I am the last of 10 siblings. From birth, strange things began to happen to me. I remember a childhood full of terror at nightfall. I was constantly persecuted and tormented by demons throughout my childhood. I’d crawl in a small space because I was afraid of the sun. My father put me in a Catholic school where I learned to pray the Rosary.


At six years of age, when I could not bear the situation in my father’s house, I moved to my sister’s house and it is there that at the age of 12, I was invited to a friend’s house and had my first encounter with tarot and the invocation of spirits.


My friend said, “I need to have a serious talk with you.”


We met at a neighbor’s house and he took out tarot cards then put it on a table. He filled a crystal ball with water and put it to the side.


“Don’t take your gaze off this glass because we can’t play with the tarot cards until they come and drink the water.”


I said, “Who’s coming here?”


He said, “Demons.”


I laughed and thought this was crazy. Shortly, I felt a strange presence in the room. I felt my skin loosen and saw the water slowly flow out of the glass as if it were broken. I learned how to summon demons, necromancy, etc. I floated in the air until demons wouldn’t let me sleep. They’d whisper in my ears, “Kill yourself! You”re worthless!” I was 13 then.



I looked for the razor to slit my wrists and die but couldn’t so I went to the outskirts of a volcano. I tripped over an enclosure with barbed wire. I grabbed it with all of my force and cried. At midnight, as blood dripped from my hands, I heard footsteps behind me. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and I saw a man I never saw before.

He said, “Don’t cry anymore. Look for revenge.”


He put a slip of paper in my shirt pocket. “This has an address. Look for it as a special favor from me.”


He floated across the enclosure as if he were a ghost.


I looked for the address and it was a beautiful white house with a beautiful green garden. It had cars but they were dirty and dusty. I knocked on the door and called. Then the door slowly opened. The man smiled as if he knew me.


“Young man what do you want?”



I gave him the paper. He looked at it and said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m the person who’ll help you. Trust me. All I ask is you stay here for 7 days then we’ll talk.”



I walked in and it was completely dark. At the back, there were candle lights. I walked into a room and saw an altar with candles, but there was no one. On the 7th day, I saw the man seated with 2 books.



“I congratulate you…I am Professor Fronteras. I’m from Mexico and I’m the representative of the Church of Satan in El Salvador..”



As he invoked demons, I felt a dark evil presence engulfed my body. “I want you to stay with me.


These books have supernatural powers, but I can’t elect you,” Fronteras said.



He stood up and wrote 3 questions on a whiteboard taken from one of the books then said, “Write a letter asking Satan to accept you. Put the 3 questions in the center of the letter and leave space for the answers.”


I waited for days until I went to a mountain and under a rock, I put the envelope.



Fronteras said, “We’ll wait until the spirits signal when you’ll go for the response. I tell you this because not all Satanists wait in the same time frame for the response.”


I waited for 7 days. He showed me a ritual and told me to do it 7 times before going for the envelope.

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“When you go for the response, take a 7-inch candle, a box to put the candles in, a cotton ball, and oil-paper of any Roman Catholic church.”


I knelt down and did the ritual then I felt a cold wind blow the candle out. I felt like I was kneeling on jello. The earth was cold and felt like it would crack to send me down into the abyss. I closed my eyes tight and felt Satan along with his demons walk towards me. They were so real that if I were to stretch my hand out, I would’ve touched someone. I felt a horrible presence and I was shaking.


When I gave the letter back to the professor, he opened his arms and said, “Welcome, the spirits accepted you..”


I suffered a terrible fever. Later, he gave me half a cup to drink. I didn’t ask what was in it so I asked. In Satanism, there are 7 levels and each level has 170 hours of instruction with a space of 20 hours in each one. Once you complete the final stage of initiation, they rip a page of the Bible and burn it. They take the ashes and dissolve it in a glass of water then give it to you to drink as a blasphemy against the Word of God. Satanists rip Bibles, spit on them, stand over them, burn them, and many more things.



Professor Fronteras said, “We can’t continue the initiation until you perform a blood ritual.”


He prepared me in mind, soul, and body. He had me go to a church and walk 7 steps. On the 7th step, I cut the veins in my right arm then used the blood to form a circle. I took out a paper with many blasphemies and I read and did them one by one. That night was horrible. After I left, I touched myself to see if I was still alive. I couldn’t stop bleeding then the professor branded me with tattoos using fire. He branded an inverted cross on my right arm and my heart. The other tattoo on my right leg is the pentagram. The last tattoo on my back is the Devil in the form of a beautiful angel. He had one skull in his raised hand and an inverted cross in the lowered one.


Fronteras told me, “This night, you should know the angel in your back is Satan. The skull is Jesus and the cross symbolizes Satan killing Jesus and sending Him to the deepest parts of hell. The stupidest decision of God was sending Jesus to the cross because He died as a coward, defeated, the worst mistake of God, etc..”

Satanism teaches Jesus fought Satan and lost. They have you recite “Jesus died” a thousand times

every night. I bought many things, fasted several times, etc. Sometimes, the rituals ended in blood

as demons instructed through mediums. When they do, the witches make the pentagram with blood

and put candles around them then establish Satanic altars. They bring the largest block of ice on the ground and use a bronze coin with a crucified dog on one side and a pig on the other.


One person stands in the center of the pentagram with a coin in one hand and an outstretched hand over the block of ice. Someone comes and slashes his arm. As the ice bathes in blood, they recite a prayer, “Oh Satan we ask you just as the blood falls over the ice, the Evangelicals will grow cold as well. May the church be dead where their mouths are too heavy to praise God.” They often brought pictures of pastors to confirm the rituals.


I have many scars from these rituals. Once, my finger hung by a thread. I came to know 18 Satanic books. I did a ritual in a graveyard in San Miguel for 7 days.


Fronteras said, “Make sure you do not use one body of a dead Christian.”


I asked around to make sure. A medium communicated with spirits to confirm whether or not the person was a Christian. Chapter 28 article 3 of the Satanic Occultism manual says, “Never perform magic on a Protestant.” It’s absolutely forbidden because if you do, you’ll face the consequences. I saw witches become paralyzed when they tried to harm Christian campaigns. I saw witches roll around like rabid dogs vomiting all over the streets under the judgment of God.



One of the most powerful witches of the East came to do harm to a preacher. A dog in the church died and the people felt a strange presence so they prayed. The witch wanted to leave but he couldn’t. He convulsed on the ground and became a Christian


Professor Fronteras’ congregation was unimaginable. I don’t know how they got so much money. They’d have their services announced on TV trying to recruit people via mediums for any reason – love, healing, fortune-telling, etc. Even some Christians were tempted. 9 men came to be initiated like I was. The professor said, “Stay and help me.” I instructed them on the basics of Satanism, but the rest was up to the professor.

We taught them for almost a year until we heard of a Christian campaign. Evangelist Pablo Rosales was coming. Every night, they had 20 people which wasn’t normal at the time. Every night, there were miracles and healings. One of the Satanists came in disbelief of a major power there. I heard the power was so real that many felt dew falling over them. Everyone cried as they accepted Jesus, including the Satanist who went there. I was in bed until Fronteras with his powers initiated a process of liberation in my life. I astral projected myself and prepared myself then Fronteras said, “The Protestants took away a student tonight. Let’s make a grand fast this day! Let’s block the campaign! Let not one more day pass!”

We fasted and invoked supernatural powers. We wanted the pastor to get sick, the equipment to get destroyed, something to stop the campaign. The Professor told me, “Go and kill the pastor” 3 times


In Satanism, someone who acts in the 4th category is still normal. Someone who can look at a flower and disintegrate it with mental powers is normal. Someone who works and resists in the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th levels is not normal. Fronteras called a dog and looked at it. Quickly, the dog fell over vomiting blood, and died. He said it was his mental powers. I was taught how to break a glass and lift objects.

I went to the campaign, crossing a river in the night. Half-way, the pastor was standing. He ran to find me, hugged me, cried, and said, “Son, you didn’t come because you wanted to. God brought you here. God wants to forgive you. God wants to save you. God has a marvelous plan for your life. God wants to do something with your life.” His arm felt so heavy, I couldn’t support it. I was sure of revenge. I thought, “Oh little pastor if only you knew what I came to do to you tonight..


He accompanied me in and I sat as close as I could to the pastor. Other churches filled the church from the inside out. I felt something strange because I didn’t know how to leave. There was no way out. People were dancing, talking in tongues I didn’t understand, crying, “I felt something strange in my body.”


The Evangelist came crying and said, “Brothers, when I was praying, the Holy Spirit revealed there are demons here tonight.”

The church stood up and prayed. I wanted to leave, but I was stuck. As the Evangelist began preaching, I invoked curses on him. In occultism, there’s no human that can resist these incantations. I tried 3 times and nothing worked. I was confused and thought, “What’s wrong with this man? He’s like concrete.”

The Evangelist closed the Bible and said, “..the Holy Spirit urges me not to preach. Tonight, the Holy Spirit will manifest Himself and drive out demons here!”

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People were crying, people begging for healing, people accepting Jesus, etc. People brought me face to face with the Evangelist.

He said, “I don’t want anyone praying with their eyes open. Whoever doesn’t close their eyes, I’ll stick my fingers in their eyes.”


I didn’t listen and concentrated to the max on the 3 mysteries of hell. As I was concentrating, I felt drops of water fell over my head. I looked up and there was no water in the ceiling. I felt a strange fire come over my body from the inside out. I closed my eyes in fear and felt a hand touch my shoulder. I was trembling like never before. That power threw me to my knees and I spoke in tongues.



As I was drenched in sweat, the pastor came and said, “Young man get up. You accepted Jesus tonight.”

I said, “No sir, I did not accept anyone” and left.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. Christians told my father I accepted Christ. I told my father it was a lie. I was supposed to be in a blood ritual, but this force didn’t allow me. I was at my father’s property and I heard a voice in the air say, “Return to the campaign!”

I looked around and there was no one there. I returned to the campaign and sat in the back. I only stood up and the power that came over me didn’t let me walk. Right there, I began crying uncontrollably.

An elderly man said, “Young man, you’re crying. Do you want to accept Jesus tonight?”


With all of his strength, he brought me to the front and I accepted Christ.


When I accepted Christ, Satan declared war on me. He wouldn’t let me sleep one minute for 10 days until someone told me to look for a certain pastor.


I said, “Pastor, I need your help.”


The pastor said, “What’s wrong?”


I said, “The Devil won’t let me sleep.”


He said, “Tell me the truth. Do you have any Satanic materials?”



I said “I made a pact with the Devil. I have 18 books.


He said “My God! Where do you have them?”


I said “Here, in my clothes.”


He said, “Bring the books. We”re going to the church. I’m going to burn them and you”re not leaving until God delivers you.


When he said that, I laughed. In Satanism, each book is classified into categories. They’re all consecrated to the darkness. Human blood is spilled on every 3 pages. When you throw it into a river, it’ll appear under your pillow.

He put oil over each book and lit them on fire. Like snakes, they twisted and turned as they burned.

The pastor had me fasting for 5 days.


Someone told me to go into a dark corner and take a lamp to know the demon who disturbed me when I accepted Christ. It was a giant. Its dark skin looked like it was bathed in oil and shined bright. Not one hair as on its body. It had breasts like a woman’s dropping all the way down to its waist and there was a baby was sucking on its breasts.

I heard a voice tell me, “Pick up a stone and throw it at the demon!”


When I picked it up, the demon left.


The voice said, “This rock symbolizes your work and fastings.”


The liberation process began where I had to fight for my soul and with the help of God, I have become an evangelist who with my testimony now preaches the great power and triumph of Christ over darkness and the forces of Satanism.

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