5 Days In Heaven And Hell By Bernada Fernandez — Part 2

5 Days In Heaven And Hell By Bernada Fernandez — Part 2

This is the second and last part of the testimony of Bernada Fernandez. You may also read the second part and we urge you to take this message seriously. Sister Barnarda Fernandez was taken on 2 Journeys to Heaven and Hell with Jesus.  She was shown the Heavenly rewards prepared for the Lord’s saints, the Rapture, the Great Banquet and the crows of life.  And she saw the condition of the Church, the coming judgments, and the lost souls in Hell.
One day we were all at a prayer meeting, about twenty of us in number. As usual, we started by praising and worshiping the Lord. Suddenly we felt the presence of God. It was so powerful, just as if it were the day of Pentecost.  I remember my husband’s mother, an old and devoted lady told me, “Bernarda, let’s keep the noise down during the praise, we’re making to much noise.”

singing and praising in the church

She was right, because the praise was like the sound of a waterfall.  As I was about to ask my brothers to keep the noise down, I heard the Lord telling me: “Don’t say anything! In the world, when people are making noise, nobody cares, why then should you stop the praise?”
So we continued praising and worshiping the Lord.  I felt that something great would take place. Suddenly I remembered what the Lord told me on my first journey: “I’ll come back for you.” All of a sudden I saw a bright light flooding my home. My brothers also saw the light appear.  They all knelt down before God.
I did not know what to do, and I just stood still. That light became brighter, and took a human form. In front of me the Lord Jesus Christ, so beautiful and full of love. On Earth, I have never seen such beauty on a man’s face. He came closer to each of my brothers.  But as I was about to tell my brothers that the Lord came for me, I started speaking in tongues. (1 Corinthians 14:39-40).

Just by looking at me, my spirit left my body and I was in the air.  Jesus took me by my hands and we went towards the Dominican Republic. When we reached the city, the Lord told me: “There are two great sins this country commits before My Father, witchcraft and idolatry.” I saw the people of that country running after sorcerers and fetish.

the practice of witchcraft by Christians

After that, the Lord brought me to Venezuela and then to Mexico.  In Venezuela, I was in the air with Jesus, but I saw people turning to magic, fetish, and to witchcraft. In Mexico I saw people meeting and worshiping demons. The Lord told me: “The horror of this sin has reached My Father. The first sign I give as a warning is that there will be an Earthquake in Mexico if the inhabitants of the country do not repent and come back to me.” (When I later came back to Earth, I went to Mexico and preached this message. The people did not listen and recently there was a terrible Earthquake in Mexico)

While we were still in the air, the Lord told me that the Hands of His Father have been stretched out upon the inhabitants of the Earth. I saw the sea with gigantic waves, resembling a monster. I also saw hurricanes happening upon the Earth. I asked the Lord: “Lord what will become of Christians when all this happen?” He answered: “Go and tell them that, for those who are faithful to Me, none of their hairs will be touched.”
After that the Lord brought me to another place, I saw places where the Earth was split. The Lord told me: “Many countries will soon be wiped out.” Then we left that place and went to another place where I saw waters in motion.  We went down through a tunnel and reached the depths of the Earth. I saw great doors. It was not the same as those I saw during my first journey. On these doors were big chains. The Lord went to the doors, removed the chains, and let me in through the tunnel.
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Jesus Christ open the gate of hell
I saw thousands of people with their head down, wearing torn clothes. They had big chains on them.  Then I said: “Lord, what does this mean?” He answered: “All these men and women are on their way to Hell.” Among them, I saw my husband’s senior brother, Adolfo. He was a difficult man, he used to get married and divorced whenever he wanted, and he used to curse God.
Then I started pleading with the Lord to let me go back on Earth and warn Adolfo that he was going to hell, but the Lord did not answer me. Again I saw Adolfo and his wife walking through the tunnel. They were at the edge of Hell. I pleaded with the Lord again to let me go back on the Earth and tell people what I have seen.

the soul walking and heading to hell

The Lord lifted His hands up and said: “Go and tell them that time is nearly over…thousands and thousands of people will go to Hell, Adolfo’s time is over, he is going to die.” (When I came back to Earth, my brother in law Adolfo did not want to change his way of living. One day, he quickly came home from work and said to his wife: “I can’t work any longer, something is telling me that I’m going to die.”
His wife answered: “It’s because you are drunk as usual that you’re saying this.” Both of them went to bed. Some minutes later, she had a vision. In her vision she saw her husband and herself in a tunnel, clothed with shabby clothes, and going to hell. She heard the Lord telling her: “Time for both of you is over.” )

When I was still in the air the Lord told me: “Do you know why I brought you here for a second time? It was to show you that during your first visit, the number of lost souls was less than this time.” There were more lost souls now, than before. Then, Jesus and I left that place and went up through the second heaven.
When we reached the third heaven, the Kingdom of God, I saw angels bustling from one side to the other; then I asked the Lord: “Why are these angels in motion?” Jesus answered: “It’s true that My angels are in motion here, but I’m going to show you how the Earth is also in motion. Be careful, because many demons have invaded the Earth. The devil is furious against Christians because he has little time left.”
The Lord allowed me to see demons in a terrible rage, and He told me: “Those demons you see are demons of adultery. They will attack thousands of My servants and many will fall into that sin. Do you know why the devil succeeds in causing My servants to fall? It is because My servants do not give Me all the glory. They steal My glory and become proud. On top of that, their wives live in a great spiritual disorder. They did not build their homes with wisdom.” (1 Timothy 2:11-14).
I saw thousands of angels that I could not count, there were many of them ready for the battle. Then Jesus told me: “Now I’m sending these thousands of angels on the Earth to protect My people. In these last days, the protection will be double. Satan also will double his attacks, but you should not forget that your God is great and mighty. If you are attached to Him nothing will happen to you.”
The Lord then brought me to another place. I saw a huge table rounded with golden chairs. On each chair, a name was written, and a robe of fine linen was also placed. In front of each chair, on the table I saw crowns. Then I noticed that there was a chair that was bigger than others. In front of that chair was a huge cup in gold. Jesus told me to go and see what is in the cup.

the rapture of the saint

It was full of wine, ready to be served. Jesus told me: “Do you know why the wine is ready to be served? Go and tell My people that I am at the door, I’m coming soon.” The Lord gave me a robe of fine linen and a crown. I wore the robe and crown went to a place where there was some type of mirror.
Jesus told me: “There’s neither stain nor grease on your robe, isn’t it? None will enter through this door nor take place at this table, unless he is clothed like this. Some among My people on Earth have dirtied their robes. Others have crumpled robes, and still others have put theirs aside, and have forgotten them.

Tell My people that it’s time they washed their robes, ironed them and took them back. Christians should ask the Holy Spirit to help them keep their robes in a good state, because the King will soon celebrate the Marriage Supper in His Father’s kingdom.” (Matthew 22:1-14).

I come from a divorced family and I grew up with my father. My mother was a very religious woman. As for my father, he believed in nothing. I have a sister who is in a catholic convent, but I know that Jesus will soon take her out of there and she will preach the Gospel with me. I pray a lot for her.
When I was thinking about my mother’s life in that mystic religion, during my first journey in paradise, I cried before the Lord and told Him: “Lord my mother is lost, yet I’ve preached the Gospel to her, but she won’t listen. More and more she is clung to that pagan religion.”
The Lord answered me: “I will save your mother, but I will take her home immediately otherwise she will fall back into sin and go to Hell. For this reason, as soon as she is converted, she will die some time later and come here, in paradise.” When I came back on Earth, I prayed, cried, sighed, and reminding the Lord of the promise He gave me, but I saw my mother who was more and more involved in the idolatry of her religion.
One day God used my son to convert my mother. Just three days after her conversion, she died! During my second journey in paradise the Lord told me: “Look, what My mouth says, My hands fulfill it.” I saw my mother in that beautiful paradise; she was among other women. We went to a place were I saw thousands of children clothed in white who were praising and glorifying the Lord.
Jesus told me: “These children are those who have been aborted by parents and criminal doctors. Babies that people killed while they were still in their mother’s womb, and that are found in dustbins and rivers, are here in heaven.” Dear brothers and sisters, contrary to what you may think, for the Lord, a fetus is a human being from conception, from the first day of pregnancy.
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Jesus told me again: “Bernarda, work for I am your strength. This message has to be published into the whole world. It’s a message for Christians, pastors, and for all the inhabitants of the Earth, including you. Let him who is holy continue to be holy.”
At that moment the gates of heaven were opened. There was a beautiful escalator. Jesus called thousands of angels to came, and then the Lord accompanied me back home. When we got home, I saw my husband and Christian brothers were waiting for my spirit to come back. I looked at my physical body, and I told the Lord that I no longer wanted this body.
The Lord told me: “You cannot go back to Heaven with Me, for it is not your time yet. You have to tell My people first what you saw, in order for them to get ready.” With a powerful voice, He told me: “Enter and receive life, I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live (John 11: 25-26).

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