasing from heaven. And He released body part after body part after body part in that meeting. It was incredible. I have seen the body parts room in Heaven before.


I saw body parts hanging in the air that God wants to put into some of the people in the congregation in Washington, DC. We were praying and then suddenly I looked up and I saw these kidneys fall from the sky. So I grabbed them. Now this sounds weird, but I grabbed them.


And so I held them and I say, “Who here need kidneys?” Then slowly but surely this woman came forward and she said, “Oh, that’s me.”


I said, “I’ve got them. Can I pray for you to be healed from whatever’s going on?”


She said, “Yes, yes, yes.”


So I prayed. I said, “In Jesus’ name, I pray for the creative miracle of new kidneys.” I just released them and then she was completely healed.


How I know she was healed is she said, “God, I want to test this.” She went to drink gallons of water, which she could never hold her urine before without pain and she was completely healed. It was amazing.


But here’s the truth. This life is nothing more than a blink of the eyes and it’s over compared to eternity which has no end, and it’s all so true. No matter how healthy you are, no matter how young you are, you don’t know when your time will end, so there is nothing to compare with knowing God experientially before you die, because the only way you’ll know where you’re going to go after you die is if you know God experientially before you die, and I know how you can do it, because God loves the whole world, but let’s narrow in right on you right now. God loves the whole world, but He loves you.




I was in Israel. I went down under the water and when I came up I wasn’t there. I know that sounds really weird, but it’s the truth. I was gone. All I could see, I couldn’t see the River Jordan any longer and all the people there. I couldn’t see anybody. I was seeing the throne of God and I was right there and when I looked into the throne, when I saw the throne, I saw fire. Holy fire.


People think of fire and they think of hell, but it wasn’t that. It was glory, but the glory carries such fire in it. And when that fire, I could see it. Now I saw other people there too. And when I saw the fire flowing and it hit me, it felt like electricity going through my body.


I’ve had touches of the baptism of fire before, but this was unprecedented and I was shaking like violently shaking and the fire was just burning through me all the way head to toe.


I know that I was somewhere I could hear my voice, my own voice crying out. And what I said was, “Holy, holy, holy, holy.” And all I could do is cry that out over and over.


I saw the glory timeline that God showed me. I was sitting with friends and there was a prophet there and suddenly I saw a fire between my hands and I could feel it and then suddenly I saw a wall of fire and I heard Holy Spirit say, “Stick your head in the wall.”


It sounds weird, but I stuck my head through the wall of fire and when I stuck it through, I came out and I was looking right at Jesus. I was looking right into His eyes. There’s an impartation for you right now to grab on to this, but I was looking into His eyes and I saw through His eyes, I saw this timeline.


I saw myself and others as a speck in the history of this timeline. And what I saw, now I know we’re in the glory right now, but there’s a bigger wave coming. I saw this huge wave coming. It was a tsunami wave, but it was carrying fire and out of that fire was repentance. I saw hundreds and thousands of people running forward to the altars in repentance and I just want to declare right now really quick. Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God. There is a level of purity that God is pouring out right now. It’s coming. This wave is coming.


[Source: Sid Roth]

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