990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness By Evangelist Olufumilayo Series One.

I gave glory to the name of the Lord who gave me grace to wax this record in English language, even though have wax it in Yoruba Language, [western language in Nigeria] since year 2005. And am using this opportunity to thank and appreciate those people, God had been using for me in prayer, especially minister of God all over the world, and children of God.
Many church had organized prayer for me and i gave thanks to the Lord that gave me my life partner, my husband, who’s the lord had been using for me mightily, Pastor Adebayo who has been praying for me. And and i pray anyone that God had been using for me in prayer, even financially. The Lord will give them the grace and power to make heaven and you will not be robbed of your salvation in Jesus name.
“This Confession is recorded in an Audio Tape which comprise from series 1-5. However, The Audio Tape for 1st Series is Available For download. As you read below eye opening confession; Please ensure you adhere to it teaching and apply them because tomorrow is never promised but eternity is too near”
The reason why you are hearing my voice on this day, is because am here to expose the secret and mystery that is going on the kingdom of darkness. I was there, working for the Devil for a period of 990 years, before the Lord Jesus Christ saved me and many other things I will explain i this confession.
Please pay attentively to this confession and i pray the lord will give you understanding that will enable you to learn spiritual and hidden things that will bring great impactation in your spiritual life. Below are some of the mysteries I will unveil on the Part One series of the confession of how I spent 990 years in the kingdom of darkness.

  1. I will tell you how i become one of the members of the kingdom of darkness.
  2.  I will tell you my assignment in Nigeria. 
  3. What i know about Anti-god, Anti-Christ and Satanic kingdom.
  4. I will tell you how we established fake churches all over the world.
  5.  I will tell you the power of devil in the Christendom today and how we are using the women of the last day against the glory of the Church.
  6. I will tell you the secret behind makes-up and the secret behind abortion.
  7. The secret behind perming and attachment. 
  8. I will also tell you the secret behind the gospel musician today.
  9. I will also unveil the secrecy that is going on in the school today, in the university, secondary and primary school and how people got initiated in school.
  10. I will unveil how someone can get the mark of 666 in the hospital and in the bank.
  11. And will also talk about the secret behind Holy Communion and water baptism.
  12. And will also tell you how we make Judgment in the kingdom of darkness upon the saint and the children of God.

I have many things to unveil even though i can’t say all in this series one but you certainly be expecting some in series two. Let me start from this place what i know is this.  The first time i came to this world i was born in Egypt and I was a man by then.
I have one wife and four children. I was a soldier and we all went to the war front. We’re up to twenty thousand soldiers in our troop but the war front was so tough and our commander die and we were all wasted. When we die, there is no place for us to go.
990 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness By Evangelist Olufumilayo Ser
Because if somebody dies and he didn’t have the spirit of God or lived a holy life that pleased God. Your soul will be stranded immediately you gave-up the ghost. There will not be an escort angel that will lead you to direction to heaven. Therefore our spirit was hanged in the air.
Suddenly there was demons call Magog. They appear in that battle field with their tanks loading blood to the sea. However, when they were about to go. They discover we were hanging in the air. They arrested all of our souls and took us to the deep sea. When we got to the deep sea, they took us to the palace of Queen of the coast. 
They put us in a straight line. They got all of us initiated by giving us a cup of blood. We drank the blood as a covenant of initiation. After been initiated, they sent for our master plan in order to send us an assignment. In the kingdom of darkness they have level by level, grade by grade. When we are emphasizing about grade, there are some grade called ,

  1. Local level, 
  2. State level , 
  3. Federal Level
  4. National level, 
  5. International Level or 
  6. Worldwide level.

It’s five stages of the world in which many people use to call FI VE STAR. Some people may draw it in their church, some in their house. They don’t know FIVE STAR means, five stages power of the world and it’s portraying about the kingdom of darkness not about Christianity.
So, these stages are grade by grade, when the local level is dealing with you, they can easily do anything with you without looking for your master plan. There are 333 realm, 666 realm, 777, 999 realm and above. But this day, we are into 666 realm of marine kingdom. And there, before they took any step on you, they ought to ask for your master plan.
This master plan can only be gotten from kingdom darkness called of 999 realms, where international demons are dwelling. Before anyone could come to this world, from Heaven, they will first get to place called an Immigration Center. At the immigration center, every human must be stop there and be search for your master plan. If they see any white file in your hand, they will collect it.
And from there, they will check your master plan. Master plan means, what God has sent you to enact in this world, from your first day to the last day. It contains your destiny or life mission record. And whenever they discover you are coming to this world to do the will of God. Perhaps, given an assignment that will affect the kingdom of darkness. The next thing, they will do is to manipulates and removed the original master plan of God for your life and replaced it with counterfeit plan.
So that, when you get to this world everything you’re doing will not be according to the will of God. For example, if God sent you to this earth to be born in Canada as a citizen, they will programmed and make you to be born in Ghana. While God will send the angel of your helper, benefactor and every Good things of your life will be there in Canada waiting for you.
When they manipulates your master plan, the entire Lord divine programs and blessing for you will be over there in Canada while you’re been born Ghana. Where is no helper, no goodness, noting to achieve. The guardian angel of your life will not be there with you. That is why you see some people, they will suffer and they will be asking, God why didn’t you bring me into this world to suffer?
No, my dear, the angel of darkness has changed God’s plans for your life to counterfeit plan. You are had been miss direct. That is why you are facing problems. My beloved children of God, you need to pray earnestly. With prayer God can still send another angel to relocate you. And i pray that anyone facing this kind of problem, the Lord will open heaven for you and attend to your case in Jesus name.
As i was saying, they said for our master plan in order to know the kind of assignment been giving unto us. When they brought our master plan, they started giving everyone position and where to work. So, when it got to my turn they suddenly gathered and buckled me up. For two weeks, i was imprisoning in their demonic prison. I didn’t know why they luck me up.
When they eventual brought me out. I inquired why the reason why they luck me up. They told me, i didn’t offend them but they discovered in my master plan that God had sent me into this world to be a Prophet.
So that was the reason why they prepare me for special an assignment that will work against the original master plan of God. So that God will regret for sending me into this world. Personally i don’t know God and I don’t even know if he has any plan for me. So, i just have to believe what they told me. They also told me that, they will send me to school and am going to spend 300 years in the school. I was so surprise, how can i spend 300 years in school?
That means i still have to die again, they laughed at me. They told me, in this place, nobody die. And they show me some people, who had been living for 2000-3000 years. This word mounted courage on me and they also gave me something like small stone.
They put it in my mouth and i swallow it which i believe it had immortality. Not knowing the devil was just deceiving me. They later send me to school in the deep sea, university school to study.
The deep sea is so big and bigger than the whole global world it’s self. I don’t know how to describe it. The whole world we are now, maybe it’s just a small local state in that place. That place is very big. If you see their stadium over there, you can’t compare it with what we have here. If you see their university, hospital, they have more than us; they are civilized and advanced more than us.
They had been existing over there before Genesis One–before God created this world. You know, fallen angels descended from Heaven due to their sinful rebellion while in Heaven. They had been here on this earth covered by water, for billions of years. Before God remember the contract of this world and established this world.
They were there, when God was creating everything, since day one. The only power we have over them was that when God created man they didn’t know how he breathes into us. But they knew the secret behind all the plants, the secret in creating animal. But when God want to create human; he sent fort his breath into man and the secret behind that breath is a mystery unto them.
That is why we are specially adored above every other creation. While schooling in the kingdom of darkness beneath the Deep Sea, I was instructed to offer many courses. I have done many courses in that school. But the particular course i went there for was Theological course.
This theological course took me 100 years to study before i could finish it. You may be surprise, that in the kingdom of darkness we read bible. The bible is the greatest book. It’s the book of law. We don’t have any other book of law in the kingdom of darkness. Though other religion may regard other books as book of law, but the most fearful and respected of every books which the kingdom of darkness don’t joke with is THE BIBLE. Because they knew that by this Bible shall every human be judge. The heaven shall also be judge by bible.
So, therefore, if you want to be great or have promotion, maybe you’re police, lawyer, judge, or to have higher rank in the kingdom of darkness. You must go for theologically course in the Deep Sea. You must know the word [THE WORD OF God—Jesus Christ] because the word is powerful in the kingdom of darkness.
The same way the WORD OF God is often used in light likewise also in darkness, the only different is that, in kingdom of darkness; we only used it to contradict against the genuine Christian, because, they are ignorant and didn’t know the power of the word and how to use it. And i pray the word [BIBLE] in your hand will never condemn you in Jesus name.
I did many courses in that place beneath the Deep Sea which i can’t emphasizes all. But there is something i want to tell you. Anyone that wants to go school or university—Though am not saying you should not go. But am advising you, just go, read some and leave the rest because when we are emphasizing about education. You will only receive theory.
The really practical of entire course they gave you in school is right there in deep sea. They may give you course—you may read books, but to do the practical and other source of things, you can’t conquered. For example, you may want to produce chemical, medicine or machine. At last after your experience i school. You discover you produce fake, not original. But some people will come out and said their own is original. Why is their own the best and not yours? With all your strength you produce counterfeit.
There is a court, called WORLD SCIENTIFIC OCCULTISM. This scientific world occultism, anyone that join them, those are the people we called GENIUS in any course. We have genius of God but not in the way of the world, I am very sure of this fact. So, after I finished my course which took me for a period 300 years.
After my graduation i was promoted and sent to California, U.S.A. The reason why I offered that course was that i want to become Chief Justice in the highest court in the kingdom of darkness. And thoroughly, i pass all my exams and i later become chief justice in the highest court of darkness.
That was why, i was been sent to California. California is the head quarter and office of the Devil in the whole world. The devil has 3 offices in the whole world. He has office in California, he has office in India and he also has office in Nigeria. The Office in Nigeria was established in 1977. During the era festival, called FESTAC 77.
This festival was brought to Nigeria by one of our former president in those days in Nigeria. You may think it was just an ordinary festival. The festival FESTAC 77 was programmed in order to initiate and enhanced the establishment of kingdom of darkness and demonic empowerment in Nigeria.
And the office, the secretarial is been suited in Benin City. The center of Obamhma market in Benin City and pray, the Power of Lord God Almighty will come down and destroyed every darkness and stronghold Nigeria in Jesus name.
When they promoted me to California as Chief Justice, that was 30 years tenure while serving there as a chief Justice, I have done many cases, Judge many saints. Condemn many souls which i can’t explain i this confession but whenever am invited to Church i explains in details. I had been there doing my work perfectly until one day. I went to my chambers, to go through files. And i came across the files name of an unborn person.
HOW CAN SOMEBODY THAT IS NOT BORN HAVE CASE? HOW CAN I JUDGE PERSON, WHICH HAS NOT COME TO THIS WORLD BEFORE? I was baffle. I don’t know how to handle that case. I need to call my registrar. I ask my registrar to give me details about that case. He cannot explain. I now sent for the demonic lawyer that brought the case. When i interview the lawyer, He laughs. He said it’s possible for somebody that has not been into this world to answer case in the kingdom of darkness; but retorted, how?
How can someone which has not been born into this world answer case? Then, he replied, they has astrologers, i mean star browser. You know, before any man is born into this world, your star will be on the sky at least, about 300-400 years ahead before you’re been born into this world. Your star will be there waiting for you, programming you for your generation that is coming.
So, there are some fallen angels called star browser. These are demonic agents we called astrologers of darkness. They read star, 300-400 years to come. So when the demonic star browser where on their mission works. They come across a strange star that was wrapped in pillar of fire.
Moreover, a resemblance star wrapped in pillar of fire has been witness previously—The star of Moses. Before Moses was born the kingdom of darkness notice that somebody strange is coming. Moses has with him the angels of God that work with pillars of fire according to Exodus chapter 14.
That was reason why they wage war against Moses. They didn’t want him to succeed in his missionary work even to the extent of abolishing and killing of every new born male baby in Egypt. Thank God that he eventual triumph.
However, when they discover this star again, immediately they mark the personality. Therefore, they want to program against his life. That is the reason why they brought the case to me. Though, the unborn Child didn’t offend them, but they rather want to reprogram against his life, which will give loophole of working against God. They brought the case to my office waiting for instruction from me on how they can reprogram against the unborn personality.
Hence, I inquired from the lawyer; HOW ARE WE GOING TO SEE THE PERSONALITY TO BE JUDGED?  He said it is possible, to bring such person to the kingdom of darkness for judgment— that they have to take permission from heaven. I said, i don’ believe such thing. But he replied and said, inasmuch God can permit Job unto the hands of Devil, they could do the same.
I thought it was a joke but I reluctantly give them date. That in such appointed date i will set-up a Judgment for him. But i don’t know the kinds of judgment i will pronounced to the unknown personality. The lawyer told me that, if i didn’t do the case, they will go and report me. This threat enforced me to go back to my library to make more research. So, the judgment i set for him was that, i will set-up a marriage for him.
The baby that appear in front of me was a man—a full grown man but yet unborn. So, i arrange a demon reincarnate for him as wife and i get them wedded. In fact, to my outermost surprise, while they were reading his data to me, exactly the name of the baby will bare of earth was in his master plan, including the name of his parents and where he will be born, i mean, 300-400 years before the baby was to be born.
Even his parents are not yet born. They told me everything and where he will be born, the name of his parent, the location of his birth and everything concerning him. So, i have to reprogram against the master plan of God for his life and also setting up a demons reincarnate as wife for him.
My beloved, if you discover that you have a spiritual wife or husband. Don’t prove your holy-holy or born-again. Just go straight for your deliverance and pray. Because, many are been initiated or get married to demons, before they are been born. Many people are been engaged before their mother give birth to them. So, don’t argue, just go for deliverance, everybody need deliverance, so inasmuch you are this world. This world are been polluted and you need deliverance every day.
I pray that the blood of Jesus will purify and sanctified your life from any demonic pollution you’re into in Jesus name. After pronouncing this case, I also did another case and many like that. I finish my 30 years tenure in that office i the kingdom of darkness. After my case in that kingdom i was promoted to another kingdom of darkness, called Anti-god kingdom.
There are three kinds of kingdom of darkness controlling this world.

  1. Anti-god kingdom,
  2. Anti-Christ kingdom and 
  3. Satanic kingdom.
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Since the time of the Garden of Eden, It was only first kingdom we had been into till today, which is called Anti-god kingdom. It started from the Garden of Eden, when the snake came to deceived eve. You see in this world, if anything ever happen, we normal mention the name of Satan, Either you believe me or not, Satan had not started his work.
The person at work now, His name is Queen of heaven. The same person the bible talk about in Genesis chapter 10, am talking about Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod, the person that established the tower of Babel. The person that whole world at that time were worshiping as god. This is the same person that cause Eve and Adam to sin against God in the garden of Eden. After God had save some people soul through Noah.
Semiramis the wife of Nimrod
It’s the same person that come back again and make them to build a tower of Babel against God will. He is the one that give them the idea of idol worshiping again. And this person came again the third time. He is the person called Jezebel at the same time. Any time he came to this world, we called him re-incarnating demon.
He is a demon, and will come in shape of human being and will re-incarnate to human and she will be born into the world. He often comes inform of a woman. He only comes to this world, whenever He has a powerful assignment that he wants to perform by himself. So this person am talking about is called Queen of heaven. 
He is the one of the arch-angel. Superior than Satan himself, you know before Satan was cast down to this world. He was just a leader of choir, cherubim, and a choir-master in Heaven, Ezekiel 28.
He is not one of the warrior angels. There are more superior angels powerful than him. It’s only when he wanted to performs his coup that he went to take the concert of others arch-angel and they carry out the coup. And when they all lose the coup, they were cast away together. So Satan still has some demons that have more power than him.
Queen of heaven is more powerful than Satan himself. He is the one that start the ruling of this world. So, after his own kingdom, then Anti-Christ kingdom follow, then satanic kingdom will come at last. Go back to your bible; the book of revelation then you will discover all what am saying. So, in that kingdom, when i get there, they now introduced what they are doing there to me.
They told me how they operate in their kingdom, they said, in their kingdom, they don’t attack people, they don’t kill people anyhow, and they don’t disturb people from prosperity. They don’t give people barrenness. The only assignment they have in their own kingdom—the major work they do, is to make man to serve God under the anger of God. Their major work is to lead man to Hell fire. They said, they don’t afflict people on earth. Its other local, local, lower small kingdom that afflict people on Earth with sickness.
Their own level is the highest level in the kingdom of darkness, which is to stand against man from making heaven. I said how, they said, they had their own motto and power in the word of God.
They said, their motto is in Deuteronomy 5:7-9  Thou shalt have none other gods before me.Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me,
Deuteronomy 4:19.”And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, and when thou seest the sun, and the moon, and the stars, even all the host of heaven, shouldest be driven to worship them, and serve them, which the LORD thy God hath divided unto all nations under the whole heaven.
When i heard this things, its doesn’t mean anything or sound strange to me. Because we had read this in the school, when am in the deep sea. And i said how could this quotation empower you? And they now told me, they are fallen angels and they had been dwelling with God for billions of years, before the mistake they made and God cast them to this world. They said they knew the attitude of God and they understand God very well. They knew that God will never admit or accept anybody that worships another god.
That anybody that worship another god, must always be under the anger of God. And if that person dies, They are very sure that, the person will never see the favor of God. So that is why, they need to cause people to worship God under the anger of God. So, that is why the idea of idol, they don’t joke with it. So, they will cause people to bow and worship other gods, that they knew,
Whenever God said something, he doesn’t reverse his word. He is a God that never changes.  So it’s only when man repent, he will hold-done, but whenever man goes back to sin, He will reverse all those sin and piled it together with those previous ones he has committed.
But when man repent, and didn’t go back to sin, then he has overcome totally. So therefore, they told me in their kingdom, they don’t stop man from going to church, and they don’t cause man not to worship God.
But in their kingdom, they use wisdom and not power to programs somebody life, to worship God under the anger of God. They now told me, from this, they established many churches today. And they told me about that chapter and spoke about some churches and religion. Deuteronomy 4:19  “And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, and when thou seest the sun, and the moon, and the stars, even all the host of heaven, shouldest be driven to worship them, and serve them, which the LORD thy God hath divided unto all nations under the whole heaven.
They now told me, this is how they cause some religions, that whenever they want to worship God; they will bow toward the sun. That they will cause them to bow to the sun in worship—No matter their righteousness and goodness, God will never accept them because of that little mistake or sin. That is the only thing that will destroy them.
And immediately they die, when they get to the gate of heaven, this quotation will be open against them by the demons at the gate of heaven. They said, is not only on this earth that demons fight against people. That when they die, they will still be there, as the same way they stood against Moses. They will stand at the gate of heaven, to quote those things the person didn’t discover on earth.
They will recite this quotation at the gate of Heaven; that they normal use this quotation against the saints that thought, they were Holy while on earth. And i pray, the God Almighty will give you the wisdom to understand all this secret system of darkness in the name of Jesus Christ.
So, they now told me how they operate in the church. They told me that, this idol worshiping in the church and how they brought it in the church. After the death of Christ among the Israelite. The apostle started their work again, by going from one village city to another, preaching the gospel, doing revival, Healing. Anywhere they go, there will be healing, power, deliverance and people started coming to Christ, following the apostle. So, they now said, how are we going to stop this people? They try stopping them by killing them.
The more they kill them, the more they wax great. So, when the apostle went to the land of Rome, they stage their program there, many people came, many possess with affliction, disease and all form of sickness , blind and even those worshiping idol got their healing. So, after the program, the Apostle laid a foundation of a church, so that people can worship God.
The church was established, and the senior apostles peter and the rest of them appoint some leaders and evangelist to head the church and they went on their way to another city. But the youths, are very sharp, they quickly understand things. They approach the leaders whom the apostle had appointed, and said unto them Sir, if you want us to come to your church, there is a way you can brings us in” 
If you can allow us to bring our idol to this church, then we become your member. Because, if our fathers, knows that we forsake their idol and see us going to church, they will curse us and kill us. If you want us to join and be worshiping in your church, just allow us to bring our idol into your church.
Just to disguise and deceived our fathers, then we will come in and worship your God, and when are about to go out, we will just bowed down to the idol and our father with think, we are worshiping the idol. But the leaders said, we cannot do this, because if Paul or peter come back and see us doing this, they will curse us.  They now said, there is way we can do it. We can change the name of that idol.

  • The name of idol they are worshiping in the land of Rome at that time is called Venus.
  • The name VENUS means Queen of Heaven.
  • The same idol the Israelite worship in the land of Canaan called ASEROTES.
  • Its same idol, the Romans are calling VENUS.
  • It’s the same idol the Chinese are called SHIGMOON. 
  • The Indian are calling it INDRANIG.
  • The Greece called her APHOSTERIES or MARIES.
  • Samaria called her NNANA.
  • The Asian country called her Cybele
  • Egyptian called her PHORUSES or EXSIS, 
  • The Ephesians called her DIANA. 
  • The Babylonian called her BALYTIS. 
  • The English people called her MY LADY. 
  • The Italian called her MADONNA. 
  • The Latin called her DOMINA. 
  • The Scenvia called her VERSA.
  • The Ethiopian called her NETORSHIA. 
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Bowing and worshiper of mary in Hell
So, this is how they worship her in much country. She normally appears as an image of a woman of mother and child. This same person is the person they brought into that church, and said they will change her name, that is why i need to warn you here. Please be careful the name you used in prayer. Any name you used, if you like call holy Michael or holy Gabriel when you pray.
Even if you like called on the name of holy Mary. Its only the name of Jesus Christ, has God given unto us. He said, he had exalted his name, above every other name. By the name of Jesus Christ, every knee shall bow. Any other name you used to pray apart from the name of Jesus Christ, You are praying to Queen of Heaven. I didn’t mention the name of any church here. Please praying by any other name, apart from the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is a Sin.
So, therefore, in this name, they pray in the name of the mother of Jesus, this and that. This is how they bring this into the church and they called some holy name to pray to God. The genuine name of that idol is VENUS. The one they brought to the church in the land of Rome. The demons, say, by this, they has the power to curse people to worship God, under the anger of God. After, their own service on earth, when they die, when they get to the Gate of heaven. They will quote this quotation, and it will be impossible for them to make heaven.
Because if Heaven and earth pass away, the least of the word of God, will never pass-away without fulfillment. This are the area this quotation condemn billions of soul after their death. So, please if you’re one of the people that always pray with name of MARY other names, apart from the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
You’re already against the word of God. Go back to the bible, forget about the doctrine of your church and go back to the doctrine of the bible. The bible can’t deceive you.
Any doctrine of the church can deceived you. May God bless you, as you made your correction. And now, they took me back to the book Deuteronomy 4:19, Its talking about another religion also. i said how do they work on this one. They said, they curse some people. Whenever they want to serve God. They bow their head to the sun to pray.
And they told me that, they purposely use this thing against them. And according to this chapter, its say, when you look up to heaven….So therefore, if anybody go against that quotation, by bowing down to anything at all. If they get to heaven, they will also condemn them.
This is why, you see some religion, bowing down to the sun, i didn’t mention any religion name. But if you are a bible scholar, you will read it there, Deuteronomy 4:19. In any way you worship God by bowing down to any image or anything God created, you have committed a sin.
Even this bowing down to the sun, this thing started in the bible Ezekiel 8:16.”    And hath not eaten upon the mountains, neither hath lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, neither hath defiled his neighbour’s wife, neither hath come near to a menstruous woman,…. you might been reading this quotation for a long time, without knowing that is talking about some religion.
You see, they perfume this thing, in the house that Solomon builds. This religion started, from the temple of Solomon. They are 25 people that started this religion. It’s not only the name of one man or prophet that they’re shouting about. That man is not the founder of that religion. It’s this 25 men, that started that religion and the name of that court is well known, but i will not mention the name in this confession.
These 25 men that started that religion, by bowing down to the sun. And God said, in this verse, that he will never have mercy on them. His anger is aroused upon them. Even they shout to his ear, he will not listen to them. I mean God isn’t happy the way they worship. Please if you are under this thing, am not against you, but am reading bible now.
Even if you don’t believe me, believe the bible. Even though, you see me as a liar, believe the word of God. Because i will die, you will die, but the word of God will never die. Please and please, am not saying am wiser than you. Even if my experience in the kingdom of darkness is a lie, what about the bible?
Even the book; John 16:1-3 ” These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me. That a time is coming, when they will drag you to synagogue. They will kill you, thinking they are fighting for God. Please be aware, no man can fight for God. God know how to fight for himself.
So, they now explain to me, that in their kingdom, this is what they’re doing. They deceive and cause people to worship God, under the anger of God. So, that they can use the same thing to condemn them after their death. And they told me, as i enter this kingdom, they want to be using me in establishing shrine for worshiping idol. They train me for this, and i started coming to this world. Somebody will bear me —i will grow and after some years i will die.
I didn’t die premature, sometimes, i die at the age of 70, 80. I will grow; i will have wife, born children. But my main purpose in that country is to live with them, know what they like, ate and know how to arrange gods for them. And this is how we established our idol.
If we want to established idol, we live among them, knows their sickness, their weak point. So if we want to force a state or city to worship idol. We will curse a sickness, among them, is either they will be dying or send the spirit of Magog to another village or country to come and fight them. Killing them, and when they see people dying.
They will start going all around, consorting oracle. During this consultation, they will be told to go to so-so person that he had a solution to their problem. They will now direct them to me. And i will tell them to established so-so idol, they should start worshiping it and if they did, truly, their problem will be over, and this is how they will turns into god. I have been born in many countries.
As a Christian, you might be arguing with me. That man is been mandated to die once. True, bible didn’t lie. It’s true that man is been mandated to die once, But let me tell you something. After this, if you are not a good child of God, Its only if you’re a good child of God, if you die, if you have Holy Spirit when you die, then there is angel called ex-court angel.  They will comes and welcome, take your soul and protect you to a place for your soul to rest.
But if you don’t live a holy life, either you believe me or not. There are some demons, available, waiting for you to give-up, they will hijack your soul, and take you to their kingdom. Do you know that many of us don’t reach our ages before we die? The only thing that will make you go to the land of death is when you die at the appropriate age. But if you die before your age, you’re not going there. You will go to another kingdom and start serving them.
Even though you didn’t believe me, if you are in Nigeria, especially Yoruba, they knew what we call Abiku. Someone will die now, after under some months, you will see as he die, they will cut the hands and the legs. If they born that person again. That person marks will still be there. If they cut the face, as they born that person, the mark will still be there. And some of them, even, when they are been reborn, they will still have the memory of how they born them last time. If they see their former cloth and shoe they used before, they will say, this is my shoe or cloth. And you will say he/she is abiku.
Many as they are listening, they can testify to it. If you argue, other will not argue. God had given devil this privileged. He can’t drag this power with him. Because, he has set aside a day for judgment. Anything you can do on earth. You can kill and destroy people. But a certain day is coming. A day of judgment. Moreover  if God really want to destroy devil. He wouldn’t have sent his son to die.
God has timely, that is why he has given us the grace of life. You need to chose for yourself. There was a man in the bible. That God gives the grace to come back second time. Am talking about John the Baptist in; Matthew 11:14. ” And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come.
So God also give Elijah the opportunity to come back the second time. The devil can perform miracle. It’s not moving God. The greatest miracle Satan could face is the total destruction of him in hell. But Satan is not surprise about this God agenda. Beside he has been preparing himself, his host and every being on this earth for destruction. You just have to single yourself out. I have been in this kingdom, working for them, from one country to another.

If we want to come to this world, we will come to this world in spirit. We don’t have flesh. We mark any woman or man we like, when we see her, we will say this is the kind of face, and body complexion i needed. But if she is still a single, we will program him/her marriage very fast. Because we want to us her body. Even if that person is holy. We will release sexual urge upon that person. That will make her to go and fornicate and get pregnant.
And if that person dare abort it, she will die.  So when, she is in the act of that sexual action. And a spirit will be monitoring the sperm behind.  And when the sperm cells enter through the womb, oven. And during the temperature and warming, as it about to turn flesh. Then the spirit will enter. The flesh will miss together with the spirit and it will turn into baby and everybody will rejoice that a new baby had been born.
That is why am giving this advice. Any married couple that wants to meet together or have sexual intercourse, either you prepare for baby or not. Try and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus Christ and sanctified that place or bed with the power of the holy ghost, before you have any sexual intercourse. So that you wouldn’t produce demons into this world. So, please, that is why in many Christian home, you have children that doesn’t resemble the father and mother in character.
They act so strange and behave differently from the whole family because; they didn’t know that, when they’re meeting together, there are some unseen spirit programming against their intercourse.
And i pray, everyone of you, that has been in this kind of condition or having such a person in the family, i pray the Lord that touch and change my life will also touch and change their life, and if the ones you born into that family are demon re-incarnate, the Lord will uproot and removed them from that family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
So, that is how i started going from one country to another establishing demonic temple. This is how I worked for this kingdom for many years. Until i started having promotion, any where they born me, i will prosper there. Any assignment they give me or contract am so good. I prosper in all things.
I Started having promotion-promotion everywhere until i got to the higher level, to the extend, i become one of the executive members in kingdom of darkness. So, this executive member i am into, we normally goes for annually meeting, annually budget. And this budget always comes up around September and October.
You know in the world, we normally do budget, maybe earlier in the year. In the kingdom of the darkness, its normally toward the end of the year we always does it. So, this year am talking about. We went for the annually meeting, where we give annual report. And every year, when we give report, you see each and every one of us in that meeting, each person represent a continent.
One person will represent Africa—one person will represent Europe, while another person will represent Asia and so on. We’re not that many as executives. Somebody may stand-up and said, Aaaaaaah in my own continent, Two millions people that die this year, we afflict 700 with sickness, this year is 300 people that backslide, this year about 400 people were giving fibroid, so they will just be giving bad report of thing which they had done.
So, as they work, there also additional powers, promotion and demons where given unto them. They may decide to give them 20,000 demons to work along with them, so that, there work could be faster and effective. Some they will give them powers, snake, scorpion and many weapons, arrows so that their work can be faster and they will also give a report of those initiated in a year.
Let me tell you something, In a local government, if they have 10 witches, either you believe it or not, under a year, that 10 witches will be multiple into 100, because in the kingdom of darkness—they always initiate and multiplication is always their mission. Its only in the Christendom, we don’t care about multiplication, but in the kingdom of darkness, Multiplication is the greatest assignment.
Because the devil always charges us every year that the rapture will soon take place. That he don’t want Jesus Christ to have any candidate. They want the rapture to sound—-that they want nobody to rapture. They want Jesus Christ to score zero. That is why they are very fast in initiating people.
In the olden days, before they initiate you. They will tell you to bring this and that and to make covenant. But now either you like it or not—-you can be initiated, either by dream, or in the school. That is reason why am going to unveiled to you, how they bewitch people. Its only by the grace of God, you can be free. I will tell you how they initiate people in the market.
So, they will give report of the number of people they initiated and after the whole thing, the person can be promoted. This is how we started giving our report, one-by-one. But the last people that normally gives last report, are demons called “International demons”
These are the people that normally stay between the entrances Gate to heaven. These are the people that know how many people that goes or make it to Heaven in a year. This are called International demons, they are the same people Daniel called Prince of Persia. They are the people that hinder the prayer of Daniel. This demon has the power to hijack man or his life after death.
They are people that welcome man while he is coming to this world and also when he is leaving this world. So, they know the number of people that make heaven in a year and number of people that go to hell in a year. So, that day they all stand up, with bad face, they are not happy. We all wonder why this people are not happy.
Because they are always cheerful, laugh and so great whenever they want to talk. So, this day, they all come-up with bad face. We all wonder what is happening. They started talking, saying “This year about 15 souls make it to Heaven” We were so surprise, because it had not happen like that ever since i join them. Because, since i join them, they usually said Heeeeeeee, this year about 2-3 souls make it to heaven. And sometimes no single soul will make it.
You may not believe me, If it was not so, God will not be raising people every day to preach and evangelize the gospel of Christ. Do you know that in the whole universe, people who’re dying every year are above 25 million and 25 millions going to hell every year? And heaven, nobody is entering there. But this report that very year is very-very different. And everywhere was scattered and everybody was angry. Devil himself cry, roaring like a lion with anger, scattered, everywhere, release fire, injured and burn many people. 
Let me tell you about this internet, this internet had been existing for long, its late hour, before you people on earth discover, what is internet. This website had been in existence even before Adam and eve in the Garden of Eden.

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