990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness By Evangelist Olufunmilayo-Series 4

I pray; may the Lord God almighty bless your soul as you follow me in series 4 of this confession message of my 990 years in kingdom of darkness. I also pray that you shall not lose the grace of the last day and the program of the kingdom of darkness of the last day shall not take away your life; and may the Lord God almighty save and blessed you all in Jesus name.
This is the continuation and series 4 of my confession of 900 years in the kingdom of darkness. Though, many people have been disturbing me because they want to know about my conversion and how I encounter and meet with Christ. I have endeavored to release this message severally for a long time but I was hinder by the kingdom of darkness.
But am very grateful to God for the children of God who have been praying ceaselessly for me, some are in Nigeria, Canada, U.S.A, Ghana and other various countries. They have been fasting and praying for me in order to ensure that the kingdom of darkness is totally put to shame. I thank God for answering their prayers and I pray that the almighty God will protect and preserve all your soul for his kingdom in eternity in Jesus name.
Once again, it’s a glorious grace for me to expose the mystery of kingdom of darkness. In my previous confession in series 3, I emphasis the purpose and reason why I was sent to Nigeria, my operation in Nigeria and other places, my operation in religion, our demonic exploit in Christendom and how we established many fakes churches. However, in this series 4 of my 990 years in the kingdom of darkness confession; am going to explain:

  1. How I encounter with Jesus Christ.
  2. I will also emphasize about bank Cashless policy.
  3. The program of kingdom of darkness against the world today; which many people thought it is advancement or scientific discovery but isn’t.
Evangelist funmilayo adebayo of 990 years in kingdom of darkness
Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo

I will begin on how I meet with Christ. Before I encounter Jesus Christ I didn’t pray because I don’t like to do anything with Jesus Christ. The day I encountered with Jesus Christ I was in an assignment to check a record in Hell Fire. Hence, during my days in the kingdom of darkness we believe that Hell was not a terrible place. We easily go in and out as a special satanic agent.
The fiery burning flame of hell doesn’t burn us and neither the heat hurt us. We just felt it very good because we didn’t knew that in the days of reckoning and judgments day of the Lord that such power will be powerless and becomes neutralized. In those days; whenever we went to Hell for a mission, we don’t feels the heat or anything special due to the satanic power which Satan has deposited in us.
Let me drew your mind to various testimonies of people who has gone to Hell but came back to Earth with a special message and divine testimonies which contain horror and terrible things about Hell. My dear, if you are still pondering about the existence of Hell or perhaps YOU DON’T BELIEVE THE EXISTENCE OF HELL, please there is Hell and it’s real.
If you are one of my co-satanic associates or agents in those days and you still felt that Hell is nothing, please I am out of your kingdom. But the reality thing about Hell is that Hell is something. I was once deceived as you are deceived but am grateful unto God for his mighty deliverance upon my life.
When it comes to knowledge about Hell; there are different parts, places and departments in Hell. Any damn soul in Hell at this moment is just in an entrance of Hell Fire while the real main Hell is deeper.
It’s very horrible and painful than Hell Fire it’s self. The deeper furnace part of Hell is known as the lake of fire. Therefore in those days we normally go to Hell fire. All human being born on Earth, your name is there in Hell either you believe it or not, your names are all written in Hell.
During the day of your naming ceremony two spirits will appear, one from Hell and the other from kingdom of God. The evil spirit or demon that came from Hell will write any name given to the child but the angel that came from heaven will not. Immediately he perceived that the name of the child is attached with any idol, for examples;
In Nigeria there is a tribe called Yoruba who has different deities, some are call god of thunder or Sango, god of iron, god of Ifa, god of Ogun, god of Osun. There are also names which are attached to these demonic deities such as Ogunbiyi, Ogunsanya, Ogundare etc.
However, if the name of the child is attached to any gods the angel will not write it down, he will disappear immediately. I have beheld many pastors who had listened to my testimony and heard my preaching concerning changing of names; unfortunately some of them usually say it doesn’t mean. My dear if your name doesn’t mean anything to God he wouldn’t have changed the name of Abram to Abraham, Sarah to Sarai, and Jacob to Israel.
Please every name represents something and also has a great meaning before God. Check and read through your bible, if God want to call anyone he always called them by the name of their father’s, such as Joshua the son of Num, David the son of Jesse etc.
If your name has anything to do with any idol, my dear you will miss Heaven for that. There are many innocent soul and saints in Hell Fire just because their names are attached to idol. Hence, the first spirit [demon] that came from Hell can write the name of anybody irrespective of it idolatry attached or meaning.
The names of every living soul is recorded in the book of Hell and the reason why we always went to hell to check name is that; if someone is a saint and your name is still in Hell fire, inasmuch you are living a Holy life the blood Jesus Christ will cover the name and no person can be able to read, pronounced it or meddle with it.
But the moment you commit sin the blood of Jesus Christ will disappear or wiped off and your name will reappear. Immediately your name re-appears it means your name is no more written in the book of life in heaven. It means your life is in sin and no longer qualifies for Heaven. If the name appears in Hell it can’t appear in book of life. Whenever the blood of Jesus Christ covered your name in Hell it means your name is written in the golden book of life in Heaven.
So whenever any genuine child of God offended us, I don’t mean counterfeits born again Christian who are deceiving themselves. Jesus Christ knew his children, though they might not understand the thought which he has toward them but he knew them by their names because the names of every saints are recorded in the book of life.
the lamb book of life
So, if your name is in the book of life it’s also recorded in Hell but covered with the blood of Jesus Christ.  We often goes to Hell to check names of records because if we mistakenly killed any saint which name still appear in the book of life we will lose such soul and Satan will punished us severely; that is why we always conduct several investigation before launching an attack.
Now, one fateful day I was going to Hell to check the name of a brother, very holy, fearful and obedient unto God. But in those days I discovered that something happens. Every human being either you are holy or a sinner, the very day you were born and your name is given to you about 70 demons is automatically attached to you.
There is no way you will commit sin secretly that the demon wouldn’t know. Even if God will overlook your sin demons will not overlook it. They are always watching us. Please if you say you are born again be aware of hidden sin because any sin you commit is always exposed; demons are monitoring you both inwardly and outwardly.
On that fateful day, this brother committed a sin and the stand-by and monitoring demon that were examining him quickly sent us a signal that the brother had committed a sin of lying. It happen that the brother was a graduate, educated but was frustrated, no work, no wife, no house, no children for many years.
We render him useless just because he was living a righteous life with fear of God. Because he refuses to compromise his faith, commit sin or backslide and that was reason why we were tormenting and frustrating the brother by shutting down all his financial breakthrough, connection and prosperity.
We want to frustrate him until he co-operate yet he refused to yield, that is why we kept tormenting him with various hardship, suffering, hindrance, backwardness and poverty while we kept monitoring him. But on that day, due to intensive frustration he was force to lie. He was into a small scale road side business.
He usually showcase his goods and makes his sales whenever there is any road traffic; though he borrows the money for the business but unfortunately on that very day the government official were on duty. The government officials were arresting those interrupting the free movement of vehicle on the highway due to the heavy traffic jam.
The brother was later apprehended, they interrogate him about the owner of the goods which was drop beside the road. Though he knew if they discovered that he was the owner of the goods, they will arrest him and also took away all his commodities.
Therefore, he doesn’t want them to arrest him which prompts him to deny that he didn’t know the owner of the goods. That was the only sin he committed while many Christian will call it wisdom. 1 John 5:17a “All unrighteousness is sin” Any sin you commit, it doesn’t matter the kinds of name you called it, sin is a sin. If you like call it the wisdom of God or anything but in nutshell sin is a sin.
Immediately he commits the sin of lying, a signal was sent throughout the whole world; because I was in charge of Africa continent I quickly went to make research in his personal life in order to execute him before his repentance. I was in a very high speed to Hell to inquire more about his name and also to carry out the assignment.
I was travelling at a high speed of light than a jet because I have gotten to a higher spiritual realm and rank in the kingdom of darkness which none human has ever accomplished. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name “Funmilayo” though I have only two general names which am called.
Physically on Earth my family called me “Funmilayo” while in spiritually realm am known as “Ronkes baby” During those years I usually appear in two different forms. While at home my family known me as a good child but whereas in spirit am terror.
Hence, I was surprise when I heard that name in spirit world and kept wondering who could possibly know me by such name. It’s only on Earth am recognized as “Funmilayo” while my co-agents known me as “Ronke” in spirit world yet none of them has the access or privilege to called me Funmilayo in spiritual realm.
For this reason I was furiously annoyed while in high speed to check the record. The voice called the second time but I refuse to hearken. He called the third time; with annoyance I look back in order to behold and rebuked the person but I was utterly amazed at the sight of the strange personality.
I can’t even lay dept emphasis-on or portray how he looked because he was tall and handsome; honestly I never thought I could ever come across any man that possessed such attributes of handsomeness and beauty.
I was amazed because in our knowledge and according to our discovery; we thought it was Lucifer [The Devil] was the most beautiful personality on Earth because of how he was adored with beauty and fashioned with precious stones by God while man is only created with dust.
the creation of man with earth

Due to this fact I didn’t knew that man can possessed such an elegant handsomeness of beauty than devil. I was reasoning in thoughts who thou art is this strange personality? Due to my fast thinking memory I immediately recalled that we were once taught about the dazzling beauty of the son of the owner; he is more beautiful than Lucifer because in our kingdom we don’t call the name JESUS. We only regard and knew him as the son of the owner.
I was wondering this could be the son of the owner but why is he so glamorously endowed with such beauty and handsomeness like this? While in was still pondering he called my name and said; Funmilayo, I stop you because I want to sent you a message.
I was so surprised, I laugh and tinkle, [you want to send me message]; I replied and said, But your word says, you know your people and your people knows youJohn 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” He replies and says; The Earth is of the Lord and everything that dwelt in itPsalm 24:1 ” The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein”
Aaahh, Then I said but your word says that nobody can serve two masters. Matthew 6:24 “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon” He replies and says; with God all things are possible. Luke 6: 37 “For with God nothing shall be impossible”
In my earnest desire to utter the 3rd quotation, then I remembered we were taught in the kingdom of darkness, whenever you are in an encounter in WORD with any strong Christian or personality, if they wins and overcame you in the 1st, 2nd encounter with WORD and finally wins you in 3rd attempt you will becomes their slave under the power of word.
For this reason I didn’t want him to win me again. Hence, I pretend and said alright if that be the case say whatever you want to say. He now discovered that I was lying. He perceived in my heart that I was just pretending.
Then he said, you want to go to Hell and check record. I said yes. He said; no problem, if that is the place you want to go I will permit you to go. Before he finishes his statement a strange whirl force turns my face toward Hell and I was accelerating with a greater speed that I have not experience before in my life.
As I said, since I have been voyaging to Hell I had never felt the fiery burning heat of Hell. However, on that fateful day as I was running in high speed to Hell the heat kept increasing. I felt the heat terribly, it was so high and horrible like someone who is in Lagos state Nigeria perceiving the heat in Kaduna state. I couldn’t bear the heat anymore because all my soul was almost burning and turning into charcoal.
When the pain was so severe and terribly to bear, then I recalled my period while schooling in kingdom of darkness, my satanic lecturer taught us that a solder that isn’t dead will certainly live to fight another day. Therefore it’s better I pretend and surrender to this man so that he will not killed me, so I would go and get prepared in order to fight him another day.
Nevertheless, I succumbed unto JESUS in my pretense heart and screamed in a loud voice; alright I will go for you, please sent me, sent me, please sent me, I will go for you. Immediately I shouted and proclaimed this agreements tune, within a tinkle of second the speedy force that was transporting me to Hell suddenly stop, reversed and brought me back to the feet of Jesus Christ.
My face was bowed down before him but I struggle to behold his face once again in order to surrender my wiliness and tell him to send me his message, but unfortunately I couldn’t. It was his grace that empowered me to behold his face during my first “WORD” encounter with him. I didn’t know that is wasn’t easy to behold the face of Jesus Christ.
Yet with great effort I tried to glance and look at his face. Oh my God, My dear brethren, the radiant and brightness of light, forces and mighty powers that emit from his eyes is 100 times greater than the reflecting beaming light of the sun. The lightness was so heavy and powerful.
As I glimpse at his face the lightness be felled my eyes and I quickly bowed down. I couldn’t stand up because the powerful force of the lightness on his face was so heavy to behold. Then I began to ponder, so his face is so powerful like this, why didn’t he revealed this to me during my word encounter with him?
Afterward, I decipher that the powerful force of light that proceeded from his face has destroyed many things in my body because every part of my body is enchanted with demonic weapon, which comprises thousands of snakes; my hair, eyes, nail, stomach etc, are all charmed with dangerous weapon. Everything was destroyed by the powerful force that beamed from the face of Jesus Christ, Including all the powers I always used for astral travelling. I become powerfulness and empty.
Then he said, listen to the message and assignment am giving to you. Funmilayo, go back to the world and tell my people that I am coming for them because rapture will soon take place. The time is up; it’s only 5 minutes to go. Tell them 5 minutes to go and I will soon come to take my people home. Tell my people to prepare and not to look back because it’s 5 minutes to go.

As he makes the last statement, I suddenly woke up. Immediately I woke up, my dear brethren I couldn’t find it easy with my body. That fiery heat of hell fire that dried my soul, veins, ribs and muscles in spiritual realm affected me greatly. When I awoke up I discovered that my blood was dried and my body temperature was so high. There were pains all over my body and i fell sick.
As I was crying my parent summoned around me inquiring reason of my tears but I lied to them that I have stomach pain. I didn’t want to expose the secret to them because during those years I don’t use to sick and I have not been to hospital before. However, my parents were surprised and later took me to the hospital because they have not be felt me in such condition before.
They eventually took me to a hospital called “Specialist hospital” which is located in Ojuore, along Ota road in Ogun state Nigeria. Hence, to my uttermost surprise I didn’t know that the kingdoms of darkness are already aware of my encounter with Jesus Christ and my predicament. They have arranged everything and also programmed how to pass a message across to me.
There was one of our agents a medical woman called Iya ibeji. She also feels sick in her husband house in order to come and talk to me. However, when I got to the hospital I meet her in same hospital room where I was admitted. After everybody has left the room she started ministering to me, even if you were within the room you can’t perceived that she is talking to me.
She told me; please sorry, we all behold the encounter and also what transpire within your body system. I was furiously annoyed and retorted; so all of you saw me but refuse to come for my aid. Why can’t you come and rescue me, what if that man hath killed me? She busted into laughter and said; he can’t kill you. I said but he has destroyed all my powers.
She replies, Yes we know he has destroyed all your powers, that is reason why am sent in order to give you some powers that will enable you to come to our meeting. Yet I was greatly annoyed but I accepted the power.
After some days I went to the meeting but was seriously annoyed with them. There was a powerful screen in our kingdom which revealed every activity, no hidden secrets in the whole world that is not exposed in such screen. I retorted, so you all are here watching me through the screen and refuse to assist me, what if that man hath killed me?
They all laugh and said he can’t killed you because he is a merciful God; he purposely wants to send you a message. Please don’t hearken unto him for he is powerless, he didn’t have any power. I retorted at them, that was how you have been deceiving me; you told me that this man has no power, how did he manage to destroyed all my powers after you have affirmed that I have been given a greater powers that no man challenge?
You told me that my power is the greatest in the whole world. Now, tell me, who was that man that tormented me in such a disastrous manner whose uses his power to dry all my powers? They replies, don’t hearken and neither follow him for he is powerless. If you follow him you will lose.
Then I said, inasmuch he has power more than you I will followed him. They replied and said, if you intend to follow him, don’t you know how many of his servant you have killed? Let assumed he has power why can’t he delivered them from you?
This mean he is powerless, that is how he always entices them with big mouth and later forsakes them for enemy to kill them. Therefore if you follow him, you will also be killed the same way you killed many of his servants, please don’t followed him. That was how they convinced me because I have killed many of his ministers.
If truly this man has power why can’t he deliver them from me? No, I can’t follow him. Thereafter I was equipped with more powers than before, i become more powerful. Formerly I don’t use to attack churches but only indulges in church pollution, initiating worldliness in churches and defilement of the congregation.
Hence, after this encounter with Jesus Christ I angrily focused my attack on pastors and other ministers of God. After a year I experienced another encounter but this time I was in a dream. Let me rephrase this, my dear brethren, I don’t believe in sermon and nobody ever preach to me before I surrender my life to Jesus Christ. I once believe that preaching of the gospel is just a secular job and anybody can become trained into such professionalism.
I believe the bible is a language which anybody can read and practice some scriptures verses and start presenting it to people. I foresee preaching as a business because I don’t believe in sermon. God knew that nobody can preach to me to repent or change. Lord God almighty is a master planner and already knew the gospel tools to implement and how to apply and use it in order to ensure my converting.
Proverb 21:1 “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will” Please be aware of this fact, if God needs you he knew how to arrest and got you converted. God is your creator and your heart is in his hands. He control and directed your heart as the rivers of water and wheresoever that is pleases him. Nobody can prove stubborn unto God unless he isn’t ready to arrest you.
But whenever he is ready to arrest your heart he will certainly wins your heart. Nevertheless, he will give you free chance and choice of good will to make your own perfect decision before he invades because he can’t force or compelled you to repent.
All the numerous divine revelation messages of Heaven and Hell and encounters of those that were formerly involved in demonic kingdoms and wickedness you have behold and read; portraying about their spiritual journeying to celestial city of Heaven and horror journey to Hell fire and back with divine revelation messages are purposely enacted by God in order to convinced you and also to sent a messages across to billions of earthly soul whose heart are sealed with hot iron of iniquities.
God purposely released his grace and commissions those people to encounter such glorious and horrible spiritual experience of those who turneth from darkness to lightness in order to convince and pierced your heart to re-think about where to spend your eternity.
Yet, if all these great signs of divine revelations and testimonies doesn’t touch your mind or convinced your heart unto repentance and you refuse to change from your wickedness. My dear Hell Fire shall change you but it shall be too late.
Repentance in Hell shall amount into an everlasting torment and doom while repentance of today on Earth shall brought about salvation. However, if you are possessed by doubting spirit and refuse to hearken unto this confession, I advice, you did better go for deliverance because God can’t lie, Heaven and Hell is real, I forewarn you.
The second encounter that leads to my salvation and finally succumb unto the message of Jesus Christ occurred in my dream while I was still residing in Ifelodun Street, off Joju road, Sango in Ogun State, Nigeria.
In that dream I was walking along a pathway in order to purchase something, suddenly I look up and behold the sky contracting and shrinking mysteriously like someone folding-up a mat. Suddenly I behold a very long stair-case descending from Heaven which comprises very tall and giant angels of God. The angels stood at each side, left and right side of the staircase holding a long trumpet on their hands whose length is like an electric pole.
At the edge of the staircase I saw a beautiful and glorious throne of a king and a man was seated on it with a crown on his head. I looked intensely and observably behold the man sitting on the throne as the same man whom I first encountered when I left my body and astral traveled to Hell fire in order to check record.
However, when I observed it was the same man (JESUS CHRIST) who destroyed all my powers I exclaimed, Ahhh, you this man so this is you, you were the person that disturbed me years ago, thank God, am going to deal with you today.
While I was still contemplating this in my thought, suddenly the angels blew their trumpet and I behold multitude of people ascending up toward Heaven. Immediately i behold this, it causes me to remember the bible teaching I heard from the church which I use to fellowship with my parent during those days.
Jesus second coming for rapture
During that era I fellowship with (C.M.C) “Christ Apostolic Mission Church” which branch is suited at Sango, Ogun State, Nigeria. There was one of our pastors in that church branch called Pastor Jeji Olowolafe who taught us about rapture though I didn’t believed the teaching in those days.
Therefore, when I perceived this I was shock because am well learnt and educated in kingdom of darkness and we were taught that all dreams are real and have reasons, either with good or bad meaning. For example; If the dream of pharaoh can be interpreted, where someone dreameth and behold fat cows while others were slim but yet the slim cows were empowered to swallow-up the fat cows and still remaineth slim in their stature.
Genesis 41:18-21 “And, behold, there came up out of the river seven kine, fat fleshed and well favoured; and they fed in a meadow: And, behold, seven other kine came up after them, poor and very ill favoured and lean fleshed, such as I never saw in all the land of Egypt for badness: And the lean and the ill favoured kine did eat up the first seven fat kine: And when they had eaten them up, it could not be known that they had eaten them; but they were still ill favoured, as at the beginning. So I awoke.
Though someone might regard Pharaoh dream carnally and assumed is meaningless. So, if such dream has a great meaning, it also means there is no useless dream because every dream has interpretations and meaning either dream of fever or malaria or whatever you might called it.
My dear, there is power and force behind every dream. It’s either the spirit of God is behind your dream or demons with either good or bad meaning. Due to this fact, I accepted the truth about rapture because no demon can disguised to deceived me in my dream because I knew my level and rank in the kingdom of darkness. I was higher in rank for them to manipulate or deceived me.
I concluded, either it’s rapture or not, am not going to be rapture because I have no business in his kingdom, therefore let me go and challenges him. Why did he disturbed me and weathered all my power on that day? I jump up in order to attack him but unfortunately I fell down. I jumped more than 30 times, yet the more I tried the more I fell down and find it difficult to stand on my feet.
Suddenly I behold a black cat so big like a goat; I was surprise and contemplating the meaning of such animal. Then the cat laugh at me and said, Funmilayo, sorry you can’t go with them. We both share the same kingdom together and you don’t have any part in their kingdom.

Likewise also, do you still recall the scripture which say that every man must carry his own load? That basket laid over there is filled with the same work we both participated. Galatians 6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”
When I behold the basket, it was so big, dirty and filled with bad things. Then I replies, no, the basket is not mine own. The cat retorted, that is the reward of the work you and I both does together on Earth and you can’t abandoned it for me alone because I can’t carry it. You did better remain and comes in order to carry this load together; but I pushed him away and started jumping again.
The cat started drawing-back my clothes in my attempt to jump-up because he insisted that I must help him but while i was fighting him suddenly the whole Heaven closed-up. When the Heaven was closed, multitude of people were crying and lamenting; Ooh no, so rapture is real..! So rapture is real…!
However, I concluded to returned back home and inform my household but I discovered that my mother has rapture. I quickly ran to our church which was just about 3 block building distance from my resident but fortunately the pastor was also rapture. Many people in the street were rapture, it looks replica and exactly the same way we were taught in bible studies and that was how everything manifested on that very day.
the rapture of the saints
Every crock and crane was filled with shout and noise of lamentation, Oooh, No, so rapture is real..! Oooh, No, so rapture is real…! Then suddenly I wake up. When I awoke, I felt so touched, grief and was weeping. My mother and brothers ran into my room and were questioning me and demanding for answers.
The terrible fear and shock prompted me to narrate the whole story to them. With such severe touch and terrible fear I felt within me, I quickly removed all my ear-rings, chains and all worldly attire from my body.
Then I pretended to be born again, though I wasn’t that really pretending because I was greatly in shock and fearful of the whole dream and also annoyed with my fellow colleagues in the kingdom of darkness. Hence, they knew that rapture was real yet they concealed it from us; why were they deceiving us?
These prompted me to surrender to Christ at that period but I didn’t give-up my powers, all my powers were still active and intact within me because I wanted to know more about that man called Jesus Christ and Christendom. Though I perceived there was a mystery behind such secret and reason why we were kept in darkness from beholding the dept secret of rapture, Jesus Christ and Christianity.
This causes me to diverge from my satanic agents and starts attending bible studies and weekly church activities and meetings, asking questions and findings in order to acquire more knowledge about Christendom.
However, after some weeks I went back to satanic meeting in order to relay about the shocking dream I encounter because they told us that all dream are real and has meaning, therefore how come about rapture. You told us that rapture isn’t real but I beholdeth it in my dream, why? How come, what is going on?
The demons were utterly surprised. They started lying while attempting to defend themselves but I immediately perceived their lying motives, they were telling lies. I was furiously annoyed with them because they can’t deceive me anymore. You told me that rapture isn’t real but I encountered it in my dream, why?
You told me that all dream are real and has meaning yet why can’t you explained the meaning of rapture to me? How did rapture come to my dream? There were uproar and series of argument between us. This argument makes me to be seriously annoyed with them because they concealed the truth from me.
After my sever annoyance with them I declared unto them and said, the person I behold on that throne in my dream, his name is “JESUS”. You dare not mention the name of Jesus in kingdom of darkness, moreover we are warned seriously never to mention the name JESUS in our kingdom but I purposely mention his name in order to injure them.
Immediately I mention the name “JESUS”, the whole place scattered with great turmoil, thunder strike, fire storm, and a mighty quake which erupted with shockwave; which greatly injured many of them.
The demons were so annoyed and later got me arrested and place me in their holding cell. They chained me and were tormenting me day and night in their spiritual prison but physically on Earth I fell sick and my parents were treating me medically with drugs. They thought I have typhoid illness.
The sickness was so severe and they thought It was just an ordinary illness but unknown to them, the punishment and affliction I was incurring from demonic prison of kingdom of darkness was the reason why am been tormented physically on Earth with those sickness and symptoms.
After several months, the demons released me from their spiritual prison and commissioned me to continue in my satanic enterprises which I oblige. I hearken and continue in my demonic exploits but after 6 months I behold another encounter.
I witness the great day of the Lord according to Revelation 16:1-21, that great day of the Lord is coming upon the whole world, especially those that belongs to witchcraft, satanic, occultic and demonic kingdoms and unbelieving believers, ritual-list and blood suckers.
Revelation 16:1-6 “And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. 2; And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.
3; And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea. 4; And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.
5; And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus. 6; For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy.
Ensure you read the whole scriptures for confirmation because that very day is fast approaching. Everyone on Earth especially you that called yourself witch, wizard, ritualist and occultist, you shall be tired of sucking blood. On that very day of great tribulation, the Lord shall saturate the whole world with blood; you will suck and be tired of blood.
The wicked one shall be soaked with blood, therefore if you opt to attend your witchcraft meeting in order to shed blood, on that very day your fridge, bathroom, toilet, bucket, plates, gutter and water reservoir and everything around you shall be filled with blood and you shall be greatly shamed.
At this moment, you assumed God is powerless, this wrong perception opt you to indulge into bloodshed and human sacrifice. This is negative assumption because you are not wiser or learnt more than him. God had purposely set aside, a period, a day and timeline for your judgment and he shall judge without mercy.
On the judgment day of the Lord your entire secret shall be made manifest and there shall be no mercy. You ought to seek-out for his mercy while is still on course and accessible now because tomorrow might becomes too late. In this 3rd encounter I behold terrible things that baffled me. This 3rd encounter “THE GREAT JUDGMENT  AND TRIBULATION DAY OF THE LORD” occurred in my dream but either you believe it or not, it will surely come to past.
Even though you thought am lying, the bible can’t lie. The Holy Scripture is infallible and contains the living words of God which can’t be broken. It’s authentic and must surely come to past either you believe it or not.
In my dream, I behold a mighty terror invading the whole world both the young and strong ones. Everyone was in great shock, terrorized and was panicking in fear. The Lion and wild animals left their den, bushes and ran into the town while some people left their houses and ran out. The animal will run into their houses and also ran out.
I behold a gigantic aquatic animal from the deep sea running into the town, they were as tall as up-story building as portray in the movie titled King-Kong. There are some animals who are x3 bigger than king-Kong, terrible and mighty animal marching fort from sea toward the Earth whose height are as taller than 10-story building.
King Kong the movie
Though, you might be surprise but don’t you know that before Genesis and creation of the Earth, there are some strange personalities residing down deep inside the water and have been dwelling there for a very long time?
My dear, what I behold in the sea coast was so terrible because it was filled with much blood. Even the fallen angels (demos) that rebels against God who also dwells down deep sea even before the creation of the world, though they can’t die but they were terrorized and also needs to run out from their hidden places.
The whole sea was filled with blood which makes it uncomfortable for both the fallen angels (demons) and aquatic animal to abide thereof. The whole earth was terribly filled with terror, commotion and panicking.
I was grievously annoyed when I behold THE QUEEN OF THE COAST running out from her kingdom and walking on Earth surface. Though, she can’t move majestically on Earth surface because half of her body is fish with scales while other half is human being. The queen of the coast was so beautiful, yet in her beauty statue she was running speedily for her dear life with terror, fear and panicking.
When in behold her I exclaim; so something can happened that will cause you to ran in this fearful manner? I was greatly, shocked, annoyed and surprised. These cause me to discern that something mighty is really on course and bigger than the whole world and also greater than THE QUEEN OF THE COAST.
I also behold THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN fell from her throne in her kingdom. Hence, THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN moves with winds and I also behold her fleeing halter and skater. I was utterly amazed but ponder; so this spirit being can be shaken and terrorized by a mighty and greater power? No, I need to seek for more powers.
agonizing and weeping of the last day
I was so furious even though I was trembling and so afraid and kept pondering, what is happening? What is going on? The whole world was in great turmoil. During my 3rd encounter in my dream, I also behold the nursing mothers running for their lives, they will threw off the baby and mutter; am sorry, I can’t protect you on this day, I have to run for my dear life and unfortunately, incoming vehicle will just crushed the child to death.
the mighty tribulation of the last day.
I also behold the pregnant women running for their lives and unfortunately they were trodden by people and incoming vehicle will also ran over them. Their unborn babies will gush out and they will also die. Terrible things were on course and even some locations no vehicle was moving due to human traffic jammed.
Earth quake were also witness in divers places, swallowing great multitudes of people and houses. Satellite networking signals were freeze and jammed, no news or network signal to broadcast the horror and chaos terrorizing the whole world, the world was totally in dark.
death of a lady in car accident
When I awoke from my dream after beholding these entire dreadful incidents I was greatly in fear. When I finally regain my conscience I mutter, this is terrible, so these people are not the most superior being in the world?
It troubled and pierced my heart, I was so confused. Afterward when I attended our meeting in the kingdom of darkness I challenged and questioned them. Nevertheless, I can’t emphasis all my confession in this 4th series. I will continue in 5th series where I exposed the rest of my confession. I will unveil about;

  1. How I finally renounced and cut off from kingdom darkness activities after spending 900 years as an international satanic agent.
  2. The abused, disperse and rejection I encounter and witness in the hand of minsters of God while seeking for deliverance.
  3. How I finally received my deliverance; my totally deliverance from demonic manipulations.
  4. What I behold while seeking for a genuine salvation and my various experiences with different men of God.
  5. How I got my salvation and how Jesus Christ trained me and the lecture he gave to me.
  6. My bible college experience with the Lord.
  7. How I become a pastor and a general oversea of a ministry and what happened next?
  8. How the kingdom of darkness dealt and afflicted me and what they did to me.
  9. I will emphasis about bank cashless policy and what you need to know about it.
  10. I will also unveiled and elaborate many more others things.
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May God bless you as you abide under the fearfulness of the Lord and ensure you amend your wicked ways and doing and seek the face of the Lord in prayer because eternity is so near unto us while death is knocking at the heart of everyone.

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