150 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness By Brother Chijioke

150 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness By Brother Chijioke

This confession portrayed a 17 years old boy who hails from eastern part of Nigeria but spiritually 150 years in the kingdom of darkness. He was formerly a demonic vessel in the kingdom of darkness, who destructively pulls down several churches, initiates Christians and destroyed many lives.

However his deliverance took place when he extended his devilish mission against one of the bible believing churches in Nigeria called “The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries” Brother Chijioke exposes the devilish trick of Satan against Christian, the church and the various forms of fashion materials, such as clothes and foots wear which were used in initiating many Christian into the kingdom of darkness.
This confession was an excerpt from his testimony which he shared last year (2016) during an international youth conference program titled “The Power To Excel” held by the same church. The confession is recorded in an audio format which you can download and listen for full detail of the glorious encounter that transpired during his confession.
The brother said his case started when he was in his mother’s womb, his mother dedicated him to the goddess of their land, whose name is Nwunye Umuchieze Shrine. Through the help of this goddess, he was very influential in the spirit world. He continued serving the goddess until he graduated to the main kingdom known as, BAMA KINGDOM.
While in the kingdom, he was obedient to Lucifer himself which made Lucifer promote him from level 111 to 333. He said that he was controlling the local and international demons and when Lucifer saw his faithfulness, he was promoted to level 888 which is the second in command to Lucifer. In that level 888, he was given a name called, “Hindus and queendus“.
He continued controlling the national and international demons and also the foreign demons. The 888 level’s main strategy was to pull down the churches of God. The four front churches they had in mind were….
  1. The Mountain of Fire.
  2. The Holiness church.
  3. The watchman and
  4. The Lord’s chosen.
They tried to pull down the three churches through the introduction of weavons, ornaments, gold, ear-rings and other worldly attractive things. In the case of the Lord’s Chosen, they couldn’t gain access in the spirit to carry out their assignment, he said. They now used rumours to penetrate the Lord’s chosen by using Linda, Linda was not from Sierra Leone as claimed, she is from South Africa.
And when she came to carry out her assignment, she failed woefully and she was demoted to level 333 instead of level 666 which she was promised on the successful completion of the assignment. They sent the Chosen Mopol (this name was given to a demon whose name is TOKUMBO), which means destruction in the kingdom of darkness.
The master tape used by Linda and Tokumbo to pull down the Lord’s Chosen with rumours disappeared as soon as he encountered the power of the Lord in the Church. The master tape contained the original map, the geographical location of Lucifer and his agents.
So, when the state pastor of Imo state (Nigeria) declared and commanded fire on him, all these materials got missing. When this Tokumbo (Chosen Mopol) failed, they send Queeendaline to the world to come and pull down the church and in the process Queendaline was arrested by the God.
So the kingdom of darkness have no hope again, he had to come down for the mission himself as their master and the one who sent them. When he came into the church, he started with the youths and has succeeded in initiating some of the youths. He used to attend the youths programme which holds every first Thursday of the month in Imo state and mingled with them as a member.
He said he went to Orlu crusade in Imo state, Nigeria with a mission but he could not succeed. But in the month of August, 2016, when the church slated her combined service, he mapped out another strategy of manipulation and destruction. When he came to the service, the state pastor mounted the pulpit and the fire there was so much, he could not stand the fire.
He decided to go back but, he forgot his bag and in the process of coming back to pick his bag, he was held back by a youth brother named, Bro Lazarus and as he was discussing with the brother, he was arrested and he couldn’t understand what was happening, he also testified that whenever he comes to the youth programme, he usually appear with an image which he represents in their kingdom, people saw him as a girl but he is a boy, that same day the image left him as the deliverance was going on.
He started invoking the national and foreign demons but, when they came they hanged in the air, he invoked Lucifer himself and when he came, he couldn’t penetrate because the fire was all over. He talked about so many ways of initiating people into their kingdom. He said that they use so many methods to achieve these aims.
They produce “Dana sweet” in their kingdom and bring it for people to buy and lick and while consuming the item, the person is initiated, they produced Jeans and brought to the market and when people wears it, they get initiated. They produce “Azonto slippers”, YES and NO slippers. The symbol “YES” means that you have agreed to be their member and the “NO” means that you have nothing to do with Christ.
Again, at Mgbidi crusade in 2016, he came there but could not enter the crusade ground for fear of not been disgraced. He then entered the waterside and invoked the mammy water whose name is Nwanyi Mgbidi…… the reason for invoking the mermaid spirit was to make sure that people who goes to the stream to bath must get initiated.
The spirits laid ambush at brother’s and the sister’s side awaiting those that they will initiate. They succeeded in initiating the empty brothers and sisters who came there to take their bath, as they could not initiate the real Chosen ones. The assignment of pulling the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen down proved abortive, instead, the arrow came back to him.
He said that he projected the arrow of blindness to the General Overseer (three times) and the arrow came back to him and he became blind physically. He went back to the River Niger where he regained his sight by the spiritual doctor.
He is 17 years of age and according to him, he has worked in the evil kingdom for 150 years, which means he has since been working for the devil before he was born. The brother also confessed that they attacked the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen in the year 1979, 1st October, but they could not prevail against him. The brother further confessed that, the church has been existing in the spirit before her manifestation in the physical realm
My name is Brother Onughu Chijioke, I am here to testify the goodness of the Lord in my life for delivering me from the kingdom of darkness. This testimony started when my mother dedicated me through the womb to a god known as Nwunye Umuchieze. In this process I started serving the goddess and I later enter into the main kingdom known as “Bama kingdom”.
I started my satanic operation with Bama kingdom from “level 111” where I was assigned to initiate people into the kingdom of darkness, causing accident, havoc and destruction of family. When they behold that I was a faithful servant, they automatically promoted me to “level 333”, and this is where I was given the privilege to control both the local and national demons.
During my demonic assignment in the controlling of the demons and execution of perfect satanic works while in “level 333”, Lucifer behold me and attest that I was a faithful servant and he automatically promoted me to “level 888”. This is one of the highest demonic ranks in the kingdom of darkness and it was where I executed my main satanic operations and my primarily mission while in “level 888” was to pull down bible believing churches all over the world.
The “level 888” is the second in command in the kingdom of darkness. The name I was called in that satanic level was “Hindus and queendus” When I commenced my operation while in “level 888” I personally pull down many churches. However I succeeded in pulling down many churches which later remains only 4 churches.
In these 4 remaining churches, I succeeded in pulling down 3 of them through the introduction of ornaments, jewelries, attachment, weavon, earrings, makes-up and artificial body material and immodesty fashions which were produced by marine kingdoms. Nevertheless the only church that remains and seems to prove stubborn and refuse to compromised into immodesty dressing was “The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revial Ministries”
The church is stubbornly and for this cause many kingdoms of darkness always brought their report to us, lamenting about the destructive impact of the church toward their kingdom. As the second in command; I was not happy then I quickly strategies a plan against church.
However in order to execute my plans, I sent fort the first satanic agent (a lady) to the church. She came and identified herself as a region of another country while she wasn’t. She testifies many abominable things against the church.
She fabricated many lies and rumors about the church but she failed the mission. Though before she commenced her mission, I promised her that if she will pull down the Lord’s Chosen church, that I will personally promotes her to “level 666” but she failed the mission and that aggravated my annoyance against the church.
Then I later decided to send another demonic agent who claims to be one of the devoted members of the church (name withheld). In the demonic world, her name is Tokumbo. When she came she also conjured many lies and fake rumors against the church and her General Overseer but she later failed despites her efforts. But I wasn’t happy.
I was saddened and decided to send the 3rd demonic agent against the church, which is known as Queendaline. However when she came to the church, the Lord delivered her through a sister, who was a devoted member of the church and she was finally delivered from the kingdom of darkness.
I was not happy and this prompted me to come down by myself as the second in command, to wage war against the church. When I came down and joined the church, the first department I joined in the church was security department. And I later followed the church security department to one of the church crusade which took place in years 2016, in Orlu (Imo state) in Nigeria.
chosen crusade
I was on a mission but when I got there I failed the mission because the Holy Ghost atmospheric fire that surrounded the crusade vicinity was intensive. When I failed this first mission I wasn’t happy and this prompted me to commence my satanic operation from the root. I decided to identify myself as a church member in one of the Lord’s chosen church branches in Imo state (Nigeria).
When I joined the church branch I succeeded initiating many of the youths but I wasn’t yet satisfied. Then I later strategies another plan against the church, and my plan is to cause havoc against the church on every first Thursday of the month when the youth always engages in their program. I went to the youth program with a satanic map which I always used while in satanic mission.
the map of lucifer
I also went with my clothes which I changed in the security office and wore the church security apron and immediately commenced my work as the church youth security member. When the church program eventual commenced that same night, a sister suddenly began to manifest under the Holy Ghost.
The sister tried to exposed her satanic mission against the church because she was given 5 minutes to annulled her mission, in which i am supposed to intervened and assist her as someone who controls the local, national, international and foreign demons. When I approach their midst I started to communicate to her through a demonic language which she understood and yielded unto.
Then I told her to join her golden finger together with me in order to fight the battle, but unknowingly, there were two Chosen brethren beside me who heard me when I made that oration and that persuaded them to ignite their deliverance praying mission. We battles severely that same Thursday night and I finally bowed.
After my retreating that same night, I wasn’t happy and this compelled me to seek and gathered higher powers from different rivers and seas in order to fortify myself for next battle. However when I eventual came for Sunday combine church fellowship after 3 days of my first encounter, the Holy Ghost fire emitting inside the church was intensive and I couldn’t entered.
I only found myself patrolling around the church compound and unknown to me that God had already strategized my deliverance. While I was parading around the church premise in the midst of the fellowship, the Lord used a brother who came to me and told me that he want to discuss something with me which I concur. In the midst of my discussion with the brethren I was thrown off under Holy Ghost and the battle begins.
I battled with them thoroughly while manifesting with several signs of illuminate. When I awoke the following day (Monday morning) I was surprised to behold myself in the church instead at home. I inquired from them what transpired and they narrated the whole ordeal to me, how I somersaulted and jumped over the church gallery and several satanic signs I preview during the course of the prayer.
Though I was smiling and laughing with them while they were sharing to me about my satanic manifest but inwardly I was enraged and bitterer. Then I later went to fortified myself with more powers that same Monday morning. After fortifying with more powers, they behold me and reckoned within themselves that something was wrong. They quickly drew the attention of the intercessor leader (Adult prayer warrior) and another battle begins.
In the process of the prayers, and my manifestation under the Holy Ghost mission, they told me that I lay on the ground like a dead man which spiritually signifies a means of collecting and fortifying oneself with more demonic powers. Subsequently they later took my affair to the church state pastor (The Lord’s Chosen Church, Imo State Pastor) and the pastor promise to attend to me in 4 days later, which is on Thursday.
However before the deal day (Thursday) I sojourned around the whole world and continents to fortify myself with more powers. I went throughout the whole kingdoms of darkness to acquire more powers. I gathered powers from Bermuda triangle, River Niger, Red sea, Blue Sea, black Man Ocean, river Nile, and River Mississippi and from various sources of rivers.
On the deal day of the encounter with the state pastor, I was called upon while sleeping that the state pastor demanded for my presence. When I came to the church and I was asked to sit on the chair which was few distance to where the state pastor was sited, I was frighten and decided to draw back my chair because the Holy Ghost flaming fire around the State pastor was intensive for me.
I couldn’t sit closer to him. While I was drawing back my seat the pastor was also drawing nearer to me. But to my utter amazing I discovered that all the powers I invoked from different kingdoms of darkness, the national, international, local and foreign powers were all hanged and chained on the air.
When I discovered that all the invoked powers had been chained and hanged on the air, as a physical being I decided to seek for a refuge but suddenly the pastor release the Holy Ghost fire that was around him to me and I instantly fell. He commenced deliverance prayers upon me while I also retaliated in counter attack with him.
Nevertheless, before that Thursday, I have already written a letter to my kingdom, pleading with them to give me the power; so that I would devour the pastor and share his body to the beast of the air but unfortunately for me I encounter an extra ordinary power with him.
On that day of my encounter with the pastor, I called upon different type of demons, including the 3 arms I often work with; I called upon serpentine demon, Tukumbo and Utachiginle, including many dangerous demons; Lo and behold, all were chained and hanged on the air.
When I discovered that the battle is so intense for me, I decided to call upon the Lucifer. When Lucifer appeared I also behold a man who wore a suit with a sparkly white garment, and instantly he grab and held the devil and chained his two hands, two legs and neck. I behold the devil in bondage and chained and he couldn’t performs any sign and wonder. And in that process I was delivered.
During my first testimony at one of the Lord’s Chosen church crusade which held last year (2016) at Oguta (Imo State) In Nigeria. I show them are map and a little image that represented me in the kingdom of darkness which is known as Queendus and Hindus (female/male). I also show them the map that I used in operation.

the map of lucifer
In that crusade I confessed to them that there was a satanic product, fashions footwear, known as YES & NO slippers. The YES & NO slippers are YES & NO kingdom. When you wear it, you have totally said YES to Devil and NO to Christ. This was the same footwear that was produced for the sisters in year 2016.
Yes and No foot wear
However in the year 2015, there was footwear, slippers known an Azonto-pawn which reigns massively in the year 2015. Whosoever that wore the Azonto footwear, even though you are a Christian and a brother, you will certainly commits fornication and it leads so many brothers to prison.
This is one of the testimonies i shared previously in the crusade but there are some certain things which I didn’t confessed due to the shortness of time given to me to share my confession and in this testimonies I am going to shed more light on them.
You should also be aware that I am in charge of Homosexual and lesbians. I vividly control these kingdoms. We sell our bodies to high ranks men, to the president and governors worldwide. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at Calvary and his descending to Hell, he gave the devil a very serious wound because of his saints/children.
However we that are his saints/children are the people that went into sins and now that wound on the face of the devil has been healed due to our sinfulness. This is reason why, when you behold a young person who has a great star, the devil always captioned him easily and the Lord knows why he permitted it.
This is reason why the Lord always called us a “lawful captive” When I was in Bama kingdom, I went to the school. I took a political science course, even though here on Earth in am still in my senior secondary school level (S.S.1) but over there in the kingdom of darkness I have already finished my university.
I am 17 years physically here on Earth but over there in the kingdom of darkness I am 150 years. The reason for this fact is that, over there in the kingdom of darkness I was like a fallen angel because I have been existing before I entered into my mother’s womb. That is reason why, over there I am 150 years but physically I am 17 years.
150 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness By Brother Chijioke
At this junction I need to discuss about the mystery powers in the second Heavens. In the second heavens we have two types of powers which can be found both in second Heaven and on Earth. But the second Heaven has more superior powers than the earthly powers.
This is reason why there are so many demons in the second Heaven, hefty and giant. We stood against the church in the second Heaven with demons. Whenever the church is having program we don’t called upon the demons on Earth but rather invoked those in second Heaven to dissolve the church program with severe weather condition.
Second Heaven is where i invoked powers to manipulate the church. Whenever we heard the name of the General pastor of the Lord’s Chosen Church (Pastor Lazarus Muoka) it will seem as if we are blind and deaf. This is reason why I don’t give the pastor peaceful mind.
Pastor Lazarus Muoka
We always plan evil against him every day but it always leads futile. This is reason why, whenever the church are praying a heavy garment always descend from above to covered the whole vicinity. In the second Heaven we make an arrangement on how to blind the General Pastor because all the powers on Earth were not effective on him.
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In year 2016 January, at Imo State, Nigeria during one of the crusade at Mgbidi, was the deal day we have conspired to blind him. Though I was at the church crusade but I wasn’t the person that executed the satanic mission. However as soon the pastor step on the podium for ministration, the spirit of blindness was fire to him.
When the arrow of the spirit of blindness was thrown at him instantly a white sword appears and begins to rotate, and while in rotation the blindness was backfire to the person who fired it and instantly the person becomes physically blind. We were so furious that we couldn’t get him blind and this urges us to invoke the Queen of the Heaven.
the queen of the heaven
Some of you may assume that the Queen of the Heaven control Satan but that is falsehood assumption. The devil controls the Queen of the Heaven but he just permitted her to controls the second Heaven but the Almighty God rules and dominates all of them.
When we discovered that the blindness couldn’t work, we made a serious plan against him. We invoked the Queen of the Heaven and she arrived with her coffin because she always moves with a coffin. When she arrived at the church crusade, I commanded the Queen of the Heaven to paralyze the General Pastor.
However when the Queen of the Heaven throws her power to the pastor, instantly a pillar of fire appears in the midst and starts to rotates. While the pillar of fire was rotating, the demonic arrows thrown to the Pastor was backfired to the Queen of the Heaven and instantly she was paralyzed. When we behold that the power in the crusade camp was terrifying, the Queen of the Heaven immediately disappears.
After this incident I came to Lagos for counter attack against the Pastor. I went to River Niger and told Lucifer that what I am seeing in the church (The Lords Chosen) is too much and we need to overhead them because they are over heading us. When i confided with him, he give me some powers to use to attack the pastor.
So one of the Sunday I came here to carry my satanic mission but when I came I wasn’t with my physical body. I transformed my body into a lady. I changed my whole body into that of a lady; I look physically as a genuine Christian lady. I wear head ties, and also have full grown breast.
When I got inside the church, I fire the first arrow to the pastor but unfortunately the arrow backfired to me and I decided to pick race. After this incident I wasn’t happy, so we decided to produce satanic materials which we ship-in to the church. Obviously when you preview at the material it will looks as Christians items but highly demonic.
And one of the demonic items we introduced into the church is hair attachment; wools, rubber thread (eri) which is often used by women in hair plaiting. The hair attachment is in form of wool or rubber thread, it’s a serpent, called serpentine. Whenever any Christian woman uses it to plait her hair, such woman is in the final and international bondage.
The local rubber hair attachment (thread) often used by women to plait their hair is a local demon, which was produce by the demon “Utachiginle”. Whenever you used the local rubber thread to plait your hair, please sisters, you need to be aware that you have just place cobra on your head.
attachment hair turns into snake
These are the marine properties which we brought into the church but you should also recalled to memories that the pastor always preaches against the immodesty dressing and marine items. Attachment, weavon, wigs, wools, rubber thread and every form of artificial hair items or materials are all attachment and must not be used in hair plaiting.
The pastor always urges the member to desist from these marine products but unfortunately the stubborn ones, who are adamant won’t hearken to instruction. However after the production and introduction of the rubber thread (eri) we also manufactured marine fashion wears for the brothers.
We produced classic jeans and Chinos’ trousers for the brothers in the church.  I am not saying that all Jeans or chinos’ are from marine kingdom but rather the classic ones. When you see any Chinos’ produced in Bama kingdom, you can easily identify it by the written logo at the back tagged “X FASHION”
If anyone wear the Chinos’ trouser, such person has ignorantly sold his soul to Bermuda Triangle which is devil himself. Afterward you will be given two weeks to commenced operation but you will unconsciously be manipulated. Then when it reaches about 1-2 years you will now realized that you have been fully initiated into the kingdom of darkness.
They won’t tell you that you have been initiated into the marine kingdom when you wear the clothes at the first time, but they would rather gives you a long period of time before announcing of your fully initiation into the marine kingdom. The church condemned Jeans clothes and if you are a worker in the church, you are not permitted to wear it while functioning in church activities because the pastor knows the secret and powers behind Jeans Clothes.
The power behind Jeans clothes is a demonic possessed power. When a church worker wears it and comes to the church he will definitely lose out in his blessing. If the whole signs and wonders that will took place in the church were two Millions the demons will reduced to 50% for the victim. That is the work of the marine Chinos’ trouser.
There is another fashion wear which was produced for the brothers in the church, at the back is an insignia “Oxford”. The Oxford trouser is demonic and it was specifically produced to initiates Christians into marine kingdom. The Oxford trouser is a plain trouser and whenever you wear it, you have ignorantly written your name to the devil and whenever they want to manipulates, they will invoked your name and used you for their assignment.
There was a particular shoe that we also manufactured and we use new born babies to produce it which is known as the “ultimate sacrifice” The name of the shoe is “Timberland”. This is shoe is highly demonic because babies from Seven Continent of the world was brought for the sacrifice because of Timberland shoe. That is reason why most brothers like Timberland shoe more than any other shoes.
Timberland shoe
There was another demonic shoe that has been reigning for the past two years which was manufactured for the sisters in the church. It’s a high Heel shoe and it’s called “O.K”. The shoe has different types of colors and we also called it “Heel Mountain”. Whenever any sister in the church wears it, she has ignorantly climbs on top of fornication.
Heel Mountain shoe
Most of the women in the church deliberately abandoned the genuine foot wear, none classic or rubber shoes which were produced by Children of God and decided to entangle themselves with classic footwear. There was a phone that was manufactured against the church in order to initiates Christians into the kingdom of darkness.
Though I was not part of those who manufactured the phone but I was present at the scene. The manufacturing of the phone took 36 lives of human which systematically represented the 36 gates of the kingdom of darkness. The name of the phone is Y2.
Though Y2 phone is an original phone but whenever you used it for social networking such as Facebook, twitter, 2go or Whatsapp you are already initiated.  There was an incident that transpired in the month of May 2; 2016, which involves a brother in the church. He newly brought a phone and while trying to access the facebook Social media he ignorantly chat-up with the Queen of the Heaven.
However while chatting with the Queen of the Heaven in disguises. He was asked to share one of the Photos which he cherished most, and he responded by sending the photo of his General Pastor. When he forwards the picture of his pastor, instantly the Pastor was summoned to the second Heaven. This is reason why am still insisting that all the social networking are not good but am glad that the devoted Christians, the evangelist has invalid them with revival and evangelism.
However, when the General Pastor was summoned to second Heaven, they sat him down and likewise also the Queen of the Heaven. They were in the supreme court of Queentus and Hindus. I was also present in the court. When they were dragging the case, the Queen of the Coast attempted to slap the pastor but her hand hangs on the air, then the pastor responded by lashing her 3 consecutive slaps.
This is reason why, if you behold the Queen of the Heaven, the entire mark of judgment has been given to her. Lastly, I would like to ask for the mercy of the Lord because I have destroyed millions of lives through initiations. I destroyed so many governors. I place most of them in bondage because you can’t sit on the governor seat without soiling your hands into darkness. Even at this moment, the governor in my state, I have dealt with him by putting two of his son in bondage.
In the hotel where I also operate, I have destroyed many lives through a condom which was manufactured in Indian Ocean. The condom was in making since year 1999 but was physically lunched in year 2015. If you are a married man/woman or boy/girl and you have sexual intercourse with the condom, you will be demonic (THE END).
“This confession was transcribed in order to widen our knowledge about the operation of the kingdom of darkness because most of today Christians in the church are ignorant and vividly lack wisdom. They have refused to sort for the Holy Ghost awareness and to be fortified with spiritual acquaintance.
Most of them don’t have time for personal night vigil and prayers, neither interested in praying and fasting. Some of them don’t even have time to open their bible except only on Sunday’s. Though you might bluff this confession but I need you to grab one or two points from this fact and impact it into your spiritual life as secret defense warfare while encountering with the powers of darkness or exchanging word war with thrones darkness.
All these confession you have been reading on this online ministry are not Novel or ordinary stories you read and refused to gained one or two facts. You ought to read them with keen understanding and ensure you obtained a secret defense weapon that you can use while contesting or addressing the powers of darkness in prayers. May God bless you.”
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